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  1. maleallure

    Photos & Videos Soft Cock/Flaccid Dick (Pics & Video)

  2. D

    Flaccid / Soft / Low Hangers On Of?

    Anyone know of OnlyFans profiles that show soft and hard? Love to see some low hangers and a flaccid soft cock ;)
  3. W

    I Haven’t Introduced Myself Properly, So…

    Here we go:
  4. R

    Show Us A Face, Flaccid And Hard Pic!

    I cannot be the only one who wants to see all of it ;)
  5. L

    Looking For Xxl Cocks In Denmark

    Danish man living near Copenhagen but travel a lot in the rest of Denmark due to work. I get really turned on by watching big soft cocks and would like to try a BBC. Looking for jerk session (maybe with more guys), sucking and I love to get the cum in my mouth, face or over me. Have this...
  6. ca11um

    Photo What Turns You On More, Big Floppy Dick Or A Big Stiff One? ?

    I really LOVE a big fat floppy dick. Turns me on more than anything. Which one gets you going the most?! Also, here's a couple of pics of me ;)
  7. Dropplers

    Well-hung Guy At Party

    I love clips of real guys (not actors) goofing off at parties, pulling their long dicks out for fun, frat guys doing the helicopter, rocker dudes teabagging their drunk friends at festivals, putting their dicks on stuff... that sort of stuff. I thought we could share clips in this thread...
  8. M

    Photo Soft Cocks Of Pornstars

    Hello guys, i want to create a thread here together with you!!! post here photos of soft cock of several pornstar like this of Danny D Aka Matt Hughes
  9. K

    Showing off flaccid size in the sauna?

    I love to show off my cock to all the lovely people in our european, unisex, naked saunas. I always get looks from gay men / older women and I have seen some guys get hard and one 8/10 milf started flirting and asking about my size. Problem is that my flaccid size is very variable, some days I...
  10. E

    Straight porn with male actor(s) starting soft

    Fairly self explanatory. I love scenes that begin with a flaccid/ semi flaccid actor that is shown becoming erect by way of some action or actions by the actress (handjob, blowjob, footjob, etc.) The actor doesn't need to be a major "grower", but the more striking the difference the better...
  11. S

    Play with your foreskin

    Show off your foreskin, hard cock or soft!
  12. P

    Alpha blockers - enlarge flaccid penis

    I’m thinking of starting to take alpha blockers to help me look more hung when showering with the rugby lads. I have a 7.5 inch dick but i turtle so much! All the rugby team are hung as and I feel like I have a small dick when I’m reality I Dont!!! Is it a bad idea to start having alpha...
  13. 1

    The sos scale for pictures!

    I thought it might be a good idea that if you post a picture of your penis, to include a scale of stiffness. Let's call it the SOS scale (brilliant, I know ;)). You post a picture of your junior, willy or however you want to call it and let us know where to place it on the SOS scale! Cause...