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  1. M

    Fucking Fleshlights

    Hey, so I'd like to start a thread of LPSG users posting videos of themselves fucking fleshlights or similar. Here's me to start things off:
  2. P

    Anyone know what happen to Reece Atkens on onlyfans?

    Anyone know what happen to Reece Atkens? His Reddit is: Reece Atkens (u/reeceatkenss) - Reddit - hasn't posted for months though. Deleted his onlyfans.
  3. C

    Help me find this video pls!

    Hey guys! I really need some help I wanted to find a video just to download it and they deleted it :( if someone has it downloaded or has a link where it is uploaded it would be very helpful!! That's the only image I found from the video :(
  4. K

    Fleshlight Skype Bate

    Hey guys looking to start a group of similar dudes for cam chill and fleshlight bate on skype. Add me if its somethin you wanna get into... 31 6ft 155lb 6.5 cut straight. Any buds for skype fleshlight bate? Add me on skype just lemme know what your lookin for: live:.cid.3c13028d76ab5024
  5. JasonPharae

    Fleshlight/fleshjack Users: Maintenance/assembly Question

    In my fleshjack (turbo ice) there's a hard plastic ring which is supposed to fit somewhere near the open ("orifice") part. I never noticed it before because it was firmly attached, but it recently came loose and I can't figure out how to put it securely back in place. If I try to just press it...
  6. B

    Help...a Hung Young Bud Wants Me To Send Him My Fleshlight....what Should I Do?

    One of the hung young dudes in my photo gallery is a very horny young uni student and he wants my fleshlight...should I send it to him?
  7. C

    Turkish Man Fuck And Cum Flashlight Pussy

    Anyone know who this is? Or any source whatsoever? Turkish Man Fuck and Cum Flashlight Pussy: Free Gay Porn 78 | xHamster
  8. collegeboxerboy

    Masturbating Sleeves/fleshlight Recommendations?

    Sup everyone, This might be the wrong place to post this (which if it is please let me know), but was wondering if anyone has any recommendations on first purchase of a masturbating sleeve/ fleslight / fleshjack. I'm 7.5 inches and uncut if that helps, just wanted to see what options I've got...
  9. D

    Masturbation Toys

    Would love recommendations for best rechargeable with various speeds and patterns masturbation sleeves? Bought one off the internet and it never would charge....
  10. sportsmanc


    Only recently got into fleshlights and how amazing they feel. Even the sound of them when being used is insanely hot. I was wondering, from a straight perspective, does it feel very similar to a pussy?
  11. 7

    2 Weeks Till Harrogate

    Up for 3 nights 28-31 May Looking for a good porn sesh Bringing my fleshlight up with me
  12. 7

    Let’s Get Planning!

    With lockdown hopefully over soon, everyone’s gone mad with booking trips away. I’ll be in the following places over the next few months May 28-31 Harrogate July 26-28 Ibiza July 30-August 1 Blackpool So if there’s any fun to be had, shout me. I’m 39 straight engaged and into 3sums, verbal...
  13. 7

    Meet In April

    Setting up a meet for beginning of April. as_london123 on Skype Lukec2018 on kik Straight here so will be over straight porn
  14. T

    Video Best Fleshlight Or Similar Fucking Videos

    Seeing gay/straight/bi guys fuck their toys(Fleshlight, homemade dolls, fake pussy/ass, Venus 2000) is a super turn on for me. Cumming inside them is a bonus. Let's see these videos :)!
  15. J

    Photo Who Uses A Fleshlight?

  16. F

    Who Is This Guy ? Id Him Pls!

    Id him plsss myb onlyfans or any social media!
  17. F

    Who Is He?? Can Anyone Id Him??

    Cant find any info! Pls help
  18. Couplelover

    Guys With Fleshlights And Huge Cocks

    Hey dudes, Im on the hunt to watch someone fuck their fleshlight or toy pussy. saw a dude on dirty roulette do it and have been chasing it ever since. Nothing hotter than seeing a big cock pumping in and out from behind showing off his balls and ass. If you have a fleshlight and love to do this...
  19. M

    Video Cumming In Fleshlight

    Guys, I do not know but imagining how dick cums inside pussy makes me feel hot and wet. Can i see how your dick cums inside? but of fleshlight instead of pussy? thanks in advance.
  20. J

    Help Id Him Please!

    Does anyone know who this is?
  21. 1

    Does Anyone Know Who This Man Is? Please Help Me Identify

    Can someone please help me identify this man...I can't get enough of him
  22. Q

    Who Likes Sex Toys

    I love fucking my fleshlight
  23. DevonTexas

    Spy Intricate Role Play

    Have a new hot college straight boy who wants to take our online role play into reality. It’s a rather detailed theme which now involves him being kidnapped, hooded and brought to a location with a dark cinder block room with a shower - interrogation room. I would play the role of a CIA agent...
  24. 1

    Video Two Guys Kiss And Jerk Off Together

    I posted two videos to my albums. There are of a jerkbud and I several years ago as we mess around. https://www.lpsg.com/gallery/authors/alexjonathon.1366577/videos
  25. Kewlkid94

    Video Guys Humping Things!

    Love watching guys humping things (pillows, toys, fleshlights, etc). Some good vids I found tonight: Any other good ones?
  26. 0

    Photo 9 Inch Dick Pump

    Thought I'd post some taster pics from my onlyfans. My dick is just over 9 inches long and thick and I can take it all down my own throat. Check out my page to see what happens next to Hetty Onlyfans com/superc0ck
  27. 1

    Keen to skype with a big hung cock tonight

    Hi there, good looking fit 30 yr old guy, wanting to skype with a big hung cock guy tonight. The time is 10:14pm Australia time WANTING TO SKYPE NOW AND UP UNTIL 1AM OR LATER.. Im super keen to watch you fuck a toy pussy or ass from behind missionary, see your big cock pumping in and out, balls...
  28. G

    Fleshlight stu training tips

    Hi all, I’ve just purchased the Fleshlight STU (with vStroker). In short, I’m looking for tips/advice on the best way to use the unit to improve stamina from people who’ve also used one. The first time I used the Fleshlight the sensation was so intense I think I lasted 30 seconds, max. Since...
  29. Daniel Jeffries

    Chicago nw side hwp-athletic bi bros free to hang wed 8/15 9:30a-12 noon in ravenswood?

    Any Chicago NW side HWP-athletic bi bros free to hang Wed 8/15 9:30a-12 noon in Ravenswood? DDF Condoms - bring some Porn - BYOP No drugs Cat friendly Coffee + Cocks LMK: dangerousadventuresinlife2016@gmail.com
  30. J

    Fleshjack recommendations!

    Hey guys- I've never used a fleshlight before, and am considering buying one. I'm hoping to get some advice on which kind to get. It doesn't have to be the fleshjack brand, if there is another brand that is better. I would love some input so I can make my decision! Thanks for your help! -jonny