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  1. J

    Photo Horny British Lad Fucks Plastic Pussy

    Hi lads, Just thought i'd drop these here incase it turns you on. All content is of myself! I have more so if you want more, just ask! Keep baiting!
  2. Please I beg of you

    Please I beg of you

    Who is this guy? I’ve been searching the internet for the source but I haven’t been getting anything. Can’t even reverse image search. Help me?
  3. C

    ID this?

    The video's easy to find, but can't ID him to find more.
  4. E

    Gay porn...with sex dolls?

    Of course, a Google search shows NOTHING about the subject...but does anyone know if any OnlyFansers or porn stars are making content with "real dolls"? For anyone who doesn't know what those are, they're life-size dolls, usually made of silicone and with mouths and asses like fleshlights and...
  5. SterlengSilver

    Hi. New. Addicted to Plastic Pussy

    Hi I’m Sterleng. Always found the site in searches, but found it hard to nav. Finally decided to join. I’m looking for a cummunity of people who use sex dolls and fleshlights. Would like videos of people using. Every time you search sex doll you just get ads and sales. Please help.
  6. C

    Videos of inside fleshlight povs

    Does anyone have links to videos of men fucking fleshlights? But the POV inside of the fleshlights? Plus points if their moans can be heard in the video
  7. D

    Anyone have anything on this Chaturbate Asian from Singapore?

    I'm wondering if anyone has anything on this guy. He is apparently from Singapore, and routinely (at least, until the last year or so) would be on Chaturbate under various names like Iamthezohan, thisisthezohan, circuitbreakingcum10, circuitbreakingbod, circuitbreakingbod10. I believe his...
  8. N

    Fleshlight or other masturbator with room for two

    I’m wondering if anyone knows of fleshlights or masturbators that have enough room for two dicks? My partner and I would really like to be able to DP and frot in it. I know that some fleshlights will give you a bit more space if you take the sleeve out of the case. Head to head would also be...
  9. HORNY


  10. T

    Best fleshlight videos

    I'm super in to solo fleshlight videos at the moment. I love to watch guys jerk off with them. If anyone has recommendations of hot fleshlight videos please let me know.
  11. M

    Latino Big Cock and Fleshlight

    Did anyone recognize this video and performer? If so, comment!
  12. vanillalace

    Who is this??

    hey do u guys know who this is?? please tell meee
  13. D

    Fleshlights - favorite?

    Anybody got a recommendation for a fleshlight or other fucktoy? Best brand, style, etc?
  14. vanillalace

    Someone tell me or link me the video!!

    I found this on thisvid and here's the link: Solo 037 - ThisVid.com but the video is privated :(( there has to be a duplicate of this video somewhere! someone please tell meee
  15. TmTrainer

    Need help finding a fleshlight review

    I am down BAD for this video but I can't find it anywhere. I've posted about it before but for real, I reallllly want to find it. It's an average-thin white guy, solo, reviewing a fleshlight. No face in view, just him humping it. There were two different versions, in one of them he gets out a...
  16. TmTrainer

    Looking for a video

    It was of a guy reviewing a fleshlight, but then he gets a whiteboard and starts doing some calculations or something idk. It's edited satirically and he doesn't seem to take it seriously, but he fucks the fleshlight and cums soooooooo...
  17. I


    I don’t know if he’s already been identified but I always see this guy around. Does anybody know who he is? Sexy Daddy Pounds A Fleshlight
  18. I


    I don’t know if he’s already been identified but I always see this guy around. Does anybody know who he is? Sexy Daddy Pounds A Fleshlight
  19. I


    I don’t know if he’s already been identified but I always see this guy around. Does anybody know who he is? Sexy Daddy Pounds a Fleshlight
  20. 1

    London fleshlight

    Alright bros. Anyone want to fuck a fleshlight in front of me?
  21. L

    sex toy reviews

    so idk if this is a me thing but i find it very hot when guys review toys - like actual reviewing and not just simply them using them. Videos like this one, or this one right here, and tbh this guy's whole channel are a few examples. I love the idea of ppl trying to talk and putting the effort...
  22. D

    video ID guy with tattoos and scars using fleshlight

    hey so i found this video and found the dude really hot. if anyone can find him and let me know that would be great. he has distinctive features that i’d assume would make it easy to find.
  23. madraglic

    Fucking Fleshlights

    Hey, so I'd like to start a thread of LPSG users posting videos of themselves fucking fleshlights or similar. Here's me to start things off:
  24. P

    Anyone know what happen to Reece Atkens on onlyfans?

    Anyone know what happen to Reece Atkens? His Reddit is: Reece Atkens (u/reeceatkenss) - Reddit - hasn't posted for months though. Deleted his onlyfans.
  25. I wish it was your ass I was fuckin

    I wish it was your ass I was fuckin

    Fleshlight play.
  26. C

    Help me find this video pls!

    Hey guys! I really need some help I wanted to find a video just to download it and they deleted it :( if someone has it downloaded or has a link where it is uploaded it would be very helpful!! That's the only image I found from the video :(
  27. Fuckin


    Want me to pound your hole like this fleshlight?
  28. K

    Fleshlight Skype Bate

    Hey guys looking to start a group of similar dudes for cam chill and fleshlight bate on skype. Add me if its somethin you wanna get into... 31 6ft 155lb 6.5 cut straight. Any buds for skype fleshlight bate? Add me on skype just lemme know what your lookin for: live:.cid.3c13028d76ab5024
  29. JasonPharae

    Fleshlight/fleshjack Users: Maintenance/assembly Question

    In my fleshjack (turbo ice) there's a hard plastic ring which is supposed to fit somewhere near the open ("orifice") part. I never noticed it before because it was firmly attached, but it recently came loose and I can't figure out how to put it securely back in place. If I try to just press it...
  30. B

    Help...a Hung Young Bud Wants Me To Send Him My Fleshlight....what Should I Do?

    One of the hung young dudes in my photo gallery is a very horny young uni student and he wants my fleshlight...should I send it to him?