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  1. ItsMeGabriel

    Sexy Korean YouTube Bodybuilder from back in the day. Does anyone know his name?

    Do any of you remember this stud? He made flexing videos that he published on YouTube. His cock was always visible (either semi-visible or erect vpl). What was his YouTube channel name again? Is he still around? Did he ever make other (fully nude) content?
  2. 1

    Derry Adams - F4F

    new hot guy, very muscled and loves to show off
  3. N

    Who is this US marine?

    Not sure if this is the right place. But any idea who this dude is? Not particularly new pictures, but hoping someone might be able to help. Thanks
  4. N

    Any help finding who this dude is?

    Any idea? Not new photos, but interested to know if there is anything more out there. Thanks in advance ;)
  5. MomentoMori92

    Gareth Morgan (WhatCulture)

    Personally I’ve had my eyes on him for a while, I think he’s following in Simon Miller’s sexy as footsteps & becoming a wrestler. The picture of him flexing in the mirror is the most recent & tbh it inspired me to finally make a thread for this underrated British hottie.
  6. musclelover717

    Photo Show Us Those Guns

    Alright you muscle hunks. Show us your biceps.
  7. A

    @mentally_unstable_69 the more views he gets the more skin he'll show

  8. U

    Meet Up Bodybuilders Nyc

    I’m heading to NYC end of November and looking to meet up with built muscle and bodybuilder escorts. Anyone have any recommendations or experiences to share?
  9. M

    Photo Joey Essex Flexing Biceps

    There must be lots of other videos/images out there of this incredibly hot man - does anyone have any?
  10. T

    Video Alex Stone Muscle

    Hey guys, if anyone has ANY videos of Alex Stone Muscle, please let me know! He was on YouTube years ago but left and doesn't make videos or anything anymore. He's a little active on Skype I think. If you have any of his old YouTube videos or custom videos, please comment below. Maybe with a...
  11. R

    Id This Verbal Cocky Muscle Hunk?

    Anybody know who this guy is? He's clearly making these vids for customers What is his name? flex vid
  12. S

    Photos & Videos Shakelightly

    Hi guys, i was wondering maybe someone have saved some videos of shakelightly (aka brandon collingwood)? he used to upload lots of flexing videos to YouTube but nowadays he removed them and he is no where to be found.. he used to have prefect biceps! someone started to uploaded some of his old...
  13. Marco86

    Photos & Videos Id Stud Doing Vacuums And Flexing Abs

    Any ID on this stud who has mastered doing abs vacuums and flexing his cobblestone abs? Any other similar vids by others?
  14. Muscleflexhung34

    Dallas Fun

    34, 210lbs, 17.5 arms, 7.5x6c For meetup, stroke, compare, flex, whatever. DM me!
  15. holloc72

    Video Id This Hunk?

    Hey y'all, anyone able to identify this muscle hunk?
  16. S

    Please Help Id

    Can anyone help ID this guy? https://twitter.com/gaybitchyqueen/status/1293795908275130368
  17. X

    Bicep Licking

    I have this weird fetish of watching guys lick their own biceps. Content for that is so rare to find for me tho. Was wondering if anyone has any videos or pictures to share?
  18. 1

    Ginger Warrior Youtube Muscle Bear

    he is so hot he makes flexing, ripping clothes and burp videos and has a patreon who supposedly has nude stuff dont know if any of it is hard or just flacid but i just want you guys to know it and share stuff from him since i've never seen anyone talk about him here if any of you have his...
  19. G


    Anyone know this guy? He have nudes? He have tik tok Logan Mandeville on Instagram: “Can’t wait to get back out and do my thang ‍♂️..... BTW, have some super huge news coming soon - #miamibeach #southbeach…”
  20. 4

    Best Abs On Here? Show Them

    Hey, just thought it'd be a fun post given it's the most coveted body part in the world. So to those who got the most chiseled abs, let the world on here see the goals. Plus I think it'd be nice inspiration for me and others on here who are trying to build some legendary abs. It'd also be cool...
  21. 1

    Anyone Has Any Videos Of Muscle Worship?

    looking for muscle worhip videos mixed with sex, flexing and hot muscled guys.
  22. R

    French Muscle God Anthony Blondel

    How can there not be a thread on this monument to alpha masculinity? Anthony Blondel (@blondelanthony) • Instagram photos and videos
  23. B


    Does anyone have anything on flexmasterjoe?
  24. R

    Teen Bodybuilder Cornelius Masterson

    This new young muscle god needs a thread. Cornelius Masterson (@corneliusmasterson) • Instagram photos and videos