1. saamer23

    Photos & Videos itsmeflexishorty

    Anyone have anything about him Flexishorty (@itsmeflexishorty) | TikTok
  2. F

    Sucking Cock Durning Anal

    Found this Gif a while ago and thought it was hot af, does anyone have more stuff like this?
  3. C

    Unusual But Hot (Flexible) Sex Positions & Voyeurism - Straight, Gay, Transgender

    this thread is a bit of a 2 for 1. looking for vids with: positions like the Amazon (the penis is in the vagina but it looks like the woman is doing the fucking), T-square, etc., that look different/fun/hard-to-do (due to flexibility or practicality) or just any other positions that are not...
  4. Krpt

    Rare Achievement Or Banal Ability?

    I have not seen anything quite like this. Does this require a kind of flexibility or stretchability or what? Tumblr: Image Nevertheless, very novel (to me) and very sexy! It seems like the top is worshipping the other guy in as many ways at once as he can. also the bottom's wearing socks! ;)...
  5. R

    Ig - Rossmarkgreen

    Any pics or vids from this little bendy barbie boy? IG - @rossmarkgreen
  6. 1

    Bending For Self-fellatio

    First off, this seemed like a "workout" routine more than a sexual thing, hence the category. I've not seen anyone really talking about improving their flexibility, specifically the flexibility of getting down to suck yourself off. I know a lot of guys can do it when they're younger, then...
  7. DF1994

    Luke Stoney (@lukestoney94)

    As part of the Nile Wilson Vlog Squad, I would think Luke Stoney would need no introduction by now. However, despite all the love for Nile in the forums, I see no one has committed to the honor of curating some of Mr Stoney's effervescent beauty.
  8. J

    Kate Beckinsale Is Flexible...

    Wow...that’s pretty cool and I bet it comes in handy in certain situations. Kate Beckinsale Just Explained Why She's So Flexible After She Posted A Video Stretching In Every Direction