1. D

    Bro Show

    Hey guys I’m a straight college frat bro who just likes to see other guys naked. My goal is to make a place where all the bro’s can come together and share pics with the guys. A place where we can come together and see each other strip, show off our bulges, show off our dicks, and chat with the...
  2. B

    OC, Salisbury, Lower DE lkg2serv

    In town on business and would love to find a hung man to service. I can host in hotel. Stop by, let me take those clothes off and enjoy! Don't get the chance to do this often. You can blow your load on my face or chest or even my cock then i can jerk off with it! Lkg for other bi, str8...
  3. I

    @Frat_hole / Zeke Hudson

    He's a really hot and prolific twitter porn poster/ onlyfans boy, I'm surprised I couldn't find a thread on him. He's recently changed his stage name to Zeke Hudson, used to only go as frat hole from what I could see. He used to mostly be a bottom but he seems to be topping more and he's really...
  4. T

    Return of the frat cock

    It has been a hot second, thought I would post something. 23 here, would love to start a groupchat on here with current/former fraternity members.
  5. T


    I’m 23, from the Midwest, recent alum from a fraternity. Definitely excited to find new mutuals and hopefully turn some people on ;)
  6. T

    New to this, 23

    Ahh, I’m new to this. I’m 23 and an ex-frat guy from the Midwest. Would love to show off and find new kinky friends . Video should be attached, not used to this.
  7. X

    Photo Help ID this guy please

    Help! Can anyone ID this guy or have more pics/vids? Soooo hot!!!
  8. N

    MASC ACTIVE SNAPCHAT GROUP 18-25 add:nutforme21

    Leave your username below, I will be making a group of guys to share nudes with. 23M college guy looking to share hot pics/vids. orr ad me @ nutforme21
  9. F

    Horny, fit Frat guys Snapchat

    I am starting a Snapchat group for young, fit and curious Frat boys/guys, to share pics, compare and all get horny and jerk together. Add me on sc to be added to the group. frankrichma2022
  10. GuysLoveBJ

    Photos & Videos Halloween Hotties

    Happy Halloween!
  11. B

    Knox from fratp@d

    Does anyone have anything on this hottie?
  12. giocio

    Photos & Videos Sam Hutchinson | samhutch9

    I'm surprised there is no thread already. The frat tiktoks are mediocre at best but he is hot.
  13. V

    Who Are These Guys

    I was wondering if anyone knows who the bottom or the top are
  14. J

    Dan Hearn Model

    WOW! Has anyone seen this hot new model?! He’s insane. Look at this pics!! PRETTY | DAN HEARN | PORTFOLIO I want to see more, a lot more
  15. S

    Can Anyone Tell Me What Username This Is? - Free Gay Porn Videos - cute ass I have been for years trying to find the name of the guy in this video to no avail, I know from the watermark this was on cam4. Please please please help me!!!
  16. D

    Id German Wrestling Frat Boy

    Does anyone know which studio this is from or what the model's name is? I think he's really hot with a great smile! Link to the video: German twink rimjob with cumshot
  17. reimaginethat

    Leon Spunkworthy

    Does anyone know if Leon from spunkworthy did anything besides Kennan on SC?
  18. reimaginethat

    Fratmen Shay

    Any content after shay left fratpad?
  19. Shofixti

    College Men And Dorm Cock

    This forum has some great themed threads, but I can't see one dedicated to college guys. So I'll try to add to this over time.
  20. P

    Identify These Hot Guys

    anyone know where this is from?
  21. N

    Curious frat guy

    So im very new to this website, and posting about the following is also a new one for me since its personal but i decided what the heck might as well try to see what others think about my sexuality as i am kinda confused and been confused. I guess im just looking to see what other people think...
  22. Q

    Frat hazing videos

    It's a great frat hazing video, but it's different from others in that there's actually no sex going on, it's just a bunch of hot naked dudes having a good time. The best part is it's (seemingly) genuine. funny Frat Hazing No Sex at I'm posting this more for my own benefit since...
  23. bihungtrainerxx

    Frat life

    Any other jocks in frats in college? My frat always tagged chicks together and hazed so was very used to showing off my cock to my brothers. Anyone else?
  24. deanhuge

    The Incorrect Ritual (Muscle and Penis Size Theft)

    You know those stories that start out explaining just how pathetic and gangly the main character of the story truly is, well this is definitely one of those stories. I would save you the details, but if I did you wouldn't get a full appreciation of just how much my life has changed. It wasn't...