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  1. M

    itscarlchiasson / Carl Chiasson - singer / IG / Tiktok

    Handsome French-Canadian chanteur...
  2. LukeAce

    Photos & Videos French Cammer Baptouuu

    Just sharing this french twink, he's str8 and got a nice dick https://fr.xhamsterlive.com/baptouuu/profile
  3. I

    Photos & Videos Bestdickofparis (Twitter/free OF)

    bestdickofparis, a French guy who loves to fuck hot twinks and he has a free OnlyFans: anyone can subscribe and drop some vids on here pls?
  4. I

    French Twitter guys / Twitter Français

    I'm a British guy, but have been like obsessed with all these French dudes from Twitter for a while already, so I'm starting a thread on them. I speak a little French but far from perfect... Feel free to share pics, vids and @! I'm starting with some: @/iamsteson (OF) @/llxdox (OF) @/theo_sbtr...
  5. I

    iamsteson (onlyfans/twitter)

    Anyone has anything (vids in particular) on this big french cock? Great body as well. He has an onlyfans and a twitter/X account
  6. BlackWindow_

    Tristan Maurisse

    Tristan Maurisse :heart_eyes:
  7. BlackWindow_


    Petit Thread sur le très sexy Djilsi Login • Instagram
  8. BlackWindow_


    Je fais un nouveau thread uniquement sur Michou pour trouver facilement les photos
  9. BlackWindow_

    Inoxtag (Inox)

    Je fais un nouveau thread uniquement sur Inox pour trouver facilement les photos
  10. L

    Raphael Varane

    Raphael Varane - 30 year old France international and Manchester United footballer
  11. N

    Jackdesfeux appreciation thread

    Jackdesfeux is a sexy bisexual French/ Canadian guy He is a photographer, a model, a gamer, an avid fan of anime, a chef, a cosplayer,an erotica artist but also a popular webcam model on chaturbate, onlyfans model and a redditor His birthday is on july 7 and he is 28 years old, but some of...
  12. BlackWindow_

    Fabien Loaec

    Je vous présente Fabien Loaec, toujours hot Vous pouvez trouver son insta qui est @fabien_loaec
  13. M

    Raidd Bar stripper "Augusto" or "Gabriel"

    This guy danced and stripped at Raidd Bar, Le Marais, Matinee Paris and other gay parties. He's SUPER hung. Used to go by MonsterGabFit on Facebook and other socials. I believe he's French of Brazilian origin. Starting an appreciation thread for him!
  14. P

    What’s this movie?

    I’ve become obsessed with finding the source of this clip, what I’m guessing is a French movie. I’ve tried scene searches all over, to no avail. anyone recognise it? Titlee, studio, star… anything appreciated!
  15. Phx72bear

    Léon Marchand - French swimmer

    The heir apparent to Michael Phelps, he even trains at ASU under Bowman. Phelps thinks he could break 4 minutes in the 400 IM at the Paris Olympics.
  16. H

    @primo_slvbg hot french model

    I just found that hot french model Do you know him?
  17. gentilgarcon

    Can you help me identify this guy?

    Hello!! I started a conversation on Grindr with a guy that is obviously a fake profile, and he sent me this picture: I know I've already saw this guy somewhere on the internet but I can't remember who he is or where I saw him. Do you know him? Help!
  18. M

    Model Onnys Aho - French/West African

    This guy is clearly packing. Anyone got anything more?
  19. F

    Baguette bien cuite (French very hot model)

    Hello everyone ! I would like to share with you one of my lattest big crush ! This handsome french guy is awesome, very sexy and hot. He shows a lot on his Twitter, and he is also on OF, where he posts a lot on a regular basis. His content is very good, a mix of porn and arstistic (he is a...
  20. J

    French Teacher Carlito

    This French teacher on TikTok, who also is a model is so fit, I stg he used to have more stuff on his instagram of him shirtless but now it’s mainly just teaching stuff his TikTok is :frenchteachercarlito - anyone got anything of him?
  21. Brendanbot

    Photos & Videos João Oliveira Lamartine

    João Oliveira Lamartine, a Brazilian born model
  22. D

    French snapchat/Snapchat français

    On regroupe nos snap les francophones ? > julienamur1994
  23. S

    Jean Black (tiktok photographer)

    His mustache and his blue eyes are amazing. Hes the guys that goes up to people and tells them hes a street photographer. He is so hot I dont know how there isnt a thread already.
  24. F

    Sébastien Berthelot

    French model and bodybuilder, Sébastien Berthelot.
  25. D

    Romain SKR

    Anything on him?
  26. M

    Noanne Gomez - gorgeous Black model

    Just discovered this gorgeous man. Anyone have more?
  27. M

    Joel Conceição - yummy

    Help me find more of this GORGEOUS guy!!!
  28. M

    Antonin Gateau (aloneantonin)

    Ce mec mérite un thread, il est tellement sexy ! Mon rêve qu’il ouvre un OF :w
  29. M

    Saber Dridi

    Stumbled upon this guy - hunky and packing. Anyone have anything else? Seems to be French and has modeled for Jacquemus recently.
  30. Piejukebox

    Photos & Videos Andolini XXL

    Performer Name: Andolini XXL OnlyFans Account: @Andolini691 Twitter Handle: @Andolini691 Been getting into french porn lately and discovered this stud i'm surprised their hasn't already been a thread started so I thought why not.. as usual if you have anything to share or discuss that pertains...