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  1. R

    Photos & Videos Benjamin Pavard | French Football Player (FC Bayern Munich)

    He just needs his own Thread, so here it is. :dizzy: :imp:
  2. C

    Help ID this Trans (FTM) French actor

    He's a redhead/ginger, was casted in a French gay TV series and has a transwoman girlfriend/wife. He's young (20-25). If I recall, he also has Spanish citizenship.
  3. V

    Geo_a_la_francaise / French Insta Stud

    Anything on him? He's so hot..
  4. M

    Photo Stevens/Steven DuJon Solis - Black French gogo, model stripper

    This guy pops up on a lot of other people's pages - he's done Matinee Paris gogo dancing, perhaps some stripping. He is so gorgeous. Anyone have anything more on him?
  5. P

    Fabarrueco - f_h0le

    Hello, est ce que quelqu’un aurait des photos de ce mec, je suis tomber dessus par hasard il est hot as fuck
  6. A

    Quentin Simplement

    He is French and have a TikTok and YouTube channel. But I am intriguated of what he have on his OF page. (I think his content as no nudes) OF PAGE
  7. Murakane

    Photos & Videos Maël Platrier

    Yoo, J'ai vu qu'aucun post n'avait été fait sur Maël, donc je le lance ! Ces réseaux : --> https://www.instagram.com/maelplat_/ --> TikTok Maelplat (@maelplat) | Regarde les dernières vidéos TikTok de Maelplat Enjoy !
  8. B

    Karakrack MYM

    Hi everyone ! Is someone has anything about this French guy named in social : Karakrack. Thanks for your help !
  9. E

    Fench hottie

    Trying to find this hottie, he’s french that’s all I can remember
  10. mathis_rn

    Photos & Videos French guy on Messenger

    Hey everyone, i was wondering if any of you know this guy or if there is anything else on him. I tried to make some research but couldnt find anything. The only thing i know is that he's french.
  11. N

    Aymeric Laporte

    I think it's to give Aymeric Laporte a special thread He's a French & Spanish soccer player, he's so hot : very tall, huge bulge, nice bubble butt, amazing legs & thighs I don't understand why so not that much over lpsg soccer threads or others websites but not let's post some content
  12. M

    Photos & Videos MartinTheFrenchGuy - Martin Gratton

    Share what you have on Martin Gratton aka @martinthefrenchguy on IG and OF.
  13. ThePeachPerfect

    Photo Expose Anthony Carlero (big d)

    Here me out, Anthony Carlero is a french top bear of 34 years old. He lives in Paris. He likes to be exposed and pretend to be a porn star. You can find him on twitter @TonyKaarl, this pussy delete once in a while his post because he's too scared of people seeing his dick... Whatever. You can...
  14. V


    Alguien tiene algo de su contenido de OF?
  15. S

    Does anyone know who this guy is? From Keumgay

    Does anyone know who he is? And if he worked with other studios?
  16. D

    Photos & Videos Hot French Guy on Instagram

    I’ve been following this hot Frenchie — Dan IG since forever. He posts amazing pics of Paris and thirst traps of himself. He totally looks like Lucas Bravo (Emily in Paris), Armie Hammer and Henry Cavill!! Don’t you think? Call me a stalker, but I saved almost all of his selfies
  17. G

    Nadim from Keumgay

    Does anyone know where I can find this unseen edit from Keumgay.com? The model’s name is Nadim and I’ve only seen one video from him getting a handjob. I want to know where I can find the video where he’s getting sucked.
  18. SusDog

    French Tiktok guys

    J'ai remarqué qu'il n'y avait de thread pour les tiktokeurs Français du coup le voici
  19. T

    Loïc Séverin

    His name is Loïc Séverin. He lives in France.
  20. Nothingtoseehere1312

    Member from France

    Hi everyone, I recently decided to post some of my pictures here just to get feedback and also because I like the exhibition. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. AlsoI’ll be happy to chat with any of you as long as it stays respectful. I’m currently 21 20cm and for my body type idk...
  21. Amphlett

    Hung performer Alex in Hegre Art Porn

    Real name: Nicolas Buton Porn name: Alex Has made porn for Hegre From France Masseur, and apparently a celebrity? https://spankbang.com/5z0oe/video/flora+alex+backstage+pass https://spankbang.com/62e5s/video/sexual+relationship https://spankbang.com/2l6z6/video/double+barrel+penis+massage...
  22. S

    Real_rencontre : Group of french black men

    They are hot and on Manyvids Real_Rencontre's Profile - Porn vids, Pics & More | ManyVids
  23. O

    Photo Does anyone have more pictures and videos of this French Daddy?

    Does anyone have more of his pictures? Videos are better.
  24. H


    Fucking hot French model also known as Kevinpcbk
  25. 1

    Help ID this french model (Xavier)

    Hi, Please help me to find his insta, onlyfans, twitter page and his name as well. https://hardran.book.fr/galeries/xavier/ Thank you
  26. A

    Mathis Chevalier

    Just noticed him while browsing Loic Prigent's YouTube channel. He's a model and MMA fighter. Anyone have anything?
  27. Mr_Thistlewaite

    Thierry Henry

    Thierry Henry is a French professional football coach and former player who is an assistant coach for the Belgium national team. He is considered one of the greatest strikers of all time and one of the greatest players in the history of the Premier League. He was one of my first meaningful...
  28. S

    Antoine Gross (french Bodybuilder)

  29. J


    hot french-arab guy with a nice ass TikTok https://www.instagram.com/crazymcc/
  30. 1989evermore


    Y'a pas de encore de thread sur lui je crois