1. LiamCox

    My boyfriend shared me with his straight friend.

    Jason was a good friend of ours. By "ours," I mean myself and my boyfriend Carter, whom I had been dating for over two years. We had started living together after six months of being together. Jason often visited us every weekend to have drinks or dinner with us, particularly because he has been...
  2. F

    If the Caravan’s a rockin…

    This is my first time writing anything like this so please forgive me, hopefully it turns out somewhat cohesive. This is a true story about an experience I had when I was 22 years old in a Caravan in the South of England. My best friend Katie and I spent almost every summer together from a...
  3. D

    For straight guys: would you ever kiss back one of your friends?

    Do u think u would but only if you’re on specific circumstance ? Would u ever act back with one of your freinds? Anything like from bj to fucking him Also, share your experience with us, wed love to read and learn from it
  4. D

    Sexy and Fun Snap Group (18+)

    This group chat is gonna be for sending fun and sexy photos/videos. And us having conversations and giving compliments. And enjoying our time. And being active asf I’m 21 years old Amosc: dmorris2022659 when you add me send me a dick pic And emoji pls
  5. OfficialNigeal23

    Add me on Snapchat

    Hey looking for friends doesn’t matter who you are People who would actually like to talk and get to know each other my snap is: nigeal_wood I am 21 and tryna build up a social presence cause I’m lacking in that department
  6. D

    Shaved by friend

    A friend of mine wants to shave my cock and balls. He claims to be straight but he told me he likes my package and wanted to shave and lube it without sexual thoughts. What should I say to him? Usually i shave every few days but now i‘m letting it grow since two weeks. Should I let him do it...
  7. PR0502

    Have you ever been caught masturbating?

    Ever been caught masturbating by someone? Who was it? When was it?
  8. 4

    Help Finding Videos of 2 Friends (Porno and Amateur?)

    Hey there! I'm needing help finding 2 videos. 1) Porno made by a studio 1990s-2010s, where two friends are in bed and the "straight" friend ends up bottoming or getting fingered? After, the straight friend calls the gay friend a "F-word. Theres a time jump where the gay friend is remembering...
  9. S

    Look for male friend

    Hi, LPSG communities, there are so many intellectually and physically outstanding individuals. And I hope I can find some or just one friend. I live in San Francisco, but honestly, I don't have many male friends. Therefore, I am looking for some. I am an average looking asian guy, but have a...
  10. B

    Bros / JO Buds / Cuddle Buds / Workout Buds / Etc

    Hey, about me: 42, male, caucasian, single, 6'2", 220 lbs approx, gay, good sense of humor, pretty intelligent and creative, nice, shy but an open book once you get to know me. Looking for good buds to hang out and/or j/o and/or cuddle and/or work out together. If you have any questions, just...
  11. hockeydick

    Best Porn to show Bicurious Friend

    Hey guys, the stakes are high. I have a bicurious friend who came out to me. We have done some kissing, cuddling, over the pants stuff, and have shown each other dick pics. I recently asked him if he wanted to watch some gay porn together when we hangout next and he said yes. He loves straight...
  12. Troycc

    Being Ghosted and dealing with heartbreak

    So I’ll start off and say this is a true story with a ton of twists and turns so forgive me if the explanation of things doesn’t come across right but here we go.. Chapter 1: The backstory PT. 1 We rewind 5 years ago and I’m a 25 year old average guy who is bisexual but not out. I’m fit, carmel...
  13. D

    Video game buddies? Discord and chill?

    37, bi married here, lookin for buds to play games with and chill online. Love getting stoned and playing games nude. Would be fun to have some buds get together and chat and play on Discord.
  14. My friend Dave

    The Winnings

    His eyes got huge and he looked me straight in the face. "Damn, I never knew you were hung. I laid one hand on his shoulder and guided him down. "I am impressed and a little jealous," he admitted. As he knelt before me, he reached out to grab my cock. "Be sure to kiss those nuts before...
  15. A

    Looking for an amateur video (and dying inside not finding it anywhere)!

    Hey guys! Wondering if anyone has this or a link for it. I can only find this vid at this guy's account, and he's guarding access really closely. I found a 44 second cut here but apparently it's...
  16. G

    My Masseuse fuck me so hard

    The massage therapist The story is absolutely Real! I was getting a haircut and a young guy came into the salon and said he had a massage appointment. The masseur came out and told him: Come on, Ice, come. The guy said, just put on a shower and I'll come. The masseur gave him an...
  17. H

    I like my friend and he knows

    I have a friend I met through another friend and we started speaking properly maybe a year and a bit ago. He was living in a far off place at the time but we would talk and chill almost everyday on playstation and or the phone at times, this was during the pandemic so we had so much time...
  18. S

    My Oblivious Friend Carlos & His Fat Cock

    This happened to me during the winter break and I figured I should share the story as it’s been replaying in my mind ever since. I’ll use code names and won’t share specific details to remain anonymous. I figured I’d extend it to separate parts as it would be a lot as one post. Pt. 1 I’ve known...
  19. D

    Looking for a friend

    Hi All - I’ve been on this site now for a couple of years. I’m currently going through a little bit of a rough patch in my personal life. I’m currently in London, and feeling extremely lonely. Christmas isn’t a very happy time for me unfortunately. I know being on this site may infer there is...
  20. growing muscle

    London bodybuilder and gym buddies friends wanted

    Hi, I am regular gym goer and looking to make friends and gym buddies with bodybuilders and amatuer gym guys who also have the passion and determination for fitness and muscle growth. I train 6 times a week and looking for mainly a gym buddie to grow together. My goal is to become as big as...
  21. NicHalliwell

    Kiss a Friend

    Have you ever kissed a friend of yours (of your same sex)? How was it?
  22. J

    How do you engage with the gay community?

    Im at that age where all my str8 friends are having babies and were stsrting our careers and Its getting pretty lonely. ideally id like more gay friends that arent just bonded together cause we all workout or or club together but idk how to go about it since i live in a small town in a red...
  23. J

    Video Does anyone know the names of these two hot guys? (tiktok/reel)

    Does anyone know the names of these two hot guys? (tiktok/reel)
  24. D

    Bisexual guy, Thailand

    Hi, nice to meet you. I am a student,24 years old. I like swimming,travelling and filming. Hope to know more friends here.I am interesting in hacker, behind the scenes ,if u have the resources in this area, we can have a good communication.
  25. J

    My experience with 2 Straight Guys

    Hey, so this is my experience of 2 Straight Guys, Mitch and Chris. I've never really told anyone about this in detail and just kinda wanted to get it off my chest. I've changed the names of the guys here just in case. Just as a bit of background: Me, I'm a nerdy type, chunky, glasses, awkward...
  26. O

    Help me find this guy?

    Found this on twitter. Some sort of nature photographer has his friend video him playing with his cock. He says “you’re the only friend I can really do this with” which tells me he likes doing it often and I’m hoping there’s more of him!
  27. M

    Private Sauna Appointment with Friend

    Looking for some advice here from you all. I have a friend who I met a while back while teaching yoga together, and we've become close over the last 6+ years. He and his partner are in an open relationship and we've talked about it before. Not necessarily in the context of me joining them in...
  28. Hephaestionofarabia

    5 Tops The Beach (homoerotic story)

    Kevin, Richard, Jeffrey, Steven and Kyle hit the beach one hot summer evening. Kevin had just broke up with his girlfriend after he saw her fucking his neighbor on the balcony early morning. Richard was sleeping over Kevin's place, which prevented him from demolishing the balcony over his...
  29. tyfromtexas

    gay friend(s)

    so i made a gay/straight of this thread but i wanna make a straight/gay one. my question is do you have a gay friend that you can talk to about anything? be it sex, relationships, anything! and how did that relationship come to be? were they nervous to talk about more gay stuff with you? i’m...
  30. U

    Looking for someone to chat and become bestie

    Ok so maybe no one know that, even irl, no one literally no one talk to me all my social media are dead and i really hate that and .... So am looking just for a friends jjst to speack some time maybe we can have fun and make me happy