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  1. M

    Help ID these friends

    Please I want to know if there’s a longer version of this video https://twitter.com/nakedmenvids/status/1703191112242856063
  2. V

    Cyber Connection - Wanna chat?

    Hello everyone. I am looking for someone to chat with on a regular basis via snap or another messaging platform. Looking for someone between 25-34 who is fit, and overall geek at heart (video games, manga, bl series (thailand, and other countries), gay themed books. I am a 32 year old geek at...
  3. T

    How to deal with catching feelings for the first time?

    I'll try to make his as short as I can. I could definitely use all the advice I can get. I'm 23 years old and bisexual. I'm not out; I'm "in the closet". No one knows except me and of course, the guys I've done things with. I only recently started messing with guys a few months ago. Up until...
  4. P

    Have you aver been given any nickname because of your bulge?

    Hi there! I just wanted to know if anybody out there experienced something similar. Some friends started calling me "the UPS" because of the package, sometimes they call me Mister Trunk or just Sausage. I have to admit that I've tried to make my bulge less noticeable, but it has been difficult...
  5. 2

    When Harry Met Sally

    Harry: What I'm saying is — and this is not a come-on in any way, shape or form — is that men and women can't be friends because the sex part always gets in the way. first it is my favourite Movie, except of course for every Marilyn Monroe Movies! So here first some fun Quotes from the movie...
  6. R

    Friends Smell Feet, help ID

    heyy, came across this hot video of friends smelling feet together and its sooo hot can anyone id it? https://twitter.com/STR8FEST/status/1692973979823141157?s=20 https://twitter.com/STR8FEST/status/1692973979823141157?s=20
  7. O

    Snapchat group for hot guys

    I am making a groupchat with hot guys from all around the world for fun time and sharing videos;) Add me on m.22norway Send me your asl and a face picture, only hot and fit guys accepted;)
  8. J

    Married cheat for side fun/friends

    Hey guys, married (mm) guy here, 31, kinda average looking and build, looking for some friends and potentially a bit of whatever on the side. Realise married men aren't everyone's cup of tea but anyone interested, hmu :) Happy to share pics on request!
  9. L

    U.K. lad looking for friends and fun

    Hi guys, 28 year old lad living in the north east U.K. and looking for some friends and some fun if it comes my way! I haven’t had loads of experience but more than willing to learn and experience new things in the bedroom. I’m very easy to get on with and have a very dirty sense of humour...
  10. KingRomra

    Photos & Videos Comparing dick size with friends!

    Some friends and I got drunk together recently and played a 'strip' drinking game. Only two of the guys are a couple, the rest of us, we are usually just platonic (gay) mates, we hadn't seen each other naked. Anyway, one thing led to another, we all ended up naked, horny and inhibitions were...
  11. C

    Chill Athletic Handsome Jock Looking for Similar Buds

    Hey folks. I'm a gay, 30 year old, single, chill, handsome, friendly jock dude looking for buds for chat. I go to the gym 4x a week and play several sports regularly. I'm looking for a chill, single, normal, non-creepy jock dude for chat too. I'd like to talk about fantasies, sports talk...
  12. Thepeephole

    Depression and Wellington, NZ

    Hello. I am an Asian guy who's lived in Welly for a few years now. Mid-30s, with a Masters degree, professional but currently temporarily retired trying to get better and recover from severe clinical depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder secondary to recent trauma. I am looking for...
  13. B

    Send me your snapchat id and send me pics/videos

    Hey everyone! Im interested in guys who would be down to share their snapchats with me. Im looking for guys who would send me pics/ videos mostly of their bodies, thighs, ass ( not asshole) arms, and flaccid cocks without wanting to get pics/vidoes back. Occasionally i will send back some pics...
  14. S

    Real (or "real") friends fooling around

    Hey guys! Lately been very into videos where guys who have known each other for a while get sexual with each other. Skot & Teo from ChaosMen is a good example. There's just something so intimate and hot about guys who know each other well and care about each other making a sexual connection...
  15. T

    Looking for bi curious young men

    Hey guys, I‘m 19 and bi curious without any experience with guys. I‘m looking for a good looking, bi curious guy between 18-20. I want to chat and compare with you, but please be willing to chat with face :). Add me on snap: till9206
  16. B

    Video Anyone Have The Full Video Of Jak Stevo & Friends?

    Anyone Have This Full Video Of Jak Stevo & His Friends? (Link to post i found picture: Jak stevo)
  17. T

    Looking for porn

    Do you know the video of two friends, sucking each other. Then the one who is getting the bj says something like „Stop bro, I‘m gonna cum“. Then he cums and his friend got up with his head. It’s a short video of like 30seconds. thank you!
  18. I

    Dublin skype

    Hey! DL masc, Vers, stocky, furry bear dude in D8, not into the scene at all and basically looking to make some friends and genuine connections to chat, play and see where things take us on Skype, so feel free to hit me up with your addy and asl if this appeals to you I a bigger dude but...
  19. L

    For those who are DL, how do you do it comfortably?

    I'm bisexual and don't ever plan on coming out, for personal reasons. I know, that's my first mistake, but it's one I've decided to live with. Maybe I'll change my mind with time though, but who knows to be honest. I've finally taken the first step ever and started experimenting with guys (Via...
  20. Miguelangelmartin

    Help finding this vid

    I need help find this video.one gay guy is in a house of like 7-8 drunk straight hetero guys and one by one he takes to different rooms and starts sucking them off and getting bred by them I am looking for the full video. Here are some screenshots. They are speaking Spanish in the video.
  21. D


    Hey, have anyone see this video of three boys jerking in hotel room: boys jerk off in a hotel in tenerife rhythms of the world Does anyone know where to find this video with sound? Thanks for your help
  22. M

    Making Friends as an Adult

    Hey guys, This seems like a silly question because its joked about alot in the world, but im 32 and have never had a true guy friend. I wasn't raised with men, brothers/cousins, my dad was distant and i therefore have and always had trouble relating to men or boys. im in my early 30s have a...
  23. A

    who is this BiG cock sucker????

    I think he is italian, who know him????? Look how he easily suck the whole cock!!! Massive cock! Please who is he?
  24. greenbin

    Photos & Videos Intimate guys touching, kissing, hugging

    I love photos and videos of guys getting intimate, either romantic or platonic, straight or gay, whether kissing, hugging, or touching in whatever way.
  25. B

    GAY/STRAIGHT SNAPCHAT GC showoff dirty talk Group

    Reply your @ to get added. Let’s jerk off and show off! add me @bananaqwerty120
  26. Jarren.Anthony

    I Caved

    Hey guys! I've had my account on here for a while but I made it at the time just to see one of the pictures I was interested in, and then just never came back. Recently though I came across the site again and got hooked I love seeing everyone's post and the community that's going on here...
  27. Z

    A Decade Later

    In high school I had such a crush on my best friend, cliche I know, but he was always a stunning and attractive man to see. His jet black hair, his cute stubble and constant five-o-clock shadow were captivating, and his smile charmed everyone he met. He worked out constantly, keeping a lean...
  28. Subbearcub

    Szombathely anyone?

    Hi everyone! Is anyone here around Szombathely, Hungary? Looking for kinky friends with benefits Anyone interested my snap is versace.bears (Ask for other socials)
  29. Harryb99

    23, English lad looking for mates :)

    Hey, I'm 23, from the UK. Don't have a lot of gay friends and would like some! I'm straight acting, (newly) into the gym, festivals, raves and live music, ideally looking for someone with similar interests but not an absolute must. Thanks :)))
  30. D

    Hello from switzerland, looking for friends

    Hello everyone! 25 yo male from switzerland looking for nice chats and friends :) I enjoy real talks and sharing experiences or just talk about life. If anyone wants to chat, just start a conversation or let me know. :-)