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  1. S

    Any guys want to chat?

    Does any of you guys want to chat? Would be lively to get to know someone!
  2. S

    Found nudes of someone you know?

    Hi all! I have a question for the LPSG community, have you ever found nudes of someone you know? Online or directly from them if so would love to hear about it. A few years back on Twitter I found nudes of a friend of mine, it turned out he had a twitter that he used to post and since deleted...
  3. S

    Irish Lads

    Hey there. I wanted to see if anyone else was from Ireland, specifically the Cork area that would be down for chatting and becoming friends or a bit more. Also if anyone has any nudes or wants to share nudes that are from Cork that is more than welcome. Don't hesitate to send me a message!
  4. B

    Milano cruising, incontri, amicizia..

    Ciao ragazzi! apro questo thread per vedere se c’è qualcuno di effettivamente interessato a costruire una rete di amicizie, scopamicizie o quant’altro a Milano:) non conosco posti di cruising o posti vari dove fare amicizie (non mi piacciono le discoteche), sono nuovo a milano e anche vergine...
  5. Hephaestionofarabia

    Bromance, sensual not sexual

    Bromance took the pure FRIENDSHIP between MEN into an intimate closeness relationship... صداقةحميمة بين رجال
  6. J

    Looking for more videos of this person

    Found this guy on a video, looking for more Link to vid: Nude guys acting wild and crazy, even in public- compilation# 85
  7. tyfromtexas

    straight friend(s)

    hi so i was wondering if you have a straight friend you can talk to like your gay friend or something. like that and how? i’m cool with this one guy from a previous job but i know there’s thing i couldn’t talk to him about that i could with my gays. so basically i would like to know is how...
  8. freefolkf

    Is he still my friend?

    One night just after my graduation from university, I was playing on chat roulette, when I met a very cute guy. We jerked off and that was it. In the few days that followed, we practically fell in love and we were constantly in contact, talking and getting to know each other. He wanted to start...
  9. Ramblings


    found this online Here are my five things that have to be met in order to consider yourself a friend OR in order to know if the person you are friends with is truly a friend: 5 steps for determining if the person who you consider a friend is really a friend. 1) They are there for the bad...
  10. K

    HELP/ADVICE needed! I want to suck my best friend, what do I do?

    So it's a long story but I really want to suck my best friend's dick really bad. He is already aware I have a major fetish for both his ginger pubes as well as his foreskin and we always joke flirty about him showing it to me some day. We compared back in the day but never done anything sexual...
  11. oceanrulerwiz

    A new discord group :D - come and join !

    Hi y'all, I'm 26 m , Bottom, gay. Basically I look for hot mascuiline top guys ! And I think about opening a discord group for chatting and hanging out :) I am a watcher, but i dont mind sending pics and stuff :D discord : GamerWiz95#6839
  12. D

    Just moved to London :) Looking for friends/dates?

    Hey everyone!! (Not new here but...) Just moved here to the UK, hopefully I can meet other Londoners here :) I'm a slim 19 year old Asian. Nice to meet you all and if you're in London and around my age please do PM me/reply, I would love to get together.
  13. Lumix552

    My best friend and me

    Hello Here a picture from my best friend's wanking and me I hope you will like it, I will posting more content after this ! It's exclusive content
  14. JayPR

    Straight Guys And Gay Guys Friendship

    Growing up in the early 90's, once you were out in school, your social life was over. If you were not being bullied already, most of your guy friends were cold with you or even ostracized you. That is why I never came out until I was in my 20s. For me is amazing that the younger generations tend...
  15. HairyAussieBloke

    Friends Nudes

    Ya’ll ever get your friends nudes. If so, care to share? I’ve gotten a few over the years. Some they know I have, some they don’t. I always find it an interesting concept to have naked pics of your mates.
  16. D


    i’ve talked with a friend (we’re both gay) about being curious about what our friends or coworkers are packing. not in a “i wanna have sex” way but in a “how do you compare to other dicks i’ve seen” so i would like to know if it’s just us or if even straight men wanna know what other ppl got...
  17. S

    Show Your Friends Cock And Your Cock!

    Let’s see which one is better ❤️
  18. A


    Any other straight guys wanna make long term friendship and be a big or little bro to me? We can use discord ad#4900 or telegram dm me
  19. D

    New Roomate/male Bonding

    so i need help. i recently asked my friend( yes just a friend. i dont wanna fuck him or have a crush on him) if he wanted to get our own place together. that’s still in the process. okay so i didnt really have an open childhood liek some of y’all. my parents weren’t prudes but there wasn’t...
  20. D

    Meet Up In Vienna / Wien

    Hi guys! Anyone up to meet in Vienna, Wien, Austria? Would love to meet some fellow guys here, for a drink or a deepthroat session, it’s up to you. Looking forward to new friends and adventures!
  21. Q

    Finding Out That A Male Friend Is Hung?

    How did you find out? Do you see him any differently to how you saw him before? What if you were the friend in question? Have the relationship dynamics changed?
  22. Amaethon

    French Friends

    Yes, you've read that correctly. On this site, of all places. I'd like to make some male French friends, either gay or straight, with no immediate sexual motivations in mind (I'm really only into other gay guys anyway). I've recently picked up learning French again as well and plan on living...
  23. K


    Hey besties, I'm wondering if anyone has any videos of jaxxxhot (preferably with his friend), because there seems to be not that many videos online, and some don't have audio :( so it would be nice to find some more videos, thanks in advance uwu
  24. warblaster414

    Fitness Group

    Are you looking for a place to talk fitness? Trying to ge in it but need help from friends?You have come ot the right place!I want to make a fitness group that basically turns into a community. Accepting anyone from the start of your fitness journey to those whohave achieved their dream body...
  25. D

    Freeballing Around Friends And Family

    How did you start freeballing around friends and family? I’m always freeball at home and when I go to the store nearby, but if I’m with friends/family I’m afraid to get caught or just to get hard and that they’ll notice..
  26. W

    Photos & Videos Friends Who Have Done Porn

    I've seen a lot of my friends naked and even nude photos they've sent to others and those are also welcome here, but I want to know about people you know who you've found in porn, either that you came across by accident or you found on purpose. Maybe you even found a friend on LPSG or Reddit...
  27. JayPR

    Jerking Off In Front Of Buddies Or Roommates

    When I was in my college years, I had a roommate that used to jerk off with his bedroom door open. He simply didn't care, he could even talk to you while doing it. I thought it was weird, kind of exhibitionist. However, I've been told, that this is pretty normal among roommates or close-knit...
  28. 8

    Triumphant Return

    After a brief LPSG vacation, Jaxxx is back https://www.lpsg.com/gallery/albums/jaxxx-is-back.715181/ contact me if we were friends, and i'll add/follow you.
  29. alexander123451

    Video Happy Birthday Nick! Does Anyone Know The Full Video Of These Guys?

    Happy Birthday Nick!
  30. Keeandga

    This Video?

    does any have access or have downloaded this vid? If so could someone send plz693761693761