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  1. A

    New Asian FTM just joined this site

    I'm new here in hoping to know someone as buddy , long term partner etc ..Hope to hear from u guys by writing to me ! Thanks !
  2. C

    Help ID this Trans (FTM) French actor

    He's a redhead/ginger, was casted in a French gay TV series and has a transwoman girlfriend/wife. He's young (20-25). If I recall, he also has Spanish citizenship.
  3. freenjelly

    Jammidodger (Jamie Raines)

    Anything on this hottie?
  4. freenjelly

    Sam Collins (YouTuber)

    Any hot pics of this cutie?
  5. R

    Favorite Transman (Polling)

    Let's vote who is the hottest FTM pornstar!
  6. C

    Trans guy orgasms

    What are people’s fave trans guy orgasm scenes?
  7. M

    Photos & Videos Transmen squirting

    it seems so hard to find but I’m curious what everyone has found. :)
  8. H

    FTM guy brand-new to LPSG.

    40yo trans guy, and big fan of guys of the hung variety. I’d love to meet some hung buds in SoCal and beyond… nice to meet you
  9. B

    Any Other Gay Guys Into Ftm Porn?

    I identify as 100 percent gay. But over the last few years I've developed a strong taste for FTM porn. It started with JockPussy (Luke Hudson, damn) but now I seek out anything I can find. I know it's problematic to fetishize trans people, but there's something impossibly hot to me about gay sex...
  10. L

    What Does A Gay Cis Man Have To Do To Earn A Gay/bi/pan Trans Man's Love?

    What does a gay cis man have to do to earn a gay/bi/pan trans man's love?
  11. O

    Leo_ferraro On Twitter/leo-senpai On Onlyfans

    Does anyone have vids of this cutie? He's fit and hot.
  12. Capitolhillguy

    Ftm Orientation

    I have dated a FTM guy a couple of times, knew a FTM gay guy, and one see's a good bit of FTM gay porn. I am curious if there has been a study on the orientation of FTM guys? I know gender is not connected to sexual orientation. I often find them so sexy. In public I mostly see them partnered...
  13. J

    Paboga1 (gabriel P) - Ftm Trans

    Anyone have anything of this hot FTM Trans guy? Hes apperently hung after getting full surgery. insta: Gabriel P (@paboga1) • Instagram photos and videos onlyfans: OnlyFans
  14. Joshua.Martiny

    Looking For Ftm In Los Angeles, Ca

    I'm a 27yo guy. Hoping to connect with some local FTMs who'd like to have some fun. I'm hoping to find a regular FWB. I'm 5'9 and I'm about 7.5 cut.
  15. Joshua.Martiny

    Los Ángeles Ftm

    any transguys here in LA?
  16. Capitolhillguy

    Ftm porn potentially hot but for me mostly not

    I've had sex with a very handsome FTM trans guy and found it hot. I find most of the FTM guys in porn handsome, but my problem is they act like cold fish... no passion and no orgasm. Why have a pussy if you can't be multi- orgasmic, or in these cases, orgasmic?? Maybe they are more heterosexual...
  17. 1

    Hi! ftm trans guy here

    What’s good everyone? I’m a trans guy who has been on hormones for 5 years, has had top surgery but not lower. I’m sexually interested in men and women. I’m in the so cal area but if you’re eager to chat, share pictures, and have conversations I’m open. Not sure what else to say but happy to...
  18. motoramic

    Are you attractive to transgenders? how do you identify your orientation?

    Just wondering, what kinds of guys are turn on by transgenders (MTF? FTM? and/or others?) Does it matter if they are pre-op or post-op or no-op?