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  1. I

    Photos & Videos Logan wodzynski ( pierson wodzynski's Brother)

    HI guys, he is kinda nerdy and hot at the same time.
  2. BrownSugarBoy

    Naked Comedy & Comedians

    Hi, I was wondering if you have seen comedy acts or videos involving male nudity. As well as comedians using nudity for comedic purposes. These can I love stand-up comedy, televised comedy acts, plays, or just comedic/funny videos that envolve male nudity. I would love to see your posts :)
  3. M


    don't know much about him, just found a funny animation he made then saw he has a vlog and shown his face. idk, i feel like i found him kinda cute and goofy (in a charming way), and he kinda looks buff. so yeah, can't seem to find other stuffs about him, though i'm quite interested to find more...
  4. C

    Alexander Tominsky (Philadelphia chicken guy)

    guy from Philly who went viral a few months back for eating a whole rotisserie chicken every day for 40 days (look it up, you’ll find the news articles). goofy bit but I find him really hot. not expecting to “find” anything, just wanted to appreciate this man. twitter: @AlexiconTom insta...
  5. E

    Photos & Videos Hayden Bailio

    Hayden Bailio @haydenbailio on Insta. The most beautiful man I have ever seen. Strong lifter in a KILT! Can’t stop watching his videos. Funny and eye-wateringly handsome.
  6. B

    Photo Garrett Sutton / JoblessGarrett / GarryBlox

    Does anyone have any nudes on the youtuber Garrett Sutton? He's know for his funny Among Us videos and I think he's really attractive and cute. He has a girlfriend so the chances of him leaking nudes are slim to none but I figured I'd ask anyway. Below are pictures I took from his Instagram.
  7. KayJx

    Matheus Angelo (TigerBoy)

    An appreciation thread for a former web performer called Matheus Angelo (or Tiger Boy, or even, TigerBoy Matheus); he is a brazilian guy who used to make videos for Snapchat, and post some videos and compilations of them in Pornhub or Xvideos. I thought his videos were so hot and corky hahaha...
  8. T

    The Porn Doctor is in the house... Again.

    From SNL; watch as Dr. Rockhard (Adam Driver) delivers the laughs and sooooo much more. :joy:
  9. Curious65


    This made me smile.
  10. M

    Who is this guy from twitter?

    please does anyone know what are his socials? need it asap
  11. KayJx

    Funny Face Men

    Among the various porn (gay and straight) that I watch, I noticed that some guys make very funny faces while they are fucking or cumming hahaha And as I found this very curious... I decided to make this thread to show photos and videos of those moments with these guys. They can be straight or...
  12. F

    Photos & Videos Funny Porn

    I found this video a while back and thought it was funny. Realized I’m kinda into that funny, non-serious, chaotic stuff. It’s equally hot and equally hilarious. So if anyone has anything else, I’d love to see it.
  13. J

    AC Flow (Rapper, TikToker)

    Hot guy from the UK. has a big uncut cock, anyone have any of his stuff? hes soooo hot. TikTok his only fans - OnlyFans
  14. D

    This salad tastes…

    This salad tastes like I’d rather be fat.
  15. T

    When pain = laughter?

    LA Actor Ryan Hilt from the movie "ClickBait" gives us a quite funny and innocent take on graphic pain. :D:p:weary_face::joy::laughing::sob:
  16. B

    Has anyone subscribed to this only fans?

    I’ve been following this guy “Pedro” on social media for a while, they went viral on tiktok a few times last year I think. They recently made an onlyfans after posting suggestive stuff on their insta ‍ lol. I want to know if it’s worth the price and what people think of his content tbh
  17. S

    Anyone know where this is from?

    Does anyone know who this is or where this is from? Are there more vids like this?
  18. B

    What happened to Liam's Society?

    Does anyone know what happened to this guy? I knew he had a few channels (PornHub/Xvideos) where he would post his stuff, but it looks like he just disappeared.
  19. Rodney Dakus

    SPH at its best—book title must be a joke lol

    SPH at its best—book title must be a joke lol Exhibitionist Extra Small Funny Porn Little Dick Micropenis Nudist Voyeur r/NSFWFunny r/sph Porn GIF by jmillem
  20. D

    Photo Challenge?!

    Anyone else have up for the balance challenge? Not as easy as it looks! Any way to raise the stakes?
  21. nopantsendurance

    NPE's photo stories

    Going “Spunking” Hey Dave, you came! Not yet, hehe! Um…I don’t think you should be wearing those clothes. Huh? Oh! Right to it then! Whoa dude! What are you doing? What do you mean what am I doing? You said we are going spunking! I said SPELUNKING! Oh...
  22. D


  23. Shlevy10

    Funny porn

    What’s the funniest gay porn you’ve ever seen? please include vids or names- bloopers are welcome too :laughing:
  24. I

    Lgbt Memes

    I don't know if already exists a thread about it, but I consider LGBT's memes very funny. So, if you find one on the web or if you create one, post it here and let's smile! (Any language is allowed, but insert traduction if it is not in english.)
  25. nopantsendurance

    Photo A Hostel Take-offer!

    “I’ve never stayed in a hostel before, but hotel rooms are so expensive in Moab! Man I hope this dorm room isn’t full of freaks and weirdos or just a bunch of dicks!” “Well, here goes nothing!” “Hello new roomie!” “OMG! I was so worried, but I’m going to fit right in!”
  26. fireice42

    Madtv - Michael Mcdonald

  27. nopantsendurance

    Photo Boba Fettish: Bounty Hunt For Jabba The Slutt

    Queef Karga: Got a bounty for you, Boba Fettish. Looks like another of Jabba the Slutt’s toys got sick of the buggering and decided to bugger off into the Dune Sea. Boba Fettish: Good for him, let the poor bastard go. Queef Karga: Look I don’t much like it either, but if you want your ship to...
  28. A

    Gay Meme

  29. bboy24

    I Started A Comedy Onlyfans: Shirtlessstoryteller

    Hey guys, I saw that some mainstream comedians, podcasters, cosplayers, gamers were starting up non nude/non sexual OnlyFans to keep their creativity during quarantine and to maybe gain new fans/reach new people so I decided to start one. It's me, shirtless, reading books, making stupid...
  30. 6

    Video Any Info About This Video?

    I've been looking for info about this video for a long time now. I still don't lose hope lol. Any info about this video? https://thegay.com/videos/84070/rough-gay-face-fuck/ Any help is appreciated!!