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    Video Video request (futa)

    Hi, I have found a video on Camwhores, however because I use a VPN I can't access the website in question. Also to note, the video isn't a private video. Would anyone be able to download the video and then upload it to somewhere else for me? I would really appreciate it. Please pm me :)
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    Hi all

    Hi all, new here. Love futa/futanari. would anyone be kind enough to do me a favor and download a futa video (i have the url) from a site that i can't access (i use a vpn) and send it to me please? please pm me for details. thanks :)
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    Futanari content interest?

    I have to admit, Mr. LPSG’s post about the story section got me thinking. I wanted to ask (and perhaps this isn’t the place to ask) is there a place for Futanari content on this forum? And if so, is there interest in hyper futanari on female ones? (obviously we are talking about tagged stories)...