1. T

    Who's this Twink?

    Looking for his OF.
  2. N

    Help Find Video

    if someone knows the name of the video I’d be very glad
  3. K

    Photo Help ID these guys

  4. BrieflineD

    Any other videos from this couple?

    I swear I have seen another video from them where the guy mentions getting her a gift/surprise and it's the gag. He says something about her just being a hole to fuck, or something along those lines. Maybe a different woman but the guy and setting are the same. It's shot just like this one...
  5. M

    Throat Fuck

    Is there anyone male or female that regularly throat or face fucks their partner? Is there anyone who likes to get throat or face fucked. I enjoy both although I can only enjoy either once an day. Especially if the receiver is overly enthusiastic.
  6. M

    Where can I get this video?

    I wanna know where’s the full video
  7. greatbazooka

    Who is this couple? Dude is girthy as hell

    The girth on that dick is wild. I need to know the name of these two.
  8. N

    Deep Throat

    I have a Question that's probably been asked many times I guess. Regarding deep throat, are some people born with no gag reflex and if you do gag can you over come the relflex with some kind of training?
  9. 6

    Face Fucking

    Hi all, I’m a sub guy that loves to gag on a big dick. When a guy starts gagging, do you fuck harder or do you pull out? What do you get from making a guy choke? Is it the control? Please cum down my throat!
  10. I

    Hard And Deep Throat Fucking

    Looking for more vids like these Literally nothing gets me off like a dom top forcing his cock down a dude’s throat (This one more 1:50 and on) grekogay (all his videos are great examples of what I’m looking for): FACE FUCKING THE ITALIAN FΑG AGAIN
  11. CASizeQueen

    Verbal, Roung Slapping Tops Working Over Sub Cocksuckers

    Bone Head 1 My all time favorite that I wish I could reenact everyday here in LA with some hot man...but until then, anyone got some more hot face wacks, deep throats and swallowed seed video fix i need!!!!
  12. Seth Segura

    Justin owen

    Does anyone know what happen to Justin Owen?? He hasn't posted anything on his twitter since 2016.
  13. 1

    Please help id this *rough* scene

    Thank you in advance!
  14. Acetec70

    Cum comes out his nose

    Anyone know of any videos where cum comes out of a guys knows when he is swallowing? Like him gagging on it, and it coming out his nose? :p