1. J

    Would you rather eat a young, smooth, hairless twinks ass. Or an old, musky, dirty mans ass?

    Me personally, I like asses with a little more flavor . So grandpas takes the cake for me.
  2. EnkiEa432

    Saw this on a UK thread and decided to Play!

    Orientation (Straight, gay, bi): Gay Location: Long Beach, California , USA Circumcised or Uncut: Cut Penis Length: 8inch Preferred Underwear Style: briefs Do you go commando: Mostly What do you wear to bed: Nothing Swimming shorts or speedos: Speedos Do you use public urinals : Yes. For...
  3. Mousematt

    Celeb Sex Battle

    This is a simple celebrity battle. Who would you rather have sex with? Only, as we know here, not all men were created equal. This isn't one man one vote. Post your length in inches along with the woman you want to give it to. The celebrity who receives the most inches wins! Ana de Armas V...
  4. U

    Looking for nudity on asian tv game shows

    Recently I saw a video of some Asian show where they were measuring dicks and it was so hot. I found this video in Asians! this forum. If anyone of you have the content similar to this please post videos or links. Most of such channels on YouTube are only for members. Sorry for poor English and...
  5. K

    Mortal Kombat 1

    i’m obsessed with literally every male in this game so i wanted to create a thread dedicated to mortal kombat 1 guys fakes, art, hot pics, etc. drop anything you got!!
  6. K

    Celeb Game - Would You Rather? Celeb Situ

    Hi. Thought this game could be quite fun. So rather than the normal this celeb or that celeb? it would be like two situations involving celebs of your choice. For example: would you rather have ….. spit in your mouth? or …. give you a golden shower? make it kinky, make it fun… the tougher...
  7. T

    Photo Game (Are you brave enough to spin the wheel?)

    The game is simple click here to spin the wheel and whatever it lands on you must take a picture and post it directly into this thread. You can play as often as you like or you could roll a die to see how many times you must roll. It's about 50% luck that you'll end up on a safe space so...
  8. Hornybiguy98

    Sexy Phonetic Alphabet

    So I’m sure most people know the phonetic alphabet, A - Alpha, B - Bravo, C - Charlie, but I think it’s time we spice it up! Lets reassign the phonetic alphabet with sex/sexy related words, once we get to Z we can go back to A. I’ll start with the first 3. A - Anal B - Boobs C - Cock
  9. J

    Please help to find movie name

    Hey there There is some German or Scandinavian film which have scene where group of guys playing soggy biscuit game in the middle of the forest does somebody knows the name of this movie?
  10. TheGuyOnTheNet

    Guess the Cock! (Game)

    Here's a little game! Guess the "owners" of the cocks in the pictures, and then in your response post a few more pictures (about 3-5). The model can be gay or straight, amateur or professional, and any cock size. Make sure the faces (and anyone else) are cropped out! Let the game begin! 1...
  11. cummer91

    Cum eating games

    31 yo man looking for people who wants to play any game in which the loser has to eat his load for the winner. Some games could be: - Battleship: we play with four pieces of clothing and five ships. With every opponent ship sinked the opponent has to remove one piece of clothing and once all...
  12. D

    For lovers of erotic, sensual and porn food.

    Thread for lovers of erotic, sensual and porn food. :emoji_eggplant::emoji_banana::emoji_peach::emoji_strawberry::emoji_wine_glass::emoji_shallow_pan_of_food::emoji_pizza::emoji_doughnut::emoji_champagne::emoji_champagne_glass::emoji_hotdog::emoji_icecream::emoji_ice_cream::emoji_popcorn: You...
  13. H

    Mimic Game

    I love imitation game on cam, copy the way like others guys jerking off and watch who can hold it more time without cumming. With differents way to jerk off and changing the pace, or making countdowns. Interchanging who control the jerk off during the session. What do you think about it? Are...
  14. fireice42


    Let's play a game, Post a celebrity name and three fictional characters they played in movies or tv series ( picture of celebrity are optional ). You must choose one character you want to sleep with. Christopher Meloni 1) Nick Sax - Happy 2) Chris Keller - Oz 3) Elliot Stabler - Law and Order
  15. lyricblumist

    Photos & Videos 18+ Hentai (Characters Only)

    I wanted to start a thread for people to share their favorite characters turned Hentai from Anime, Video Games, Cartoons, Comic Books, and Movies! I'm going to try to post something new daily if not every other day. I'm going to do a separate thread for when I have some guy stuff or Homosexual...
  16. S

    Fusion Cam Dice Game - V2

    Following the popular Fusion Cam Dice Game, created by justaskesx and player "XXX" link here, and, after playing the original game a lot, I want to present my version. Please contact me on kik or send a pm if you have any suggestions. Thank you again to the creators of the original game. In...
  17. J

    Looking for porn games

    Hey I’m looking for actual porn games that are free and not scams that work on web browser. I always want to play those games advertise on porn but they are all scams so if anyone knows of any good please let me know the name of the game. Thank you
  18. D


    Is there a thread for sharing Wordle scores? If not, I'll start. Wordle 245 5/6 ⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️ ⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️ ⬛️⬛️⬛️ ⬛️⬛️ Didn't even know this word existed.
  19. hornygamer89

    Has Anyone Tried 3dxchat?

    On of the gamest that I have been enjoying is 3DXCHAT. This is an interactive 3D Multiplayer Sex game that has wonderful graphics, multiple areas for you to join to meet new people, allows you to make your own house and customize it with several customizable options, and of course you can meet...
  20. Petnax

    Cum! Or Go...

    Hey gorgeous people! RULES Answer "Cum" if you fancy the celebrity and wouldn't mind getting down 'n' dirty with them :p Or Answer "Go" if you'd rather not actually : unamused: Leave a celebrity name (male or female) for the next person. I'll start us off. Tom Hardy
  21. D

    Guess The Age

    We could do this game. Guess the age of the poster above by looking at their pics!
  22. R

    Snapchat Strip Dice Game

    I'm going to roll a dice. First roll determines how many rounds we play. Subsequent rolls determine how many items of clothing you take off. I could roll two 1's and just get your socks. Or I could roll a 6 on the first and get multiple chances to strip you bare. If you want to play leave...
  23. Y

    Gavin Drea (cyberpunk2077)

  24. H

    Describe A Film In A Boring Way

    Basically take the plot of a well known film and try and find a way to make it sound boring, For example: 'Guy finds a ring and walks miles to throw it away'
  25. N

    Troy Baker

  26. D

    Word Association

    Prior to falling asleep last night, I was thinking about what other games we could play here. Word association popped into my head, but rather than using just one word, I thought it would be more interesting if we could use up to three. For example, if I said 'sticky backed plastic', someone...
  27. C

    Game (rapper) Ig Eggplant

    Does anyone have ALL the rapper GAME eggplant pics from Instagram? He posted about 20. Would love to collect the series.
  28. J

    Gay Games

    Hi there! I was wondering if someone knows any gay porn games where you can increase the penis of a character, i think its such a turn on
  29. V

    Gay Harem

    Does any of you guys play gay harem? It is an online gay game with intimate stories. It's so fun and hot
  30. D

    Peter The Dick-kinda Photos

    Hi Friends :heart: Some time ago I’ve found “Peter the Dick” on twitter and I’ve just loved it lol. Attaching photos - and I dare you to do similar thing and post it under :D Lest play a game :imp: