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  1. S

    Twink Sub for Doms

    21m twink with toys looking to be used on cam by verbal masters or groups - and sometimes like to chat & plan ahead. im into anal play, gaping, edging, being degraded & humiliated, verbal abuse (no limit on this), etc. you need to mic - i will follow your orders on cam but type back mean...
  2. ViviKat

    Hi I’m Vivi Kay, 18 yo Ebony trans - no surgery no hormones

    I am looking for fun and learn about the trans porn industry.
  3. T

    Photo Help me find source from this GIF

    If anyone knows any information relating to this gif, that would amazing! Super desperate to know where this came from
  4. Brice_alian

    Post a lookalike gaping pussy u gaped and show us!

    find a lookalike gaping pussy u gaped!
  5. D

    Amateur assholes (female)

    Hey! I wasn't able to find a thread about the most wondeful thing I know - female assholes. So figured I'd start one! Hope there are other like-minded asshole lovers here! Here's my GF's asshole to start us off
  6. D

    Female amateur assholes

    Hey! I wasn't able to find a thread about the most wondeful thing I know - female assholes. So figured I'd start one! Hope there are other like-minded asshole lovers here! Here's my GF's asshole to start us off
  7. J

    Know any muscular men with ruined or loose holes?

    I find it very hot when a bodybuilder naturally has a ruined or loose anus. Not talking about gaping anuses from fisting or extreme play. But just from overuse where the anus just is open or hanging out. Anyone got good recommendations? Looking for videos or images like the below
  8. T

    Photo Anyone know who these guys are from this fingering gape video?

    Here’s the link to the GIF: LINK . Any info on these guys would be great! They look like amateur models and have to be on twitter somewhere. Anything helps ;)
  9. maxxyboy


    What happened to him? Can’t find any information or old videos anywhere.
  10. Patrick Berkweetcher

    Cute twinks with cute faces- Mark Sinn

    Wanna share beauty with you today. Femboys and cute twinks are my weakness, especially this boy. I found him a couple of months ago and fell in love. He had about 20k likes but still answered all my messages, he was blocked and forced to create a new account. I am so happy to see him again. I'm...
  11. Mike Frederich

    Soccer twink - Cartier Boy

    Hey guys! Guess who is back : ) I found super cute boy, he is soccer player and college student. He sends me pics of himself every day, so sweet. Definitely worth subscribing. By the way, remember Yung Puppy? (young twink with 24 cm, he restored his OnlyFans! Going to make separate post about...
  12. J


    Wondering who the hell this guy is shoving every object known to man up his ass anyone know ?
  13. H

    Video ID - Huge Dick Gaping Bareback Video

    Anyone know who these guys are/have a link to the full video?
  14. U

    Cumming into gaping hole

    couldn’t find a thread with this already so I’m starting one. This thread is for videos where the top cums into a bottoms hole while it’s gaping. here’s an example: Skip to 30:35 Calvin Banks Barebacks Tannor Reed at GayPorno.fm
  15. B

    rough tops fucking the piss out of their bottom/ wrecking and gaping their twink hole

    looking for some links of bottoms (preferably younger twinks) getting pounded out so rough that they just can’t hold it i’m finding vids like this hard to find, but here’s some of my favs/examples: https://m.boyfriendtv.com/videos/654763/hard-banging-3way/ GayForIt - Free Gay Porn Videos -...
  16. Youngprettymeat

    Pussy Spread

    Pics or vids like this?
  17. C

    Links Help, Who Is This?

    Found this video Really talented muscle bottom. Wondering if he has more videos out there
  18. E

    Identify This Gif Please!

    Hi guys I’m really freaking out! I have only this 2 gifs....can someone tell me where are this taken? Porn video link or name of the boys. Please!!!!
  19. C

    Please Help Id This Hot Video (gifs Inside)

    i'm looking for this video, it was a really hot tumblr gif thread from march 2013, which means it was from a porn from before then. i thought i found it once but i must not have. gifs for reference. any help is greatly appreciated!
  20. 2

    Video Mr. C@te

    Tw th3shybum
  21. S

    Video Extreme Kinky Anal Gape With Fabreez Can And Screwdrivers

    I was bored and horny at work today and wanted my ass to be filled up sooo badly that I went on the hunt to find some objects to stretch my ass out with and make me feel naughty ;)
  22. S

    Showing off my slutty ass.

    Just a kinky gay slave who loves to wear panties and show off his ass for other people to see.