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  1. S

    is there tops in Kyiv, Ukraine?

    looking for gay man in kyiv
  2. D

    Any gay arabs around?

    Know any hot arab/middle eastern guy that you have some pics on? Would love to see
  3. J

    Óscar Del Peso Foskr.skr

    Gente, esse gato maravilhoso tem conta no onlyfas..ele é um influenciador espanhol. O Only dele custa mais ou menos 50,00 (valor mensal) Gostaria de saber se vale a pena, se tem nudes explícitos da rola dele. Eu perguntei ele no direct.. ele disse q não poderia dar informações por direct. Já...
  4. M

    Alessio Spera

    Thread per foto di Alessio Spera.
  5. S


    please help me find it, it’s on ‘the gay’ website but i can’t find it there at all
  6. L

    Help I.D these guys

    Anyone know who they are?
  7. R

    Wanna come suck this load out of me

  8. P

    Slut exposed

    I was in budapest and saw a qr code with the first picture down below on it. I scanned it and messaged the Snapchat that had popped up with the qr code. He loves to be posted and degraded and asked me to send the pics below to all my friends. His snap is: Jnirmallo and his insta is: abelcolon...
  9. L

    Photos & Videos Who’s that ? Help finding this man

    Any idea what’s his name is? I can’t seem to remember… he is some kind of influencer/OF/JFF porn dude but I can’t find him. Please help :)
  10. Fransico

    Photos & Videos Looking for Video

    I don't know for how long but I've been looking for this video ever since I seen this picture like when it came out. Idk if it's just an Ad and not a video. Just wanna know if anyone knows anything about this picture.
  11. A

    Photos & Videos Zaniewski on Instagram m

    Hi, Somebody have naked pics of Michał Zaniewski? @zaniewski.michal on Instagram. He also have OF
  12. ShatteredChains

    ID him please!

    Does anyone know who this is and where this video came from? Thanks in advance c::heart:
  13. L


    Anyone knows UnnamedtopXL main on Twitter?
  14. B

    Connor Woods

    I'm surprised people have yet to create a thread for this gorgeous guy His Twitter: https://twitter.com/Connor4woods His OF: OnlyFans
  15. G

    Photos & Videos Renato Campillo (_xrenatox_)

    Busco fotos de este chileno si alguien tiene ??? esta muy bueno
  16. Want to follow me?

    Want to follow me?

    Thanks for checking out my profile and blog! Here are the other places where you can find me online.
  17. F

    Can someone help me ID this guy?

    Hi, still newbie on this site, I have stumbled across photos of this guy and omg i just need to know who is he. My search for him came to nothing. Thanks in advance for your help.
  18. H

    Nice to meet you, Im Hunner. I am 100% gay and completely devoted to human nature… this includes our divine alchemical connection to one another!

    I am looking to connect and alchemically bond with like minded beautiful sexual souls! I enjoy art, music, writing, meditation, yoga, nudity, hiking, kayaking, working out and eating GREAT foods! I am versatile and very kinky though physically… I have experienced NOT MUCH. I shared my virginity...
  19. Finally back on Twitter!

    Finally back on Twitter!

    Thinking it was just a good pic of me, I posted the pic below of me on the balcony as my Twitter profile pic. Of course, I was completely overlooking that you could tell that I was naked because you could see the top of my ass. Since profile pics cannot contain nudity, Twitter suspended me...
  20. R

    Balls are loaded with cum anyone wanna come help empty it out of me

  21. C

    Photo Nick Borsuk Instagram @nickborsuk

    Very sexy guy with big pecs and juicy lips. Would love if someone has his nudes to share.
  22. T

    Help identify

  23. R

    Want me to blow my thick load all over your face

  24. J

    *NEW* Snapchat Group For Men!

    Any good Snapchat group links?
  25. R

    Agh need someone to suck this load out of me.

  26. R

    Ugh balls are loaded with so much jizz can’t hold in anymore.

  27. G

    Photos & Videos Using another guy's cum as lube

    Str8 bro agreed to give gay buddy cum lube - ThisVid.com Do you guys have any videos with that theme? It's so hot.
  28. T

    Photos & Videos Does anyone know who this Twink is?

    He's super hottt, he's definitely done a couple of different videos. Here's some that I found as well as some of the images. Snack Time - Brandon + Banana - ThisVid.com Please let me know if u know who this is! Thanks!
  29. F

    Who is this cute twink?

    Been searching all over twitter for this OF creator and can’t find anything :(
  30. SecretDark

    Adonis Dance Academy (hot male stripper)

    What a hot man :heart_eyes: :weary_face: