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gay actor

  1. albertw3

    Video Help me ID this beautiful guy

    Can anyone please help me ID this guy ?? Thanks Разьеб очка - video 114 - ThisVid.com
  2. M

    Sebastian La Cause

    Sebastian La Cause was born on December 12,1971 in Akron, Ohio USA. He is an actor and director, known for Orange is the New Black, Hustling, and Keep the Lights On. He is very sexy and muscular. Openly gay. Thoughts???
  3. K

    Help Identify Sean Cody Model

    Can anyone help me identify the hunk in the middle of this photo. All I have been able to find out this picture was from a Sean Cody scene. Thanks
  4. M

    Photo Does Anyone Know The name of the Active man ?? Or The Name Of The Video/Page Of These Image ? It Used To Appear On Ads Banners On Porn Pages...

    Does anyone know the name of the video or the link/actor's name??
  5. M

    Does anyone know the name of this hunk guy?

    Does anyone here knows the name of the hunk guy? Or you can share a link to a full video. I've been trying to search this porn for years and still haven't found it yet. Thank you so much. Here's the link: Those Great Pecs Getting Touched and Sucked: Gay Porn 5a | xHamster
  6. M

    Does anyone know this hunk guy or just the full video?

    Does anyone here knows the name of the hunk guy? Or you can share a link to a full video. I've been trying to search this porn for years and still haven't found it yet. Thank you so much. Here's the link: Those Great Pecs Getting Touched and Sucked: Gay Porn 5a | xHamster
  7. P

    Links Please Help ID Twitter Bondage

    I came across this video a while ago and have been obsessed!! Does anyone know who the actor is or the name of the video itself?? Video
  8. J

    Who is him? (porn actor gay for pay)

    A few months ago I saw this video about a "straight" tattoo man get sucked by another guy probably for money. There are three videos with this str8 guy I remember that a user in the comments had inserted another link and there was a video about him in a threesome fucking a girl. I can't find...
  9. duckitplz1

    Photos & Videos Outdoor gay cruise parties or parade

    The videos where guys are fooling around with their cocks out on cruise parties or parade
  10. I

    Marco from Lucas Kazan (another marco!)

    Hi everyone! this is my first post here. I hope someone have a complete video of Marco (not the famous!) from lukas kazan. Here i share a post from him. Lucas Kazan: Marco - QueerClick
  11. T

    I need to know who this is self sucking with a friend

    Who is this? I’ve been looking everywhere!
  12. Jovannie1990


    Have you noticed when an actor in the porn industry looks like an actor on television? For example, I find a great resemblance between Malec and Tyler Hoechlin. They two look like brothers.
  13. Z

    Matie Tundra

    Does anyone have anything on Matie Tundra? I find him incredibly attractive and the prototype for a powerbottom slut. Shame he doesn't do as much porn as others. I think he would be very popular if he did.
  14. Jeffer2580

    Who is this guy?

    Can y'all please identify this guy?
  15. M

    Jim Slade

    Who remembers this gay pornstar Jim Slade? He was one of the best power bottoms in porn. What is his back story? Where is he now?? Thoughts???
  16. K

    Help ID

    Does anyone know who this guy is? A long time ago before the pornhub wipe, there was a video of him on there and another on a different website by the name of bum fun but both videos are long gone now. Does anyone know his name or creator handle?
  17. Y

    Help ID

    Who’s this top? He’s hot asl
  18. daddymaycry3

    Help me find the complete video? I have partial info

    Hi guys. I'm a new member of the forum, I was going crazy trying to find a specific video and someone told me to try this LPSG, so I'll give it a shot. ^_^ Anyway, here's the deal: I want the complete version of this video: The bottom is called Benny G and he is the star of the video, the...
  19. P

    Who's this guy?

    Hey guys, Found this hunk on Reddit. Couldn't id him. Anybody? Such a hot body and cock. :P Thanx.
  20. J

    anyone know who this is??

    saw the pic on twitter but no @ was provided
  21. T

    Trying to figure out who this pornstar is?

    Can anyone help me out? Trying to figure out who the top is. He’s so hot
  22. delice4

    Michael Fox something?

    Hi guys! Do you know this model and where I could find some information or videos about/with him? He seems to be a 80's gay pornstar but I have no clue.. Thanks a lot. He's absolutely what I need =)
  23. B

    Movies or TV where gay men have sex with women

    Please share any movies or TV series with scenes where gay men have sex with women. If you can share the details or links.
  24. V

    What happened to this porn actor?

    There was a time when I saw this boy, who spanked, I thought he had a very good ass, but I see he hasn't published for a long time, does anyone know about him or if he uses another name or something?
  25. G

    Does anyone know who the actors in this gif are?

    I know it's from sean cody, but I don't know the name of the video or the name of the actors
  26. D

    Photos & Videos Tom Holland double

    Does anyone got his twitter? My friend said he looks like tom holland but he forgot the username lol Please let me know if anyone knows him haha
  27. M

    Do you know who is this guy? And the full video or code?

    Everyone knows the code or name of the guy? thank you
  28. KTOSLosek

    Private Videos

    Hey everyone I'm going to have my birthday soon and i think that would be great to see some cool hot well build guy jerking off for me..... Do you know which gay pornstars are doing private videos/videos on demand? If yes, which site ?
  29. V

    Photos & Videos Sean Cody Actor Casey Onlyfans !!

    any This guy video share please...so hot!! Casey OnlyFans Casey 님의 트위터: "#COWBOY UP: Part 2 @caseyonly3x @supremexstevenn **50% off for new subscribers for a limited time** Pt. 1 & Pt. 2 now available: https://t.co/OIzlLhmyTh https://t.co/UcXVG7HUDW" / 트위터 (twitter.com)
  30. KTOSLosek

    Alex Mecum: Of, Private Videos Etc

    Hello everyone! Do you know if he is making personal movies? Do you know if he's running onlyfans account? Do you have some... samples?