gay athlete

  1. 3

    UFC Fighter - Cameron Saaiman - South African Dreamy TWUNK

    22yo UFC fighter from South Africa Love him! Please share what you have!
  2. I

    Help id this obscure picture

    Please help id where this is from, who is he, or what event that might be?? i realize the chance that someone might know where this is from is very small, but I'm desperate and so i just leave it here.
  3. J

    His Ex Is An Alpha Male

    HIS EX IS AN ALPHA MALE (Attention: My native language is Spanish, so maybe some parts will be a little bit awkward). PART 01 I met my current boyfriend, Enrique, at a gym in Madrid where I work as an instructor. He drew a lot of attention when doing exercises. He had a muscular, tanned...
  4. Justindude

    Hung Whatsapp Group

    I would like to make a WhatsApp group with only hung and fit guys.. who want to get in ? 192801 Here u can see a pic of me!
  5. M

    Bryden Hattie

    Bryden Hattie is a Canadian diver and is sexy AF! Here is his Instagram: brydenhattie He posted this video on his story not too long ago and figured I would share ;)