gay fiction

  1. metabods

    Call for stories!

    Have a M/M huge cock or cock growth story? Share it on Metabods! Metabods is all about alternative gay erotica featuring men who are a cut above the mundane. We're looking for stories featuring guys with a bit more (or a lot more). That includes transformations where what they have is more...
  2. SelfCtrlX

    Love & Lust, Not Much Trust (Erotic Fiction)

    Series - Pain Is The New Pleasure // Story - Love & Lust, Not Much Trust This series & more available on my Patreon About this story - Our main character finds desire in an encounter that leads to love, lust but is there trust? What is it between him and Raheim that pull them back to each...
  3. thehottestmenxx

    THE CURE (Erotic Fiction)

    Hey guys! I have shared a lot of my work on this forum and I have finally decided to share one of my favourite stories. I hope you will like it! I have been working on "THE CURE" for about a year. Themes: distopia / perverted world / straight to gay / cum fetish / college / rowing team You...
  4. R

    Erotic Story Suggestions

    Help me find stories from Nifty or other sites with plot like a boy caught his dad having sex with his friend or neighbor boys.
  5. Glimey

    Dean Around The World

    Part 1: Tokyo Another city, another hotel room. After 15 years in the business, hosting his 4th travel TV show, Dean had seen too many hotels. And they all blurred together. Didn’t matter if you were in Madrid, Martinique, or Michigan — they were all the same, from the bland carpet to the...
  6. 1

    Sports Day Saturday

    By Keltus Homo Erotikus June 2019 Derek and I had been good friends since high school. We both were on the rugby team. I played lacrosse, as well, simply to stay in shape for quick running. Derek was captain and quarterback of our high school team. When college time arrived...