gay gyms

  1. balanceofpower874

    Showers in San Francisco Gym Crunch

    found this on SF weekly and thought it was so HOT! about the Best Gym Showers are at Crunch Fitness Depending on how much you work out — and your body shape — these showers could be the best or worst in town. That's because they're on public view. Frosted glass comprises one side of an entire...
  2. 3

    9 Months Of Solid Gym...

    I've always been on and off with the gym but this year I've been going hard at it. Still a long way to go... but what do you think?
  3. O

    Sydney gays

    Sydney Gays! I’m going to Sydney in November this year. Does anyone know where I can find out about gay dance parties that are on? Preferably underwear/shorts/speedo parties? #lean #ripped #young Thanks