1. D

    Any invite to

    Hi, guys! Could give me an invite to, please? thanks!
  2. M

    Get your invites here!

    To wrap up this awful year, I have provided a referral link for anyone wishing to join one of the best gay torrent trackers on the internet. To be part of the gaytorrent community, simply click on the link I have provided and it should automatically redirect you to the registration page. With...
  3. boyfalcon

    Gay torrent are Invite

    Hi all, I need an invite to Gay Torrent area. Anyone can help me? Thanks a lot!!
  4. elusivehoney06

    Photo Gay-torrents invite please?

    Hello all, Is there anyone kind enough to give me an invite to this site? I've been desperately ttying for a few years but can't seem to get any luck. I requested the same thing on an active gay thread here and someone even reported and deleted my comment as "soliciting". I really hope this...