gay videos

  1. A

    Best Muscle Worship?!

    Anyone who knows where this is from? or who are they? Pleaseee Muscle Worship
  2. J

    Andy Star

  3. Rultsnk

    Gaytor.Rent / Referral Link (07/Oct./2023)

    Hello there!, use this invite link to sign up for TODAY. ;D CLICK HERE and ENJOY
  4. L

    Help me find a gay pornnn

    So before pornhub wiped a lot of videos there was a video that was titled like Str8 clear pounded by str8 friend of something like that, but Guy A was chunkier, hairy and had a white muscle shirt on and was uncut and either Latino or middle eastern and Guy B was a Skinny white guy and they...
  5. KayJx

    How Can I Download Videos From These Sites ?

    Hey! So... For a long time a watched - and downloaded, as I like to consider myself a colector hahaha - gay porn videos from these two sites: and (both wich a strongly recommend); but, lately, I'm not able to download them anymore :sob: Either with right click...
  6. B

    Video [HUNT] Latin or Arabic top ramming Black bottom

    Hi, does anyone know where this video is from? Thanks!
  7. B

    [HUNT] Help finding video

    Hi, would someone be able to tell me where this video is from or where the full video is, please? Thanks in advance!
  8. K

    Anyone know where this is from?

    If anyone knows where this is from please tell me. I don't care if it's not an actual porno or not.
  9. R

    Id this guy pleeeaaasee

  10. H

    Need Help Identifying This Person

    Any clue what's the name of the tattoo guy??? HELP PLS thanksss
  11. TorontoCruising

    Public Cruising Videos/photos

    I would like to get a thread going since I can’t find any that are still active of people cruising in public places. I do it a lot and have tons of videos to share, but I also love watching them.
  12. macicazzo

    Only Amateur Pics And Videos

    Hey dudes. Who wishes to see more amateur content here? I think it’s a great thread. There is so much hot stuff here, so you could share your pic and videos. Show us what you want to share :)
  13. J

    Willhottwil1 On Chaturbate

    He does shows on chaturbate and all I can find are photos of those shows but not a single video, so if someone has anything from him (videos, social media) it would be appreciated, thank you in advance.
  14. J

    Video What Video Is This Gif From?

    I know it's a porn video but I would like to know which one or who the actor is, please
  15. J

    Video Does Anyone Know Who This Guy Is?

    I've been looking for his name or anything but I can't find him
  16. J

    What Gay Porn Is This?

    I've been looking for it but I can't find anything, it would be nice if someone knew who the actors are or the name of the scene, please :D