1. enero100

    Models, Celebs, Creator using Any Sex toys

    I just wanna see a collection of models, or onlyfans creators using any sex toys, like butt pkugs, dildos, straps, anything hot with toys
  2. U

    The man or the penis

    So it’s odd but actually I figured out it’s not so unusual to bump into this stuff. The question is what u prefer? To be with a good looking boy/man or someone into your beauty standard with small penis, or to be with a not good looking boy/man or someone who is not attractive in general and not...
  3. U

    Which is the lowest acceptable dick size

    So science and gays have different opinion which is the real average dick size, bunch of people actually don’t care about sizes but others pay bit attentions. so let’s be shallow for a while, what would be the lowest dick size you “could accept”?
  4. U

    Dick shapes

    Which cock shape you are most attracted ? Everyone has their taste, Cast your vote !
  5. U

    Cut or uncut

    So still another disputed topic. Asking to gay men, what you prefer/like/feel it’s better/more attractive? I always see disparate opinions. Let’s see
  6. U

    Girth or length

    Ok I’m talking to gay men, what is your real preference? Or what you think is more attractive/important? Let’s clear once for all this topic. Girth or length?
  7. D

    Help to identify these guys

    Just found this video online and I would really appreciate If someone could help identify them. Thank a lot in advance
  8. J

    Can someone Id him?

    it's lustoverme_ on twitter but I'm assuming it's a catfish so was wondering if anyone knows his real @ maybe an instagram or something?
  9. J

    Andrew Cass

    Has anyone got anything on Andrew Cass? @_acasso on Insta and Twitter?
  10. D

    Zoom Jerk For Chubs And Chasers

    Would love to have a zoom jerk just for those who are into chubs!! let me know if anyone could possibly make one or is interested
  11. M

    Dill0n Bacchetta

    Anyone have anything on Dillon ?
  12. camiloramorim

    Cam4 ( Brazil )

    Tópico para trocarmos modelos do pessoal do CAM4 brasileiros
  13. J

    Chicago Gays

    Drop the nudes of Chicago Gays!
  14. T

    Krampusian - Chaturbate

  15. 4

    Are Guys More Attracted To You Than Girls?

    Hey, so I was wondering if out on these streets if you guys get hit on more by girls than girls? If so, does it bother? How do you feel about guys being more attracted to you than girls?
  16. Fireblade24


    Qui a des photos nues frontales de lui s'il vous plaît? Qui as des photos de nu frontale de lui SVP ?
  17. D

    Photo Tw***er Gays

    Content from Twit**er gays?!
  18. J

    Str8 Married/relationship /open Minded Men

    So I had a question. Would you really let a close friend/stranger/etc ; blow you ?? I’ve always wanted to ask a straight male this question. A lot of men tend to hesitate because they’re fragile with their masculinity. But I’ve known a couple of straight men who actually have let other gays...
  19. Wolfbalc

    El Paso Gays

    Anyone has nudes from El Paso guys?
  20. S

    Photo Hottie michaeljamesnow

    Anyone have his uncensored content he's michaeljamesnow on IG
  21. D

    Is sex just sex?

    Struggling trusting guys who has the ‘we all have sex, its just sex. Sex is sex’ attitude. First it feels like you’ll never be able to please them for the long run. How do you keep an exclusive relationship if the most exclusive thing is “just” sex and not more for the partner? Is there a...