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  1. G


    Anyone got any more info about this hottie? He is drop dead gorgeous. I assume this is his bf on pics, but I would love to see more of him ;) nudes are welcome! his insta is @moe_sh89
  2. S

    Bottom, 18, Germany

    Im a submissive bottom from Germany. And I'm ONLY looking for dominant tops with big cocks! snapchat: @six-niks
  3. luvnehatemebb

    Merayad on Tiktok

    Hot Turkish dude from Germany. I was a bit surprised there wasn't a thread about him made already
  4. georgewstobbart

    jorellwilliams (Joey) - German Influencer

  5. R

    Cut Guys Central Europe (DACH, NL, BE, FR)

    Hey guys, I'm creating this thread for Central European guys to discuss circumcision since it's not very common here and most cut guys had the surgery when they were older. Topics are: - circumcision experience - medical issues and surgery - circumcision styles - revisions - keeping the...
  6. BADway

    Some Action In Berlin!?

    Hell beautiful people I am looking for some fun in Berlin, specifically for a couple (boy - girl) who are open minded and could enjoy some good times in bed, the three of us If u feel like it then simply hit me up !!! Attached a photo of my dick so you don't keep wondering :p:joy: All the...
  7. D

    Video Search A Solo Porn

    I'm looking for solo porn where a man drives a car naked on a highway and jerks off. The car has no roof, it is dark (black in memory) and had a license plate with H in the front - I assume it must be a German license plate to the city of Hanover. The multi-lane road was well traveled and had a...
  8. H


    hallo zusammen jemand von germany hier und cam4
  9. J

    Joshua Kimmich

    pls i need everything
  10. gay2str8

    Berlin For Bis

    Im 30, kinda bearish, kinda fun. Im looking for bi men and women, especially MILFs, Daddies and Bears.
  11. S

    Brazilian Hunk In Germany

    Let's talk about this fitness nerd from Frankfurt. Does anyone know him personally?
  12. L

    Photo Bravo German Magazine

    Im not german but i came up with pictures of amateur male models in sex ed articles for bravo german magazine. Anyone has other pics or knows one of the young models or knows if one of them has become a celeb or a porn star by any chance?
  13. pittstopp

    Timur Ülker - German Actor Gzsz

  14. M

    Can Suggest Me Crazy-fun Ideas To With Someone?

    Hey! Well... I’ve been chatting with a German guy and I live in Belgium, we are planning to meet soon and we are trying to collect a list of things we’d like to do together in the future Example: - Have sex in a snowed place. - Exchange our native languages. - Visit Cologne. - Nude camping...
  15. A

    Big Brother Germany 2020

    Big Brother Germany 2020 Starts. 7 Boys.
  16. Chillmal

    German Guys

    Which German celebrities have nudes leaked online?
  17. A

    Uwe Schüder (flying Uwe)

    German Youtuber
  18. H

    Max Herzberg (adlersson) German Youtuber

    He is a german youtuber, who was born on 13.11.1996 and lives in Dresden. https://www.instagram.com/adlerssonpictures AdlerssonPictures AdlerssonReview 3:29 Has somebody more of him?
  19. D

    Love Island Germany 2019

    They have hot guys this year
  20. A

    Emir Cehajic - Emkoce - German

    German YouTuber and Influencer Emir Cehajic Instagram: emkoce Snapchat: emkoce
  21. 1

    Marcel Spang

    anything on marcel spang? he’s an actor and model from germany. his insta is @marcelspang
  22. D

    German Youtubers

    Does anyone have something?
  23. buenavistaplay

    Frankfurt germany 30/11

    Looking for other HUNG guys to hang with137781313778141377815
  24. spoolkey

    Are here also women from berlin-germany

    Hello Together, are here also women flying around from Berlin (Germany)? And if, what's the thinking about here? I'm normally equiped (see attached, one normal, one with Viagra). How spontainous you are?
  25. Q

    Photo Who's this german man? where's this scene from?

    Hello. There was a German male porn actor called Michael Conrad (correct spelling?) but I can't find much of his material. There was a porn scene he appeared in (brief parts of that scene were shown as part of an episode of Sex and Shopping (British series from the late 90s. Some of the...
  26. V


    Anything from this guy?