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  1. G

    More of this monster horse cock?

    I’m looking for pics and vids of this monster cock. Can anyone ID him?
  2. #10 cork8x6

    #10 cork8x6

    The time has finally arrived, folks! This is our definitive list of the "Top 10 Sexiest BIG White Dicks" in all of porn. These final 10 BIG dicked studs are the absolute creme of the crop as far as our collective group of 5 are concerned. So without further adieu, here we go... @cork8x6 has...
  3. Z

    Video Does Anyone Know Who This Guy Is?

    I can't find anything
  4. Jamesishuge

    So Big And So Horny For Your Comments

    Check out my videos https://www.lpsg.com/gallery/albums/videos-miscellaneous-size-album.759911/ 759911 Message me or post your comments. XXX JIH ;-)
  5. J

    Andy Allen Xxl

    Looking for more of this allegedly 6'9" monster. He has a twitter profile named AndyAllenXXL. Anybody know him? I believe he lives in Madrid.
  6. Jamesishuge

    Let's Have Some Fun My Dick Is Thick So Go Check Out My Penis Pics!

    I posted a new slo-mo video if you're looking for something to check out. Nothing special just 4 AM drunken exhibitionism :-) XXX JIH https://cdn-videos.lpsg.com/data/videos/o/6802/6802621-1617439259-2b5473416b811526a813e152c696f2a6.mp4
  7. T

    Only Fans Thegiantkiwi 7ft8 11inch Giant

    hey guys anybody have content from the only fans of this guy right here? he is a 7ft8 giant with a 11 inch dick its monstrous https://twitter.com/jontythegiant71?lang=pt OnlyFans
  8. L

    Big All Over...

    "Standing at 6'4", weighing over 240 pounds and boasting an eleven inch long penis, Ken Ryker is a giant of a man in more ways than one." This sentence turns me on every time I read it, and so do the pictures attached below. I love men who are big all over: tall, muscular, big chest, big arms...
  9. FR_ST_90

    A Question And Curiosity! Can You Help Me?

    I don't know if it's the right section, but I don't know where to open this thread. I have always had a curiosity. I am very excited by the comparison that there can be between a very muscular and tall guy and a short and skinny guy. It excites me a lot, thinking while the tiny guy is being...
  10. N

    Any Real 11" White Guys?

    I joined this site in 2012 or something and forgot about it. I just moved from NY to L.A. but am back and forth a lot. I heard there were a couple 11" white guys on this site. So, I wanted to see if anyone knew who they were. I have only met three in all my years in Chicago (originally) and...
  11. D

    Does Anyone Know Who This Guy Is?

    I hope somebody knows him!
  12. G

    Giant guy (me) jerking off vid :p

    https://www.lpsg.com/gallery/videos/my-first-video.1413763/ enjoy