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  1. R

    Photo Help Identifying these nipple sucking guys

  2. G

    Ass and Booty Jiggling GIFs

    anyone else have a thing for gifs of nice asses jiggling? lol btw the man in the white leggings is aztro69
  3. Digitalb

    Mattias Krantz - Swedish Musician, Youtuber, & Piano Tinkerer

  4. M

    Photos & Videos Straight Men Kissing.

    Str8 men kissing for experiment, work, and fun. Professional actors and amateur. Pics and Gifs as well.
  5. Sluthorn99

    Photo Men That Have A Very Nice Ass

  6. Digitalb

    Adam Hugill (carrot In "the Watch")

    Adam Hugill plays Carrot in "The Watch". The show hasn't had the best reviews (I personally quite enjoyed it) but I think we can all agree that Adam is fucking fit.
  7. Humpderump

    Homemade Smut

    Its amateur so its crappy quality and wouldnt be fit for a tube site,so edited it and make gifs ,its what I did. Somewhere to put your gifs pics and short clips
  8. A

    Photos & Videos Gif Source Please

  9. A

    Photos & Videos Gif Source Please

  10. RIManyLICKit

    Can You Id The Guys In These Gifs?

    Struggled to know where to post this :D. Does anyone know who these two guys are? Much appreciated. Hot Sexy GIF - Tenor GIF Keyboard - Bring Personality To Your Conversations | Say more with Tenor Man Boy GIF - Tenor GIF Keyboard - Bring Personality To Your Conversations | Say more with Tenor
  11. johnnyunitas

    Big Bulge Gifs

    There don't seem to be a lot of purely GIF related threads on here (or maybe I just don't know how to look). I like GIFs of big soft dicks and big soft bulges. Here's some to get it started:
  12. A

    Photos & Videos Id This Scene From Tumblr Gifs

    Anyone knows about this hot scene and both studs?
  13. badboybryce

    Gif Maker

    Can anyone suggest a reliable tool for creating GIFs? Thanks.
  14. Digitalb

    Austin Evans - Tech Youtuber

    I've always found this guy sexy, his geekyness is so endearing and his tight t-shirts have promised so much for years. He finally decided to show the world his body, and I must say, I'm not disappointed! :rolleyes::p If anyone has any more of him then please post!
  15. poundmehard

    Porn For Women Like Me!

  16. Powerfull

    Photos & Videos Non-porn Gifs, Or A Little

    Hi everyone, I would like to start with you a Non-porn gifs, or maybe a little, thread. If you have any sexy gays gifs like these. Not obviously porn, just a step before.
  17. chadfdecker

    Photo Foot Fetish Pics And Gifs

    I didn't find any thread on foot fetish pictures and gifs - sorry if I'm wrong - so I decided to start a new one and share some of my collection. Here's some foot tasting to begin with...
  18. fireice42

    Dave Sheridan

  19. 1

    Male Celebrity Collection Tumblr Gif Archive

    I closed down my tumblr "Male Celebrity Collection" soon after tumblr decided to say 'fuck you!' to most of its users and content creators by banning porn. Many of my posts were unaffected by the policy change but I wasn't going to support a company that would make moral judgments against the...
  20. 1

    Gay Gifs

    Post and enjoy your favorite gay GIFs files
  21. 1

    Photo I Make Gifs And Pics Sucking Your Big Cocks

    Hey, In case that turns you on I decided to make gifs and pics sucking the big dicks of the LPSG members and post them. Post you cock pics if interested :)