1. P

    Sam Ambers

    I'm surprised no one has started a thread yet about Sam, super attractive just rarely wears anything too revealig
  2. G

    ID sexy ginger twunk

    Anybody know who this guy is?? Or does anyone have more photos??
  3. A

    Ginger bottoms

    i am looking for muscle / fit, manly / fit hung, /good looking ginger bottoms.
  4. M

    Jake Taylor (Straight Pornstar)

    love this pale ginger and his thick cock and the girls (and occasional milfs) he uses it on
  5. Cumbob


    Sort of famous Tiktoker and Twitch streamer wanna see if there are any nudes or bulge pics out there. His pits are so lickable lol
  6. Grizzlyhugger92

    Ashby Red Bear Pornstar

    Hey I was wondering if anyone knows what happened to this guy? I used to jack off to his videos all the time and then he just dropped off the map. Is he still alive or just not on social media anymore?
  7. R

    Mauri Hermundsson

    Does anyone have any nudes of this Swedish youtuber/TV presenter?
  8. the_farenheit

    Help ID this ginger

    Does anyone know the name of this guy?
  9. madlove

    Hey! Does anyone have anything on this amazing ginger guy? On insta: Login • Instagram He kept an OnlyFans page up until recently under the same name.
  10. S


    Anybody have anything on Jordan? I love gingers and I think he’s kinda cute. His insta is thejordanroe_21 and he has an OF with his gf Jordanxcryssy
  11. L


    Anyone have anything on Login • Instagram
  12. F

    Who’s this ginger guy?

    I swear I’ve seen him before but I can’t remember his name, found this on Twitter without a source.
  13. J

    Josh - WrapGodOfficial

    Been waiting for something on this guy for ages! Ginger Scottish guy who wraps everything on TikTok and Facebook He’s super tall and slim and often wears joggers but you never see bulge. Must have a big cock for a giant man Anything on him?
  14. M

    Can anyone help identify hot beefcake?

    Title. dudes fucking sexy but it doesn’t look professional so maybe there’s just a video out there?
  15. B

    Photo Anyone an idea who this ginger daddy is?

    I’ve saved this over 2/3 years ago from Twitter. I know many Twitter accounts go away. But does anyone have an ID, Twitter or something else like OF? Pictures inserted.
  16. krysis_here

    ★ Jacob Mitchell_cuccipopper_redhot★

    One of the cutest and sweetest hottest combo ☆Jacob Mitchell☆ IDK Why there is no thread related to him But he is worthy enough. One of the Red Hot's main attractions sight. If you have something related to him might share it here.
  17. 1

    Best ginger OF/JFF accounts?

    Can anyone help to list the ginger creators on OF/JFF? These are the ones I've found so far, mostly thanks to the collab account hotgingerguys: beachboy_ eddieburke diggory leander sethfornea furymaxx agusginger the0rangefr0g southpaw_gingy rough_ginger thirstyyguy ruivohelio redtashmyke...
  18. M

    Identify this hot ginger muscled daddy that bottoms

    Cans someone help me identify this hot ginger daddy that bottoms? The video isn’t that good because of the top twink, but I’ve seen the daddy in other videos with better tops and he’s amazing. teen Top bangs Daddy Bottom -
  19. Almostaginger

    Always looking for the next rush..

    Hey all! AlmostaGinger here. Gay male with a pinch of bisexual curiosity. 8.5” cut dick. Thick. Vers switch who enjoys being exposed to new things. Always had a penchant for anonymity and kink but also love a solid cuddle. Love to goon and suck and watch porn and talk about kink. Love to stroke...
  20. H

    Photo HELP ID THIS GUY mi

    This guy's is apparently a streamer but I have never found his account or name
  21. B

    The Jacked Ginger

    Tiktok mackieyvalian Insta mackieyvalian
  22. L


    anything on him?
  23. B

    Big_white_bull OF / Bigwhitebull Cam4

    he's really hot, he deserves his own thread Twitter: Big_white_bull / Big_bull61660 Instagram: big_whitebull OnlyFans: big_white_bull Cam4: bigwhitebull
  24. M

    Onlyfans Kadestone

    Love this guy. Ginger cutie.
  25. K

    Jonatan Michel

    Does anyone has something from Jonatan Michel? He’s a Brazilian hot ginger boy Tt: @_jonatanmichel Ig: @jonatanmichel Of: Jonatanmichel
  26. K

    Photo Anyone got anything on this hung ginger?

    He used to be on a couple different sites but I can't find any of his old vids now. I think he went by Gx_nutz
  27. L

    Photos & Videos @gingeryouup / Thatgingertwunk

    really cute guy on twitter
  28. R

    Photos & Videos ID this HOT Stud!!plz!

  29. A

    Photos & Videos Alex Tanner from NDS

    Figured this hot ginger twunk/hunk deserves his own thread. He only stars in a few videos a year and is super underrated for the quality of content he puts out. Anyone know more about him?
  30. S

    Garrett Laughlin / garrettlaughlin1 (Insta)

    Genuinely surprised this guy doesn’t have his own thread. He’s been on my Insta feed for a year now and I keep checking back here hoping a thread would be created. It’s been long enough though. Does anyone have anything on him? Login • Instagram