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girth queen

  1. tedcos

    Movie ?

    Anyone know where this short clip of girthy guy and lady is from ?
  2. C

    Big Fat Cock Handjobs / Footjobs / Titjob (boobjobs) - Straight, Gay, Transgender

    straight, gay or transgender porn featuring handjobs, footjobs or titjobs of big fat dicks. the transgener portion can feature all combinations meaning transgender with transgender, transgender with male, transgender with female so no limits there. Handjob From Mommy Always Works - Free XXX HD...
  3. C

    Classic / Retro / Vintage / Old School Big Fat Cock Xxx Porn - Straight, Gay, Transgender

    basically anything from about 15 years prior to the date of posting and older (so anything from about mid-2000s, early 2000s, 90s, 80s, 70s, 60s etc.). as time goes/passes, timeframes will allow for more recent porn to be eligible to be added, so this thread will not always be restricted to...
  4. C

    Sex, Size And (the) Feminine Take

    basically videos of women talking about sex, size preferences etc. can be sfw, nsfw, educational, instructional etc. It's Not Length That Matters. It's Time to Talk About Girth Sex, Lies, and Videotape
  5. C

    Fat cock gangbang/orgy: women getting plowed by multiple thick girthy dicks

    so thread is about gangbangs or orgies where there are MULTIPLE fat cocks, and even better if they are all are almost all fat cocks involved. 95% of gangbangs and orgies features a variety of sizes but this thread is for the scenarios where the majority of the cocks involved are super thick and...
  6. C

    Ts / t-girls / shemales / crossdressers (cds) fucking thick fat girthy dildos

    ****** Cumming while riding the Big toy | XTube Porn Video from Tanja_CD
  7. C

    Wife/girlfriend prefers bigger thicker dildo than her man's dick (husband/boyfriend cock not enough)

    Wife/Girlfriend prefers suck or to be stretched out by big thick dildo than fuck her smaller dicked hubby (his dick itself doesnt have to be small, just smaller or not good enough that she doesnt need a dildo). A key component to this thread is THREE things have to be present: wife/girlfriend...
  8. C

    Amateur milfs/gilfs/mature women stuffing their cunts full of big thick dildos

    title says it all. biggest thing to remember is it has to be an amateur or in an amateur setting (no porn lights etc.). Amateur meaning the woman isn't a known pornstar (so no MILF pornstars shooting porn scenes). This should be you average everyday run of the mill sexy mature woman **...
  9. C

    Destroyed holes: loose cunts & wrecked assholes (gapes, prolapses, fisting, extreme dildos, dap/dvp)

    This is for celebrating women with holes that can stretch beyond the ordinary. We're not talking women who take the occasional fat cock or can stretch to take a large/thick object ... I'm talking pussies and assholes so loose and sloppy that their holes can swallow up objects that have...
  10. C

    Milfs / gilfs / mature women pounded by younger men with big fat cocks

    the guys don't have to be young themselves, just as long as they look considerably younger than the female www.xvideos.com: Exploited Moms - Ms Fun
  11. C

    Girth queens: women who are pros at taking thick fat cocks

    Females who take fat dicks with ease & LOVE being stuffed full of thick meat. there's no struggle to get it in, only the customary minute or so of inserting it and once in, these ladies & their wet pussies go buckwild for the girth. so post those LEGITIMATELY thick cocks and the ladies who love...
  12. C

    Life changing fuck: when pain turns to pleasure (the power of girth)

    With Great Girth 'cums' Great Responsibility - Easing her past the Pain and Pounding her into Pleasure. Girls being STRETCHED out BUT EVENTUALLY start to LOVE IT The age old adage that A cunt always opens for size and will never forget her first "Resizing" these are NOT simply 'reaction to...
  13. C

    Share your girth stories/experiences

    Men & Tops, share those juicy details of your partner SPECIFICALLY referring to your Girth/Thickness feeling good, stuffing, stretching, filling them up full DURING or AFTER sex (so not ones where they simply make reference to your girth before any sex). Women & Bottoms, shares those juicy...