1. F

    Links Girth Worship - Women who can't stop dirty talking about Fat Cocks (Audio or Vid)

    Hello fellow lpsg-er's. I'm looking for content related to fat cock worshiping from women (not long, not exactly big, but fat specifically). I wanted to make this post as I noticed the scarcity that exists of content made explicit to this theme, and would love for there to be a place to bring it...
  2. explosionerection

    Length, girth, balls or body?

    What is the most attractive feature to you? Length, girth, balls or a nice body? If you would HAVE to pick
  3. hikerguyXL

    Rarity - My thick cock hates blowjobs

    Just looking for others out there. My cock is over 7" around and closer to 8" when I pump. <----- Profile photo is 100% flaccid for reference. My whole life I've hated blowjobs for this reason. It is unavoidable for all but the rarest of large mouths to not somehow get teeth involved and lets...
  4. S

    Am I lacking in girth? I am 5'6" tall

    I've only had 2 different sex partners (female) and I've been able to finish the job with both of them but I still feel like I could use a little more girth.
  5. 7below

    What size am I?

    Here's mine
  6. WLC


  7. explosionerection

    Thickest cock on LPSG

    Post photos of the THICKEST dicks on LPSG. No average girth, just the ABSOLUTE fattest!
  8. S


    I noticed there was curiosity floating around and then my name wasn’t spelled correctly. Here you go guys. No im not bi. Although mmf I partake in. On my site it’s a 7 sub and bulge, shower, workouts usually posted to my wall. Ppv includes solo cum bundles. B/g blowjobs sex, cumshots. My...
  9. 7below

    After seeing my cock, what size do you say it is?

    Size me up
  10. thickcurious

    Hello! Curious guy here

    Hi. Lurked for a good while now and thought it was about time I opened an account. I've been very much straight all of my life but now I'm approaching middle-age and I find myself getting more and more attracted to the penis. Seeing the pictures of what you guys here are packing has been an...
  11. ThreeHFY

    My FWB ... my three holes are for you ( m / ftm )

    I love this ritual. I crave it. My friend with many benefits. One of us reaches out, sets a weekend, and sets a place. Always a hotel. Hotel sex is the best, and you agree. Discretion is required for both of us, and we rotate locations for both variety and safety. I get there first and...
  12. F

    Longtime member, first time post.

    I'm not new here but I guess I'm finding my confidence. I'm ready to share myself. What would you think if you saw it?
  13. CharlieJames123

    Can you fit inside a standard loo roll tube?

  14. CharlieJames123

    Anyone else like making a mess outside?

  15. CharlieJames123

    Guess I should be showing off my balls! (18, UK)

  16. CharlieJames123

    18 (M) from UK, looking to chat and show off I guess!

  17. A

    5 inch girth experiences

    wondering about other 5 inch girth or similar experiences and what women have said, I’ve been with around 10 and although my penis is long(7.5 inches) it’s not thick and feels skinny at 5 inches girth, most women have said I’m big but nothing about the thickness which is average
  18. D

    Show your girth

  19. GIRTH King!

    GIRTH King!

  20. Wrist watch on my cock

    Wrist watch on my cock

  21. Erect cock wrapped in a US$20 Federal Reserve Note (bill)

    Erect cock wrapped in a US$20 Federal Reserve Note (bill)

  22. Erect cock compared to 12-oz. soda pop can

    Erect cock compared to 12-oz. soda pop can

  23. Erect cock girth compared to a 12-oz. soda pop can

    Erect cock girth compared to a 12-oz. soda pop can

  24. Erect cock compared to a 12 oz. soda pop can

    Erect cock compared to a 12 oz. soda pop can

  25. explosionerection

    What do you consider a big dick (girth / thickness)

    From what number would you consider a penis thick? Just thick, not monster thick. Be realistic. Imagine yourself wrapping a measuring tape around a random guy's dick. At what number would you be confident telling him that he has a thick dick?
  26. W

    Anyone in Philly?...Looking for a Guy to Deepthroat and Orally Worship...

    Just found out that a friend with benefits that I used to meet up with regularly moved to Texas. I am looking mainly to suck someone regularly but am not really looking for any kind of reciprocation. A definite plus if you can shoot multiple times or let me take my time sucking you. I'm...
  27. H

    Big cock/ muscular snapchat group

    Starting a Snapchat group with massive thick cocks and/or muscular guys! Hmu if u got either of that! Bheasamal
  28. Souvlaki18

    Who had the thickest dick you guys ever saw? Online or IRL

    Mine was a crush that broke my heart in 2020 hahahaha, we talked for a year and he had the biggest fattest dick I ever seen in my life, I think that made me a fan of the girthy ones for sure, even more chubby guys with thick dicks, thats my only weakness. Let me know you guys storys or pics lol.
  29. Jack19901

    The Geordie Adonis - 9 inches

    New straight guy with Onlyfans Onlyfans 9 inches and thick. Open to requests and really friendly, check him out
  30. U

    sizes or aesthetics?

    The ultimate question, is more important or you prefer/look first -sizes (girth and or length) or -aesthetics (shape, looks overall .. etc) And yes of course is about dick and it’s about gay men :emoji_smile: