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  1. Jack19901

    The Geordie Adonis - 9 inches

    New straight guy with Onlyfans Onlyfans 9 inches and thick. Open to requests and really friendly, check him out
  2. U

    sizes or aesthetics?

    The ultimate question, is more important or you prefer/look first -sizes (girth and or length) or -aesthetics (shape, looks overall .. etc) And yes of course is about dick and it’s about gay men :emoji_smile:
  3. U

    Girth or length

    Ok I’m talking to gay men, what is your real preference? Or what you think is more attractive/important? Let’s clear once for all this topic. Girth or length?
  4. D

    New guy and I hope you enjoy my pics!

    I just like posting random dick pics for others to enjoy, so hopefully you like them!
  5. E

    What is the girth of your hard (erect) penis?

    What is the girth of your hard (erect) penis? HOW TO MEASURE IT COREECTLY: Use a soft measuring tape or a piece of string. ... Gently wrap the tape or string one time around the thickest part of the shaft of the erect penis. Note where the ends of the tape meet; that's the number you're...
  6. B

    Amazed by my girth

    Girthy enough?
  7. Ranxerox

    Links Help ID this guy measuring his 22cm x 18cm cock

    Is this guy on LPSG? It's a very honest measurement of a truly staggering dick.
  8. greatbazooka

    Let’s find this guy

    I am drooooooling. He had twitter but deleted it recently and can’t remember his name. Anyone??
  9. P

    Big penis, but small balls

    Im curious, are do any guys have a large penis, but small balls? And did you ever feel insecure about it?
  10. Girthy27

    Serious Girth for wife

    Hey peops, Over many years of an open and alternative sex life, we've discovered that my wife gets seriously wet, noisy and orgasmic for thick girthy (and lengthy) cocks. I love seeing my wife's face when she cums hard, enjoys lengthy orgasms and intense pleasure that I just can't give her in...
  11. S

    New pics of my BWC

    Posted some new pics of my long, thick and veiny cock. Hope you enjoy
  12. twinkish92

    Come check it out

    Hey bro’s. Norwegian fit top here making videos fucking twinks all over europe. i need more promotion to Gros my onlyfans. Come check out my 70 posts and growing. Pennywiseclub.com
  13. J

    Girth - skinny cock vs thicker cock

    Hey guys I know all the “big vs small posts” but does anyone else like videos where one guys girth outsizes the other and you can tell the girl is enjoying it? This not a request for length videos, simply girth. post some videos of one guy who’s girth is a lot more then the other guy.
  14. D

    Best way to increase Girth?

    I’m new here and am sure this has been discussed many times before but I’m looking to increase girth. I have severe penis envy from a former fuck of my wife’s. Not to get into details here but he dwarfed me in length. She has said I’m a lot thicker though. I’m usually a solid 6.25 in girth...
  15. F

    Photos & Videos Can anyone ID this guy? On grindr is “” in Hollywood, LA AREA

    Found this guy on Grindr and then also found his same pics on twitter and a video on xtube. Makes me think the Grindr profile is a catfish but who is he for real?? Any twitter or onlyfans?? Masturbating my cock until I get the milk
  16. tedcos

    Girthy monster

    Came across this on Reddit. It’s not photoshoped, he’s just got a very girthy unit.
  17. A

    Video Who's the owner of this absolute behemoth?

    I've had these two videos saved for a while now but I never knew who they were from nor did I ever think to ask. This man's monster of a cock is perfect. Length AND girth and balls to match. Anyone know who he is??
  18. C

    Mistress T and this girthy cock? length and width best guess?

    There's a reoccurring huge cock in Mistress T's videos. Here's a few screenshots of the monster. Any guess at how big he is (length and girth)? And does anyone know his name?! cheers!
  19. greatbazooka

    Who is this couple? Dude is girthy as hell

    The girth on that dick is wild. I need to know the name of these two. https://18yos.co/videos/44582/18yo-chokes-on-thick-white-cock/
  20. B

    Bulge ID Help

    Anybody know who this is?? Dick looks fat.... https://www.instagram.com/p/CbagwHRrbpG/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CbFzhlZooCe/
  21. muscle smooth girth big dick magic !

    muscle smooth girth big dick magic !

  22. BeardedBigNThickD

    What is your honest girth of your hard cock?

    Select the girth of your cock with rounding up or down to the nearest quarter inch. Leaving a photo with your stats in the comments is also allowed if you so choose.
  23. archives but still very erotic girth cock

    archives but still very erotic girth cock

  24. young cock with girth

    young cock with girth

  25. D

    Texas Bros

    Looking for some fellow hung Texans to chat with about our long and thick dicks. Maybe one of y’all is in Houston
  26. red beard hung girthed cock

    red beard hung girthed cock

  27. D

    New guy here! 27m

    New to these parts! What do you think?
  28. car dick flasher

    car dick flasher

  29. P

    Thickest Cocks On Long Island

    since moving to long island I've noticed that there are so many guys have girthy cocks... what's going on haha. i've come aross guys who are 7 - 7.5 in thick. what about you guys? what's the fattest cock on LI you've encounter? anyone else thing that LI has more than its fair share of...
  30. C

    Which Do You Enjoy Most - Piv (vaginal Sex), Blowjobs (oral Sex) Or Handjobs?

    This is for men who have had experiences with all three types. I left out anal sex since a lot less men would have had anal with a woman (at least on a regular enough basis to form an informed judgment) than the other 3 types. For me, personally, a passionate Handjob (lots of kissing etc.)...