1. PussyStretcherDeluxe

    Howdy! Im a hung lad with a huge fat cock

    hey y’all! Im new here and have already found an extremely warm and welcoming community. Thanks that is so awesome!! I’ve been blessed with a huge thick hung cock, and although I’m straight, I'm finally showing the world what’s been bulging in my pants lol :p feels amazing to get validation and...
  2. I

    Photo Can anyone I.D. This dick?

    I saw this guy posting a bunch on Reddit last year but his account is now gone. I believe his Reddit name was “offerlegitimate4880”. If he has a new Reddit account, Twitter, OnlyFans, whatever pls drop the @
  3. cork8x6

    Veiny cock? Show it.

    Got a veiny cock? Show it here.
  4. cloudstrifee

    Photos & Videos OF: WonderInkBoy, Reddit: Murky-Requirement-87

    Hey everyone, just figured I would make a thread for this guy I found on reddit / OF since I didn't see him on the website already. You can find more of this man here: over 18? as well as here: OnlyFans As of posting this thread (September 24, 2022) he is offering a free trial to...
  5. D

    Houston Lifetime

    Hey y’all I’m not new technically but it’s been a hot minute since I’ve been on here. I’m a married 32 year old who loves to work out at lifetime at greenway plaza in Houston. I also love showing my thick cock off in the locker room and the steam room, sauna, showers and even sport a...
  6. Jamesishuge

    I Posted A New Album With Videos, Pics, Gifs

    I JUST posted a new album with some of my vintage stuff from early days of showing off my dick. And oldies JIH XXX ;-)848821
  7. Jamesishuge

    So Big And So Horny For Your Comments

    Check out my videos 759911 Message me or post your comments. XXX JIH ;-)


    Hey All, G/L, W/M, 64, 5'10, 220 devoted worshiper in Central New England seeking those thick girthy members who require special attention from a service oriented buddy. Love cut/uncut. Heavy pre-cummers. Facials and swallowing A+. Heavy Feeders and repeat squirters - all good. Regular...
  9. T

    I Am A Cocksucker In San Francisco Looking For Buds

    Hey community, Let's be honest, the pandemic is not going to stop tomorrow and we need a strategy. Looking for a hung guy to service orally, ideally regularly if there's chemistry. I don't have any age, fitness or racial biases. Just have a thick one for me to suck. Please DM me! I'm a...
  10. skaterboi

    Temecula Area Huge Cock Handjob

    Bi-curious 27 year old interested in jerking off a massive dick. Never had another experience with a man, but I'm open to it. All I want to do is feel a large, powerful cock cum in my hand. Not interested in kissing, blowjob, or anal. Ideally, it should be much larger than mine, which is 6.25 X...
  11. skaterboi

    Been A While...

    I always feel inadequate, especially on this site (I think I have a complex or something)... anyways, pretty happy with these pics. Hope you are too :) 234453123445211334630 Theres a few more in my gallery if you’re interested. A few with partners too. Thanks for stoppin’ by!
  12. HungInOntario

    Thick..... or nah?

  13. 1

    1st big cock!

    Finally got a big cock in my throat! Have been speaking with my new friend for the last week or so, both of us cannot accommodate so we agreed to meet up outside for a quick chat and to break the ice. Met him and he was still in his car as I approached him, stood next to the drivers door...
  14. T

    Show me your girthy cocks

    Show me your thick, girthy cocks. The ones that REALLY hurt
  15. ramblk1

    Looking for masculine tops in the dmv for a little play now and then.

    Masculine bottom looking for someone in the DMV area that just needs someone to pound once in but on a regular schedule. I love to meet someone who is married, DL, or in a relationship that needs an extra curriculum active. What happens between us, stays between us. YOU: must be big enough to...