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  1. G

    Hi People! New Cpl here

    Hey, We are a couple from the UK, We have a private gloryhole which we love to play with and sometimes invite big cocks to join us! Looking to talk to people that enjoy the gloryhole scene and that might want to visit :)
  2. T

    ThroatorAss Vids

    I found his vids are super hot. Would be nice to see more.
  3. X


    anyone have anything on them? they're a couple who run a gloryhole OnlyFans
  4. J

    Does anyone know what video this guy is in? "Blackmailed by Gay Porn, then JESUS.. | Jack's Testimony"

    Blackmailed by Gay Porn, then JESUS.. | Jack's Testimony This guy is giving his testimony for some Australian church - basically signed up for a porn gig, didn't realise his gloryhole scene was going to be getting blown by a guy. Blah blah blah now he is saved. Anyway - any idea where the...
  5. L

    GloryholeBerlin / @Tomwaits18 (on twitter)

    justfor.fans/GloryholeBerlin This guy is just absolutely amazing. He blows any horny Arabs, Turks and blacks in his Berlin apartment. The guys are really hot and apparently also straight. Unfortunately, you won't find that much of his videos. If you have videos, feel free to share them here. I...
  6. Laying down the Law

    Laying down the Law

    On the highway between Louisville and Nashville, down near Cave City, there is one of those great adult bookstores designed for truckers and others on the road, its aptly named Horse Cave Adult Bookstore. Massive signs you can’t miss, a large building with parking in the front and back...
  7. T

    London blowbang? Maybe…

    So, I’m thinking of organising something in London. Either a blowbang (with me in the centre) or a series of 1:1 gloryhole or blowjobs. Current working date is July 19/20 I’d organise a hotel/location (currently looking at Kingscross, Paddington or Waterloo areas). I would like to film/video...
  8. Undercover Lover

    Undercover Lover

    Years ago, when I first joined the Army one of my first TDY (temporary duty) assignments was to be counter surveillance. We were basically tasked with following around the dudes where were gonna be the next super spies. As part of that we had to lead them places, pass information, and other...
  9. N

    NYC Cruising Spots 2023

    I am aware of sniffles and other apps, but would be nice to hear from others about any new discoveries in NYC area. Gloryholes, saunas, bathrooms, parks or whatever other space you know of or have found. P.S. probably wise to add spaces to some names like those of gyms so its not as easy for...
  10. S

    Any Gloryhole in San Fernando Valley

    Looking for any gloryholes in the San Fernando Valley. Let me know
  11. 408SJC

    Awesome gloryhole San Jose,CA

    private gloryhole available for great head on the dl. service for str8 horned up guys that dig great head. clean, private and discreet. totally anonymous scene. no one sees anyone. come in, drop your drawers, lean in to the gloryhole and enjoy a warm wet mouth and tongue throat wrapped around...
  12. T

    Tacoma Gloryhole

    Message me on Snapchat if you want to come to a free gloryhole my username on Snapchat is : Anonfuckonlynew
  13. L

    Private Gloryhole in Manhattan (or hand-/ blowjob)

    Hey y’all! I’m visiting Manhattan next week and I want to set up a private gloryhole in my hotel room or offer hand-/ blowjobs if gloryholes are not your thing. Hit me up and let’s have fun :) Please include your dick pics with your message. Btw, I’m a 32 y/o M, slim and shy if you’re into that ;)
  14. D

    Would you use a private gloryhole?

    Hey all, So I’ve been operating my own private gloryhole at my place for quite a few years now. I started in my late 20s and ever since my first adrenaline filled meet when I first put a sheet over a door and invited a faceless random to get his dick sucked, I’ve never been able to stop. I...
  15. S

    San Francisco Glory Hole sucker

    Private, discreet glory hole in SF. Not far from Church MUNI station. Str8, bi, and gay men welcome. Especially love guys who precum or shoot big loads, but all cocks welcome!
  16. BK_GH

    When is big…..TOO big?

    I thought today was going to be an ordinary, sleepy, lazy Sunday. But this afternoon the most bizarre and unexpected thing happened - an experience that I never saw coming and one which has still left me baffled and scratching my head. Thought I’d come on here to try and get some perspective...
  17. S

    Gloryhole Straight

    does anyone have this video or know where to find it? Thank
  18. dragonsword69

    Looking for Full Video - AAB

    Hi all, I have only seen an extremely short version of two videos featuring Jesse Jardine back when we was on AllAustralianBoys (AAB) and have been trying to find the longer versions. I know most of his content disappeared a long time ago from the net and AAB so seeing if anyone here may still...
  19. T

    Mid-Michigan deepthroat training needed

    34sub obedient bi-male cocksucker with gloryhole 5'10 dirty blonde blue eyes athletic 165 into oral worshipping both front and back...cock pics? Im hosting Kik is tommysub877
  20. lee_s_

    Uncut british dicks getting suck on my OF

    Hi guys I have an OF where I film lots of straight unvut dicks at my gloryhole, check it out if your like at: OnlyFans
  21. lee_s_

    Anyone in Hertfordshire (or Essex/north london) UK

    Hi i'm in Stevenage, Herts. I have my own gloryhole setup at my place and love to suck off any guys who have a good sized uncut dick. can see me in action on my twitter https://twitter.com/MyPvtGloryhole
  22. C

    Southern Ontario Gloryhole/Peepholes?

    Hey 21 yr old male in southern ontario in the london/chatham area. Any peepholes or gloryholes in public restrooms around?
  23. J

    Photos & Videos Strut your stuff here

    21 yo male here and I just wanted to create a thread for everyone to post their own nsfw stuff :) Would love to see everyone’s nudes or collection of outdoor stuff too. I love a good locker room spy cam or outdoor shit and exhibitionism. Biggest respect for those who does x Nice to meet y’all
  24. D

    I’m Looking For Gloryhole In Kuwait, Help.

    Gloryhole in Kuwait
  25. D

    I’m looking for glory hike in Kuwait, help.

    Kuwait gloryhole
  26. J

    What should a newbie know before their first time in an Adult Store Arcade?

    I originally posted this in ask a man, but didn't quite get the sort of response I was hoping for. Hope to get some more knowledgeable folk here. Yesterday I found myself in an adult store with one of those arcades in back, basically a dark hallway with a series of doors. I saw men coming in...
  27. J

    What should a newbie know before going to an Adult Store Arcade?

    I debated posting this in Ask a Gay Man, but I figured here it would get a wider audience. If anyone thinks it should be moved, I'll repost it. Yesterday I found myself in an adult store with one of those arcades in back, basically a dark hallway with a series of doors. I saw men coming in and...
  28. cedarizzo

    Memorial Day Weekend

    Up until Memorial Day weekend, my life had been super busy and hectic with no play time. My sex life had been dwindled down to nothing. I realized for the first time in a long time, with Memorial Day weekend, I would have a 3-day weekend to do whatever I wanted to do. Friday when I got home...
  29. Sensorsharp

    Public Glorholes Melbourne Australia

    Hey guys I’m a big fan of getting head through public gloryholes and I’m after some suggestions
  30. B

    Excampus Gloryhole

    Anyome rember these hot vids? What happened to them? I'm looking through the internet abyss to find them. If you have any please share:D