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  1. P.B

    Gooning discussion and experiences

    I've not been able to find a specific thread about gooning so I thought I'd start one. So; I love edging and occassionally hit goon, usually after going through a sort of mind cleansing rhythmic trance like state. Now I know what gooning is I realise I've been in that state many times before...
  2. goonjacker

    My Gooner Vids

    Hey bators, Been getting deeper into gooning lately and made some videos. If watching a gooner fist fuck his slippery erect penis turns you on, then you might enjoy this smutt: Gooner Edges and Goons Slutty Bimbo Penis - ThisVid.com GOONER Edges and Multi-Milks CUM SAUCE - ThisVid.com
  3. D

    Celebrity Worship - Gooning and Findom Fantasies

    This thread is for Celebsexuals, gooners and paypigs to worship superior celebrities and influencers DM me
  4. scottspits

    Does anyone know who this is?

    I saw him on a compilation on twitter but cant find who he is.
  5. 1

    Gooning Coach

    Alright bros. Anyone need verbally coaching and talking through their bate goon? Verbal filth to make them go deep on their own cock and become cock obsessed in the moment. DM me brothers.
  6. B

    Looking For Jerk Off Buddies, Bromance, Bators On Skype C2c

    Hairy bi beefy dude into casual nudity, chatting while naked (even soft or partially clothed), CMNM, bonding, bromance, bate buddies, watching porn together and commenting on it, couples having sex on Skype. Mostly love kicking it back, chilling and getting to know other bate buds over penis...
  7. F

    Who Is This Guy ? Id Him Pls!

    Id him plsss myb onlyfans or any social media!
  8. F

    Who Is He?? Can Anyone Id Him??

    Cant find any info! Pls help
  9. A

    Can Anyone Id This Hunk?

    Found this guy on a gooning website, no one seems to know who he is. Just that he has a cam show. These three pics (with our without his penis) are the only three I could find. If anyone could tell me his name or link me his cam show I’d appreciate it!
  10. T

    Help Find This Gooner

    I remember this guy posting videos on xtube, but can't remember his username, or find via searching. Hopefully he hasn't deleted everything. If anyone know's where he might post his stuff, or just remember his username, please lmk.