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  1. G

    Links Videos of Daddies/Grandpas who do Deepthroat?

    https://xhamster18.desi/videos/italian-gagging-on-my-cock-xhci6YI Videos like the above one, please.
  2. I

    Photos & Videos Jay Crew

    Didn’t seem to find a Jay Crew thread on here, I’m shocked.
  3. C

    Big black cocks breeding older daddies gay

    Hey guys, help me to gather videos and photos of men with big black cock breeding and cumming in older daddies/grandpas. Any videos or OF to share?
  4. 2

    Twink/jock For Dads/grandads

    23 uk looking for older dads/grandads who like to play with younger on cam. Prefer dad bod/chub. Add me on skype: live:.cid.218b2df7c0ca6906
  5. 909Biggie


    Senioritis (Part I) I’m a young professional. Well, maybe young is pushing it; I’m 40. But I feel young, because I work in a retirement community. I’m one of those administrative guys walking around in a suit when everyone else (all the residents, that is) can be found in shorts and golf...
  6. 909Biggie

    You Win

    “You Win” I entered the men’s room and noticed the long row of urinals along the far wall. There they waited, placed nicely on the wall a cool foot apart from each other, inviting men to uninhibitedly bare their wares in the presence of others of like mind. I love unguarded urinals; they help...
  7. K

    Age Gap Skype Group. Under 30,over 60 Only

    27m UK looking to Skype with ages 60+ Id ken25uk Wanna create skype group here for other under 30s and over 60s who wanna cam.
  8. ramsgate18

    Old dog new tricks (mm)

    Mum was in a foul mood Hank my step fathers dad was going to visit for the first time since their wedding from what I could remember hanks father was an even bigger nerd thank Hank, round face with a white moustache and glasses, very skinny and tall, outside of the wedding he was often...