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group chat

  1. J

    snapchat group for bi/gay curious straight guys.

    This group will be for men 18-35 who can share their experiences with other men in the groupchat. No face is required but a dick pic verification will be needed to prove your a man. Once in the group you are free to do anything that goes from just talkin, sending nudes/videos of sexual stuff...
  2. gossipboy_KR

    Snapchat Trade Group | Gay,Bi | Only verified

    I will create a snapchat group for gays and bisexuals so that they can trade their naked nature:heart: Send your nickname and I'll add you) :emoji_fleur-de-lis:Group Rules:emoji_fleur-de-lis: (1)- Do not insult or humiliate the band members. (2)- Do not save photos and videos to the roll...
  3. G

    Bros sc group

    Hi curious guy here trying to create a groupchat for any guys to chill n jerk together. Add me @Galls78 or leave user below
  4. S

    Snapchat group

    Hey, I want to make a new snap GC for gay/bi/curious guys to share their dick/body pics. Total straight guys are also welcome if they want to show off. If you're down, drop your @ below
  5. M

    Hairy Twink Snapchat group +18/26

    Looking to create a group of hairy Twink on Snapchat. 18-26 only and prefer people who will use the group all day. Send username and show u hairy cock/body on Snapchat!
  6. U

    Couple of snap groups

    All of the snap groups are full, so add my snap and I will make a couple of groups. We can start with a Ass group, Exhibitionist Group, and Jerk group. Just let me know which you want to be in.
  7. D

    Hung circle jerk Snapchat Group

    You've been invited to join the group "Hung circle jerk" on Snapchat. Tap the link to join! Snapchat - Group Invite
  8. tyfromtexas

    new ACTIVE snap group

    doing a new snapchat group chat! add me @ ssstonerboner to be added to the group rules: must be 18 and must be active at least once a day
  9. tyfromtexas

    wickr group

    looking to make a wickr group. we can talk about (almost) anything. drop a description and i’ll make the group. i’ll go first.
  10. K

    Snapchat Group For Everyone

    Hello I thought I could make a Snapchat group chat where everyone gets added and we could share pictures and video call and wank and it could be fun out your user below to be added
  11. F

    Self-Suck Kik Group

    Self-sucking is so hot to me, not able to do it myself (yet) but I’m thinking about making a group chat for guys to talk about self-sucking, techniques, motivating eachother, etc… So if you’re interested please comment your Kik name underneath or send me a private message and I’ll try to get...
  12. F


  13. D

    NEW SC GROUP for fit guys with big cocks

    Hey bros I’m gonna create a group for fit / hung / handsome guys. Age 18-30 Send a pic to @mikeyscockk .
  14. E

    Dirty Snapchat group

    Hey guys looking to start a dirty snap group for people to show off and jerk together. Drop your snaps below and I’ll add people and create the group
  15. gossipboy_KR

    Snapchat Trade Group | Gay,Bi | Up to 25 years old

    I will create a snapchat group for gays and bisexuals so that they can trade their naked nature^^ Send your nickname and I'll add you) | You must be less than 26 years old |
  16. gossipboy_KR

    Photos & Videos Snapchat Group for Muscle gay, bi

    I'll create a snapchat group for Muscular gay and bisexual, for nude trade. Send your nickname and send me your body photo to confirm.
  17. gossipboy_KR

    Snapchat Group | gay, bi

    I will create a snapchat group for gays and bisexuals so that they can trade their naked nature. Send your nickname and I'll add you)
  18. D

    Gay group stories

    I'm looking for gay group stories on snapchat. Add me if you have it. Sc: nojedzto Or leave your username. Only group stories or groups please.
  19. E

    New Snapchat Group!

    wanna be in a new group chat where you can do anything like trade nudes, jerk off together, and etc. well this is it! you need two things, a bitmoji, so i know what you look like and you have to be 18 or older! add my snapchat if interested! elijah-doyle. i will see you their!
  20. O

    Snapchat group to show off

    i wanna create a snapchat group so we can show off our cocks add me @ bellaruh and ill add you to the group
  21. julioiomes

    best snap group of hot guys

    Let's create a group on snapchat, with a lot of hot men! Great for engaging and making friends, as well as good sexting Add me to the "julioiomes" snap and send me a photo for me to put in the group or you can click in the link...
  22. Q

    NEW SNAPCHAT GROUP For Everybody/ Straight-Closet-Bi-Gay

    Ello boys, im wanting to start new snap group where everyone can show off with no strings attached. If you like showing off to others and with other then message me and ill add you to the new group.
  23. M

    Webcam Bondage slave

    Bondage Maso webcam slave seek MASTER Bondage Show for YOUR pleasure. Dirty words to me, Sir
  24. L

    Let’s start a new snap group

    let’s make a new snap group GAY/BI/Straight just an oft who wants to get off Add me one Snapchat and I add you to the group luiz_santi298
  25. J

    Str8/Bi/Gay Fit Guys Group

    Just add me with a photo and I’ll add you to a group where guys can jerk, meet and compare: dionyjonas
  26. T

    Lpsg Kik group

    I am going to set up a kik group for LPSG. Everyone who wants to be part of it write „LPSG“ Tommy kik: tim_huge
  27. J

    Join my nsfw discord server

    Hey here is my discord server I would love for you to join. the link is on my twitter @TheWordOfDicks
  28. J

    Looking for people to join my discord

    Hey follow me on twitter @TheWorldofDicks and click the link I posted to join the discord. if you do not have twitter add me on Snapchat @alexrains522 or pm here. I’m trying to bring the discord channel to life so please join and I hope you enjoy.
  29. J

    Join my discord group The World Of Dicks

    Hey I just created a new discord group so if anyone wants to join the link is on my twitter @TheWorldOfDicks. If you do not have twitter add me on snap @alexrains522 and say discord so I know to send you the link. I hope you all enjoy.
  30. Bencali91

    Edging group for fit guys 18-34 who show face

    Hey guys, lets try this: A group either in Skype or tgram (whatever you fancy more) for fit guys who like to show off and have a save space to be horny, talk, and enjoy. I hope we can do a lot of edging there and have fun. Only hand picked people will be admitted. Here are the requirements: 1...