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  1. B

    Blk FtM 4 MMMM turn me into a taboo cnc gimp for a night or weekend

    Blk, masc, discreet, ftm. 5'8, stocky, facial hair, tested and neg as of 10/12 looking 4 hung, rough, older, bear/stocky type aggressive guys with girth to use me to drain your loads anon use, so have a skimask or something. Absolutely no anal/ass play, misgendering, leaving marks. Mouth...
  2. skeezie


    Heyy everyone, wanting to start off a snapchat groupchat for all ages 18+ who love hairy men! I myself am fairly hairy and wanna interact with those who love the fuzz my snapchat: skeezrat make sure you message me that you found me on LPSG.
  3. I

    Snap group for black guys

    Created a group for black dudes. Add me on snap bigbtt23 and ill add y’all
  4. I

    Snap for piss bros

    Group for all kind of dudes here. add me on snap: bigbtt23, and send me ur best piss or cum vid so i‘ll add u on a group (doesn’t matter if ur piss or load are not that good, I’ll add u anyways) see u there
  5. S

    Uncut dickgroup - share pics - snap

    Sign up here
  6. S

    Snapchat nude exchange

    Join my group on Snapchat
  7. K

    Help identify this italian buys video!

    Guys, need some help with identifying the actors playing in this movie. They all look amazing, please help! They're all italian I guess? Bros night at home turns into a group suck - Just the Gays
  8. Britgymlad

    Fit buddy - DUBLIN - wank/ edge/ suck

    Hey lads Visiting Dublin Nov 6-10 Can accom in central hotel Fit. Bi masc sporty Looking for fit horny guys into hanging naked, wank, edge, suck, cum Message with pics etc
  9. P

    Montreal orgy?

    Any gay orgy groups in Montreal? I wanna join one so bad. Knew several in Toronto but I recently moved to Montreal and looking for friends and hookups.
  10. S

    Any Men that Likes to Listen to Secret Gay Recordings of DL Having Sex

    Secret ATL party of black married men, fathers, teachers, and pastors having sex. No names included. The audio is over an hour long. This is just a snippet. Try not to bust too hard.
  11. barehole4use

    Builders Cumdump

    After my last story of special request it was a while before i was invited again to be used as a cumdump bttm for anonymous men to fuck, with the holiday period finally coming to an end, i received a new invitation with new ground rules to keep it exciting for me & providing much needed relief...
  12. J

    Snapchat group all ages

    Join to have fun If the link doesnt works send username Únete a mi grupo en Snapchat
  13. O

    Snapchat group for hot guys

    I am making a groupchat with hot guys from all around the world for fun time and sharing videos;) Add me on m.22norway Send me your asl and a face picture, only hot and fit guys accepted;)
  14. barehole4use


    Sunday afternoon i was invited again for a select private bareback party, i got the invitation on the previous Friday & had 24 hours to respond, i gave my answer within 1 hour, that i will arrive on time as requested. The details were pretty much the same as last time, to arrive at the...
  15. KingRomra

    Photos & Videos Comparing dick size with friends!

    Some friends and I got drunk together recently and played a 'strip' drinking game. Only two of the guys are a couple, the rest of us, we are usually just platonic (gay) mates, we hadn't seen each other naked. Anyway, one thing led to another, we all ended up naked, horny and inhibitions were...
  16. H

    Students / 18-25 group wank meet Leeds

    Would like to get together with a group of likeminded lads to have a wank session together. Compare, watch porn, etc. then leave no strings. Come and go as you like. Who would be down for this?? Ideally other hung students, or 18-25yr olds .
  17. B

    Circle Jerk Group in Houston

    Houston Masturbation Group in Houston. We are a group of professional guys in the Houston greater area. We meet 1-1 or in groups. Guys must be in decent shape and enjoy mutual masturbation. If you want to do more, then this will be probably not your group. No drugs or drama. If you visit quite...
  18. A

    Need help finding source

    Hey I stumbled upon this image on twitter and was wondering the source video if there is any?
  19. H

    Hung4Hung Toronto

    Hey studs, hubby and I (both 32) are headed to Toronto in September. Hoping to make some connections here and hopefully line up some deep fucking. DM me if you’re interested.
  20. U

    Couple of snap groups

    All of the snap groups are full, so add my snap and I will make a couple of groups. We can start with a Ass group, Exhibitionist Group, and Jerk group. Just let me know which you want to be in.
  21. TheFinalGayBoy6990

    Video Another ID thread.

    Can anyone identify the cutie being milked?
  22. O

    Mystery Chaturbate Trio

    Hi, this is my first time posting :) Do you guys know what their chaturbate name is? I found them yesterday while watching porn, and I need more of them. thanks to all of you :)
  23. S

    Mall Bathroom break

    So this is my experience one time at a mall bathroom lol. I visit this mall a lot but never really had to use the bathroom there. One day I went to get a hair cut at this place I normally visit. After I was done I had to go freshen up a bit since there were tiny hairs all over my ears shoulders...
  24. F

    Self-Suck Kik Group

    Self-sucking is so hot to me, not able to do it myself (yet) but I’m thinking about making a group chat for guys to talk about self-sucking, techniques, motivating eachother, etc… So if you’re interested please comment your Kik name underneath or send me a private message and I’ll try to get...
  25. C

    From which Porn Movie is that Blowbang? Actors? (5 Bottoms sucking 5 Tops outside)

    Can someone ID this Movie or an actor? Want that scene :-)
  26. Pecos Bill

    JO Group for Straight/Curious Guys - Los Angeles

    Hey guys, I organize a JO Group in Los Angeles for Straight/Curious guys just looking to watch porn and jerk with other guys. The goal is to create a safe chill relaxed place for guys to try stuff out. It's not an orgy or sex party. Guys are not expected or pressured to play with the other...
  27. ZetaZetaZ

    Active Skype and Snapchat groups

    What are the active gropus on Skype and Snapchat? If you're in any active group, leave the link in the comments, possibly with a minimal description of the group!
  28. Mike_Meikel

    Photos & Videos MMM / MMM+ / Threesomes / Groups

    Let's collect some gay threesome and gay group action photos and videos.
  29. Rondele

    Snapchat demon time

    Add if you’re down to have fun and are willing to show. Snapchat - Group Invite
  30. S

    18+ Snapchat Group

    Looking to create a group of fellow penis lovers on Snapchat. 18+ only and prefer people who will use the group all day - so all locations welcum. Just don’t be a dick and share your dick :) add snap below