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  1. shIgreen123

    General thank you to lpsg

    In light of the recent upgrade effort (I know "ownership" has changed hands a few times over the years), but just wanted to send a thank you to the stewards of the site for providing a resource like this. Joined in 2004 ...and if you think there's not many places like this now??..well as you...
  2. 1

    Growingmusclebro's Onlyfans

    This guy, called @BroGrowing or GrowingMuscleBro has been posting for a long while on Tumblr and on Twitter. To me he seems like an obvious strap-on case and we all are in on the fantasy. However, he does have an OnlyFans and I would like to know what he posts there. Here are some links...
  3. E

    Increase in size

    ive been using a bathmate x30 for a 3-4 months and also an air pump a little bigger...but I just got a smaller air pump that has a pocket puss in it!...it’s a small pump only 6inch which is what I’ve been pumping my dick to in the bathmate. I pumped in the new 6 inch pump and packed it...also I...
  4. E

    Straight porn with male actor(s) starting soft

    Fairly self explanatory. I love scenes that begin with a flaccid/ semi flaccid actor that is shown becoming erect by way of some action or actions by the actress (handjob, blowjob, footjob, etc.) The actor doesn't need to be a major "grower", but the more striking the difference the better...
  5. Soft to hard photos

    Soft to hard photos

    Soft to hard photos
  6. Elysius_90

    We Need a Growers Thread

    The latest one I've seen is: Loni evans - fucking champ can be dangerous! - XVIDEOS.COM The best one is probably: Mandingo rails monique - XNXX.COM But there have to be others free-floating out there. Any 2011 grower videos that anyone has seen?