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  1. NicHalliwell

    Photos & Videos My Chatburbate Collection

    Hi, here I post videos, photos and links of my favourite Chaturbate models
  2. B

    The Casting Room Hot Guys Butt

    First time posting a thread on here, and this one of my favourite websites The Casting Room which was the first website that I joined years ago, and it has the most fantastic Pictures and Videos of men bodies and asses. Here a few pics to appreciate the hot guys from the site What do you all...
  3. S

    Casual College Dorm Nudity

    Searching for videos, photos or TikToks of guys being nude or in towels around their college dorm rooms, halls, bathrooms, pulling pranks of showing off.
  4. NastyMorales

    Snapchat Jerk group - Gay/Bi/Str8 dudes (18+)

    Send Snapchat @ Below to be added to group
  5. W

    Photos & Videos Frankenchuff

    hey! does anyone have any videos frankenchuff, specifically of him cumming? i’ve been trying to find videos of him on here but haven’t seen any and i’m extremely desperate. if so, please post them on this thread or send them to me :) here is his of: OnlyFans
  6. Q

    Photo Spider-Man Cosplayers

    Thought we could share pics of cute Spider-Man cosplayers, since there's ton of really hot ones. Supersonickolby _sensational_spidey_ this guy's fucking adorable
  7. Milanche

    Photos & Videos Hot Croatian guys / Men of Croatia

    In your modest opinions, who's the hottest guy of Croatia? In my modest option it's Marko Braić - has a perfect body, cute little face, and nice vibe. Wish I can get some nudes of him or preferably play with nice bulge of his (just look at those sweaty cock and balls :innocent:)
  8. panchoralsex

    Photos & Videos Eduardo González (ig: eduglez__)

    Esta muy rico solo que se deja verdad sus atributos un par de veces
  9. 6

    Hung Guys Cum Question

    Question for the hung guys out there have been curious for a while! Does it take you guys longer to cum since you have a bigger dick or there’s several factors that come into play? What I mean by factors such as having ED since you’re bigger (might be a misconception but correct me if I’m...
  10. Troycc

    Being Ghosted and dealing with heartbreak

    So I’ll start off and say this is a true story with a ton of twists and turns so forgive me if the explanation of things doesn’t come across right but here we go.. Chapter 1: The backstory PT. 1 We rewind 5 years ago and I’m a 25 year old average guy who is bisexual but not out. I’m fit, carmel...
  11. Troycc

    Any car guys and/or aviators? ✈️

    Hey all! I’m 31, fit, bi discreet chill guy who loves cars (into drifting, I drift myself) and love going on cruises, driving to and exploring new places, going to car events, etc. I am also training to be a pilot and my love for aviation really sparked in the past few years. I’d love to get to...
  12. C

    Arkansas Black Guys

  13. J

    Photos & Videos Guys I Follow

    So this is just a thread for me to share with yall of guys I follow online :heart_eyes: up first we got Edward Morales, he’s a fitness coach Instagram
  14. F

    Photo Help identifying these guys

    Can anyone help identify these guys
  15. P

    All The Beautiful Men (and their dicks)

    This is just a place to show some of my PERSONAL fav photos, maybe some videos too. This could really be anything I find hot... dicks, balls, ass, cuties and hotties anything that gets me going. These have all been collected entirely from the internet (lots from lpsg.. thanks mates) If any of...
  16. L


    Hey you guys, it was a long time Ago since i have saved this picture. I don‘t remember where i got it, now i‘m actually in love with this pic and this man, so can u guys please help me find his name out.
  17. B

    Four in a bed (tv)

    Wondered if anyone had anything on any of the men on there as I guessed some may be topless swimming or showering
  18. A

    Beautiful boys

    This is a thread to share pictures of beautiful and aesthetically pleasing guys. It can be models, celebrities, or just random online guys. I don't think a thread like this exists already so here it is. Feel free to post! You can also state (or not) the name of the person in the photo. Let me...
  19. Morgen Dickerson

    Help me identify these models

    Please help me identify these models, especially the one in white underwear. I found them browsing the internet and it seems to be a print of some video. Please...
  20. C

    Help me to identify this guy

    Schlechter Junge mit Muskeln fickt militantes Küken This guy from Hot Guys Fuck his name? Does he has also some other porn or solo jerk offs. He is soooo hot
  21. reigns

    Photos & Videos Skinny toned guys 18+ any size, any sexuality!

    @ ChrisLockwoodX on Twitter
  22. NicHalliwell

    Photos & Videos Everyone is a Voyeur?

    I've realized lately that I really enjoy watching others in private situations. From some research done on the web, I understood that it is Voyeurism: A disorder composed of fantasies and impulses that lead a person to become sexually aroused when he observes an unsuspecting person undressing...
  23. E

    MILF Manor guys megathread

    Let's start the MILF Manor super thread! I know Jimmy's cumshot vids are already posted, so let's repost those here and some content of the other guys!
  24. N

    Squirt/precum webcam guys

    Theres a bunch of guys ive seen on chaturbate who are pretty popular, mostly because of they show off themselves squirting several times. feel free to share those you know about and some of the videos you get
  25. thebussyinvader

    Large Nipples

    This thread is an appreciation post for guys with large nips. My way of thinking is, if you've got a nice body, show it off. Like the old saying goes, "If you've got it, flaunt it!"
  26. A

    Photos & Videos BoyWatch46819 (Twitch / Discord / Chaturbate)

    Hi all, these cute (Straight) Aussie guys are streaming 24/7 on Twitch and their community is growing. They even started doing shower shows on Chaturbate the other day and they are promising more naughty stuff and already posting some more teases. I am creating this thread to talk more about...
  27. X

    Video Naked Tik Toks

    Nude tik toks are some of the most unique and awesome videos out there when it comes to sexy guys. Let's have a new thread!
  28. B

    Photos & Videos Under guy POV and cum over camera

    I love videos where the camera is on the floor or at an angle under the guy jerking off. Lets share some videos of this. Like facesitting POVs too where a guy squats over the camera or cums over it.
  29. P

    Balls from behind

    Guys from behind inspired but where you can clearly see their balls. Best position (in my opinion) is on all fours, so you can get a great look at everything, but it just does something to me when you can see a mans ass and his balls. To me its a very vulnerable and submissive position so to...