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  1. B

    Photos & Videos Under guy POV and cum over camera

    I love videos where the camera is on the floor or at an angle under the guy jerking off. Lets share some videos of this. Like facesitting POVs too where a guy squats over the camera or cums over it.
  2. P

    Balls from behind

    Guys from behind inspired but where you can clearly see their balls. Best position (in my opinion) is on all fours, so you can get a great look at everything, but it just does something to me when you can see a mans ass and his balls. To me its a very vulnerable and submissive position so to...
  3. TheHorny4EverMan

    Photos & Videos Average Dudes Thread

    So here will come average hot guys! Post if you want so!
  4. Z

    How to ask guys to escort for me?

    So this is the thing, i have been wanting to hire an escort for a while now since i work all day and i don't feel comfortable having a serious or meaningful relationship in the forseable future. I've looked in Rent.Men but there's nothing there that i really like. On the other hands there's...
  5. Shlevy10

    Gym ass

    Listen guys, I follow many “gym guys” (coaches etc…) on Instagram and TikTok. Their hands, their chests, their ABS are beautiful…. But what about their asses? A hot muscled guy without a nice ass, isn’t worth it.
  6. NicHalliwell

    Photos & Videos All My Crush

    Oliver Forslin (@oliverforslin)
  7. 18boy2000

    Some Chaturbate videos

    Some Chaturbate videos here
  8. DerekD

    Photos & Videos Biceps Fan

  9. J

    Something About This Guy?

    Anyone have anything on him? He’s a tiktoker and he's so hot !! Look at his chest and legs. Great body! carlitossbernal16 / carlitobernal16
  10. D

    Guys that rarely bottom

    The other day I came across this video of Rogan Richards bottoming for Hunter Marx. He is one of those that is very rare to see getting fucked. What do you think if we add a list of those guys here, possibly with videos? Hunter Marx and Rogan Richards (DIN P1)
  11. M

    Photo Hot Tattoos

    Hi guys, I 'm looking for ideas for my next tattoo and I thought we could post here photos of tattoos we find hot either from porn actors or not.
  12. G

    Georgeofthejungle Tiktok

    I am in love with George. His dance moves and everything is perfect. I know he lives in California. Does anyone have more info on him?
  13. R

    Fart & Face Fart Performers & Content

    Farting & Face Farting Fetish, while on the upward trajectory into the mainstream, is still a rarely indulged fetish that is met with mockery; though it is a perfectly valid fetish. Guys who rip ass and don’t care who smells it are a huge turn on! Does anyone know of any sites, links, content...
  14. R

    Burp / Belch Fetish Performers Or Content

    “The only unnatural sexual activity is none at all” Sigmund Freud. Burping Fetish, while still a rarely indulged taboo is a perfectly valid fetish. Sadly there seems to be almost none existent online. I love seeing a hot guy assert his dominance with confidence. Does anyone know of any sites...
  15. T

    Stories With Guys That Are Shorter, But Way More Hung

    Some of my favorite setups involve guys that are slightly or much shorter than their competition, but outsize them in the cock department by a huge amount. I'm talking 5'7" but packing 10 inches, or even 5'0" with 9 inches. It's definitely one of my kinks and I'd love to find more stories about it.
  16. 1T1U1F1F1Y

    Links Straight Guy Sucker

    This OnlyFans creator posts super hot videos of all the local married straight men who he orally services. Thought I'd share it here. If you like watching hot married "straight" guys with beautiful dicks being serviced by other men then you're in for a treat. He has both a free and paid site...
  17. HairyAussieBloke

    Average Guys Hairy Or Smooth. Thoughts?

    Looking for more pics of average guy, not just muscle guys with giant cocks for the gods. Showing more average looking guys to help positivity. Dad boss welcome.
  18. D

    Zoom Jerk For Chubs And Chasers

    Would love to have a zoom jerk just for those who are into chubs!! let me know if anyone could possibly make one or is interested
  19. C

    Seeing Onlyfans Posts

    We all want to see our favourite guys’ junk, and here is the place. If enough people pitch in, I will buy the OF if the guy and share pics and stuff here. This will need to be a group effort. Anyone up for it?
  20. W

    Photos & Videos Friends Who Have Done Porn

    I've seen a lot of my friends naked and even nude photos they've sent to others and those are also welcome here, but I want to know about people you know who you've found in porn, either that you came across by accident or you found on purpose. Maybe you even found a friend on LPSG or Reddit...
  21. H

    Who Is Hairy_calvin Ok Twitter?

    Does anybody know who @hairy_calvin is on Twitter? There’s a Grindr account in Montreal with his information/Twitter link. I’m not sure it’s genuinely him because his Twitter says he’s based in NYC. He’s really sexy but doesn’t show face.... here’s his Twitter...
  22. krisz80

    Photos & Videos Guys Who Love Cum

    Guys Who Love Cum
  23. W

    Who Is Him?

    Any idea who is this guy? Or if he has a new social network? When there was tumblr, he had the username @dallasfeet or something like that... he has indeed beautiful feet and a juicy thick cock.
  24. lwlc123

    Black / Poc Snapchat Megalist!

    In an attempt to diversity my snap. BLACK/POC guys ONLY drop your snap Professor_xoxo
  25. alexander123451

    Video Happy Birthday Nick! Does Anyone Know The Full Video Of These Guys?

    Happy Birthday Nick!
  26. A

    Ryisdying On Tiktok

    Hi guys, does anyone have anythy on him, he made an onlyfans and said he posted some 'spicy pics'
  27. BisexualPotato049

    Hot Guys You Know

    Chat about, sharing pictures videos and/or files, telling any stories, and overall a place to talk and converse about the hot guys you personally know. ... Avoid celebrities and moderately well known figures.
  28. GeckoLight

    What About James Hinchliffe?!

    Hey Guys, do we have some sexy stuff from this guys onlyfans?
  29. M


    Hey Guys! Let's post here videos/pictures/GIFs of cameran-operators/photographers etc. joining in to the scenes, having fun or "helping" their models or just trying to test their boundaries. Let's post only real and unscripted stuff that isn't designed to look like this like certain...
  30. T

    Video Best Fleshlight Or Similar Fucking Videos

    Seeing gay/straight/bi guys fuck their toys(Fleshlight, homemade dolls, fake pussy/ass, Venus 2000) is a super turn on for me. Cumming inside them is a bonus. Let's see these videos :)!