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gym guy

  1. T

    Video Help me ID these hot bubble butt dudes in this video. Thanks!

    Hi! I came across this short video with these hot guys. Anyone know who they are? Especially the one with the hairy bubble butt! :heart_eyes:
  2. G

    Struggling to remember the name of a European guy blonde

    I’m struggling to remember the name of a blonde European guy Ik he posted videos and pictures of himself wanking and stuff, but can’t fully remember what he was called and it’s driving me crazy! I keep thinking his name was something like flinn or Finn, he’s a muscley guy and I believe he’s bi...
  3. Mattw1

    Gym Buddy - London

    Straight (curious) 20 y/o. looking for a gym buddy as I have no idea what to do at the gym like weights and machine work?! Someone help me out and be my gym buddy. preferably find a gym for us both that suits our needs and wants. I’m looking for a gym with open or cubicle with no doors shower...
  4. C

    Photo Can Someone Help Id These Hot Guys

  5. D

    Photos & Videos Black Boys

    Anyone got any hot photos or videos of black boys?
  6. B

    Does Anyone Know Who This Is?

    I found his page a long time ago but I forgot what it was, does anyone recognize this photo?
  7. D

    Photo Who Is This Sexy Guy?!

    This has to be one of the sexiest guys ever!! Who is he? Where can I get more of him?
  8. B

    Tom Jackson - Tom.jackson1_

    Anyone have anything on Tom.jackson1_ he’s just got onlyfans?
  9. BeatMaster

    Nick Falke Nude

    Does anybody have anything on on Nick Falke?
  10. S

    Arran Aro @arranaro

    How is there not a significant thread on Arran? His body is insane and he is such a sweetheart. He seems very....soft though. My antenna raised up. Arran Aro’s Instagram photo: “Guess we always take for granted the things and people we miss most when they are gone. Be thankful, Thank you for...
  11. V

    Photo James - Fitness Insta

    He is really nice and responds to all Instagram DMs he just will never show Dick. Here’s wishing someone else has seen more of this man and can share
  12. Indigo20

    Dmv Dicks!

    Hey all, Looking to chat and meet with people in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area! Hit me up! Let's connect! You get a plus if you are a geek or love to workout! On a bodybuilding journey myself!
  13. 3

    9 Months Of Solid Gym...

    I've always been on and off with the gym but this year I've been going hard at it. Still a long way to go... but what do you think?
  14. J

    My Gym Story

    It was at the gym. There was this guy I really liked. Ive seen him almost every day I went there. He was a powerlifter. Small guy but very strong. Once i finished I went to showers and I saw him there. He had a big dick :O beautiful one. I was scared he would see me so I turned around. In couple...
  15. Thales dartora

    Gymnast diego hipólito

    naked photo
  16. milo1730

    90% to 100% straight guys chicago and suburbs roll call

    Looking to meet ( Maybe never meet face to face) , but chat with other guys living similar straight lifestyles. ( A bi curious or in the closet bisexual side never admitted to your real life social or work circle and never will!) This is a safe discreet group to meet like minded personalities...
  17. 1

    Serious gym goers...

    Hey Guys! So I’m gonna start taking my gym workouts really seriously and want to get into some amazing shape. Obviously I’m gonna be working my bubble butt off & also having a really strict diet. But What kind of supplements do you guys take? And what brands etc? Testosterone Boosters...
  18. 1

    Latino hung bi bro

    Somewhat new, had posted a years ago as rejoined with more matured hairy dick ha
  19. L

    Tight holes need filling

    Single, youngish, discreet, gay guy into muscles, underwear and sucking hard cock(s) looking for guys who like being serviced in the south Yorkshire area of the UK. Open to gay, bi, str8 guys...as long as you’re clean, have a sizeable cock and love being sucked. Preference would be hot muscled...
  20. O

    Video Leo lombar (your gym guy)

    I wonder why this bodybuilder aka. leo lombar hasnt made to LPSG yet. Wank Party 96 #1 - Leo Lombar, Karel Polak, Franta Tucny & Karel Opec (2018)