hacked accounts

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    Bisexual guy, Thailand

    Hi, nice to meet you. I am a student,24 years old. I like swimming,travelling and filming. Hope to know more friends here.I am interesting in hacker, behind the scenes ,if u have the resources in this area, we can have a good communication.
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    Facebook hacked! (Rant/help?)

    So my Facebook was hacked yesterday. Apparently Facebook was sending me emails asking me if I made theses changes & I didn’t see them until after. The hacker was able to change my email & phone number attached to my account. I tried following the links those emails sent me… But it just wants me...
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    Please Be Careful Online!

    Please be careful online. There has been a rise of cyber crimes and cyber attacks. My friend just got her bank accounts wipe out completely because of a cyber hack. 1. Make sure you check that your firewall is on. 2. Perform a security scan for malware If you don’t have a tool for this...