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hacked accounts

  1. D

    Bisexual guy, Thailand

    Hi, nice to meet you. I am a student,24 years old. I like swimming,travelling and filming. Hope to know more friends here.I am interesting in hacker, behind the scenes ,if u have the resources in this area, we can have a good communication.
  2. T

    Facebook hacked! (Rant/help?)

    So my Facebook was hacked yesterday. Apparently Facebook was sending me emails asking me if I made theses changes & I didn’t see them until after. The hacker was able to change my email & phone number attached to my account. I tried following the links those emails sent me… But it just wants me...
  3. D

    Please Be Careful Online!

    Please be careful online. There has been a rise of cyber crimes and cyber attacks. My friend just got her bank accounts wipe out completely because of a cyber hack. 1. Make sure you check that your firewall is on. 2. Perform a security scan for malware If you don’t have a tool for this...
  4. DiomedesXVI

    Possible Bots, Hacked Accts, Or Spam?

    In the past week I've received two profile comments saying the same sort of message "Thanks for visiting my profile" from two different users. Yet, these comments come from people I've never visited the profile of before receiving their comments on my profile page. Something seems afoot, their...