hairy pits

  1. L

    Lets see your hairy pits

    I’ll start.
  2. K

    Photo Luymer Navarro

    Does anyone know where to find more of this man? Pics from his IG for attention.
  3. eddie_boy

    Luke Kennard NBA

    Probably just me, but I'm in love with this guy. Well, his armpits, to be more accurate. Feel free to jump in with your own pictures.
  4. S

    Anyone know who this naked man grilling meat is?

    Trying to narrow down where this is from or what his name is. Anyone know?
  5. Grant_6000

    Show Off Your Hairy Pits, Dudes. I'll Start . . .

    My hairy pits and tits drive men and women wild. Anyone else into 'em???
  6. S

    Who wants to show their hairy pits off?

    Hey dudes! I LOVE getting a peek at guys hairy pits. Especially if their in gym gear, Lycra, singlet, sweaty pits, etc. Anyone wanna show off?