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  1. R

    Help Identify!! Please

    Help me identify this Latino please
  2. M


    If anyone has recordings of Wild_Knight's shows on chaturbate, please share them here! Watch Wild_Knight live on Chaturbate!
  3. R

    Any one knows who is this muscle hairy guy

    Any one knows him name?
  4. E

    Ripped hairy chest

    These are from a very hot guy i chatted with on grindr. Does anyone else have photos/videos of hot, ripped guys with a hairy chest like this?
  5. M


    Does anyone have anything from his Onlyfans?
  6. B

    Jonathan Figueroa

    Hot Latino Muscle Bear living in Atlanta. Been modelling for Alfons Dovana Bussy Pink Mesh Bikini your thoughts?
  7. Neil_official

    ID of this hunk? PLS!

    Pls help me ID this guy. I can't find anything on him on twt bc the twt page I got this from didn't tag him. Also couldn't find anything on reverse image search :(
  8. B

    Photo Anything on youtuber Uchi/UchiGames?

    Does anyone have anything on the youtuber Ryan "Uchi" Rojas? He also just goes by Uchi, UchiGames, or UchiGang. He's really hot (especially when he's in a tank top) and I want to know if anyone has any shirtless or nude photos of him.
  9. H

    Cheating Boyfriend "IRL Porn" Scene

    I found this interesting and really hot guy and video and was wondering if anyone knows where I can find more of this video/scene and/or of him! I love the awkwardness of it, and he has a cute face and I love his skinny, hairy body and nice big dick! If anyone has any info, I'd really...
  10. L

    Hi! Here are some pics I'm proud of

    Hi, I'm new here and I like collecting male worshippers Hope you like my body
  11. BD_Eater

    Orrin (Orrinbroseph)

    Does anyone has anything about this cutie, a hunky otter famous on tumblr days he’s so hot
  12. S

    Show off your bush

    Post the best pic of your bush below. We want to see your hairy cock.
  13. M


    does anyone have anything from onlyfans of this cute furry?
  14. M

    Photos & Videos Maxxx Magnum

    I can't believe he doesn't have a thread here! This is all I'm gonna to say: And also this: He's just perfect: And here's a pic of him getting fucked because I think he looks beautiful: His socials: twitter onlyfans
  15. alexander_jurard

    Bruce Beckham

    Bruce Beckham I would like to remind or introduce people to the handsome muscle fucker that is Bruce Beckham This man has spent over 20 years in the business. He's got such staying power, he's been doing porn throughout his 30s, 40s and now in his 50s. He has all the goods. Handsome face...
  16. M

    can anyone ID this man with huge pecs ?

    tiktok of a guy with these gorgeous huge hairy pecs. the tiktok ID in the video is an acct that just posts hot guys so i’ve hit a dead end since no one knows his name but he’s def on tiktok.
  17. F

    Photos & Videos Darkota96? (darkota.rawr)

    is there anything about this person?
  18. jafrevi

    ID Hairy Hunk Please!

    Please help me to identify this guy! He's so handsome <3
  19. alexander_jurard

    Rusty Stevens

    Rusty Stevens Rusty Stevens is definitely one of my all time favourite porn stars. He performed for a number of years, around 2010. He was versatile, real hunk material. He gave some broody vibes. And had a body, face, ass and dick for the ages. Are there any other fans out there? I wonder...
  20. J

    Rafael Hotrod

    Guys, do you have something from this hot dude on wheelchair?
  21. M


    Anything on this guy? He is quite a hunk
  22. TexaStud

    Photos & Videos Favorite Dick Picture

    Everyone’s gotta have a favorite dick picture/video reply to this thread with your favorite one, here’s one of mine ;)
  23. Dantdanielson

    Photos & Videos Nathaniel Vossman (vossmanfitness)

    Hot, hairy fitness guy on insta. 25 Years Old | 6’1” | 225 lbs (from his bio at the time of posting this)
  24. H

    Javier Lanz

    Trying to find more stuff from this Mexican bear with a big package OnlyFans
  25. F

    German YouTuber Gustaf Gabel (Georg Göttmann)

    I've been watching his videos for 5 years now and took several screenshots over time. If you have anything on him, please post it here. LIFESTREAM REUPLOADS (mit non-gaming Szenen): → jeweilige screenshots sind in den Anhängen Kompletter Stream im Muscle Shirt → highlights: 1h 19m...
  26. P

    Jose Ejecutivo OF?

    Any one has suscribed to this OF https://onlyfans.com/joseejecutivo His twitter: https://twitter.com/joseejecutivo1?s=20
  27. RickyChayanne

    Who Is This Hairy Arab man?

    hey guys anhone knows his name? I wanna see him botoom
  28. D

    Can someone ID this guy?

    Does somebody know this guy? If you do can you post his twitter, OF or his thread here? I will be forever thankful <3
  29. C

    Help ID this hot, hung, and hairy muscle god

    Anyone know who this hairy, sexy muscle stud is? He's a hung total top who lives between NYC and Philly and apparently has an OF. Post if you have his OF or anything on him. Woof.
  30. F

    Who is this hot guy?