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  1. B

    Hand/penis Size

    I want to get a sample size for curiosity sake. And I know that self reporting is typically useless but this is LPSG - most guys here post pictures of their dicks so I don't see why they'd lie. Please post your hand size (from wrist to middle finger.) And please post your dick length. I'll go...
  2. 1

    [request] Woman Showing Circle Hand Sign In A Video.

    Searching for a Video of a Woman showing this Hand circle ok sign/gesture on her ass or back, or evn showing the sign and the filming her ass without clothes or with not that much clothes on. Help me out.
  3. M

    Fun game: share pics of items on kik or skype

    Hi guys, I'm looking for other guys who would be interested in chatting and sharing pics of everyday items like you would see for sale on craigslist but you accidentally get your dick in the shot. Serious only and only pics of ourselves shared privately (Examples attached) (UPDATE: Please don't...