1. L

    James Blight - dejamesmusic

    Someone has something on this handsome hunk? Such a perfect body and look at his beautiful thick hands!! Hot!
  2. X

    How does it feel to have huge hands?

    how does it feel to have absolutely huge hands? Holding a phone easily while the short people struggle with two hands. Tell me, as cockily as possible, I wanna hear about your huge hands!
  3. F

    Photo Cum on hands

    I’d love to see any pics you have of cum on men’s hands. Makes me want to lick it up.
  4. Swede8

    Thumb size means penis size

    I have a hand fetish as well as a dick fetish. During all of my sexual encounters I have observed a very easy way to tell the size of a dick without seeing it. There are many famous ways like height, size of feet, size of hands etc. But the most secure way according to my experience (hence...
  5. Triangle4Square

    Bear Paws: Men With Big Hands

    I get hard when men complain about their sausage fingers. Just the thought of some huge paws gripping my ass makes me weak. Can anyone recommend guys with big hands?
  6. 2

    Hands Down Your You Pants In Public

    Can I just ask, was there a day in school were the pull all you straight boys aside as said it’s fine to gently play with your junk in public? I’ve never under why this became a thing in my generation. I mean god knows I ain’t complain - it’s kinda hot, but just thought I’d ask. Are you...
  7. thing123

    Massage Anyone? Houston

    Relax today here in Houston... Swedish or deep tissue is offered...
  8. R

    Can't Remember/find This Vidio

    I remember back when Tumblr was the go-to for porn, there was a video which I can't find anymore. The premise of the video was 2 guys who offered to massage and jerk off their Fed-Ex or delivery guy to thank him for delivering their packages so often. He said only if his face isn't shown so a...
  9. M

    Fun game: share pics of items on kik or skype

    Hi guys, I'm looking for other guys who would be interested in chatting and sharing pics of everyday items like you would see for sale on craigslist but you accidentally get your dick in the shot. Serious only and only pics of ourselves shared privately (Examples attached) (UPDATE: Please don't...
  10. G

    Videos where the bottom gets fucked and sucked at the same time

    This is what I'm talking about..