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handsfree cum

  1. N

    Handsfree Cum Muscled Bottom

    Love seeing one cum handsfree and he did that! Highly appreciate it if someone could tell me the bottom's name as well as the vid's!
  2. F

    Cumming Handsfree By Flexing

    Does anyone know of any videos of muscular guys cumming just from flexing? I don't mean jerking then flexing, but just cumming from flexing alone - like the intensity of the flex just makes them cum? Best one I found was a video of a huge guy cumming just by doing bicep curls, but I can't find...
  3. SomedoodeMe

    Anal Orgasm

    Just curious who's cum just from anal no touching of you're dick or pussy? I've seen videos but I'm not convinced
  4. iluvmen

    Video Muscle Studs' Fisting Vids

    Hi guys. Recently I've developed an interest in fisting videos of muscle studs. Below is an example; Here, the bottom precums, cums and pisses as a result of intense anal arousal. If you know such videos, please share and comment. PS: This twitter user below fists sexy muscle studs with...
  5. yyzstevie

    What Would You Do With The Cock Above You ?

    There are so many cocks out there I always imagine what some of them look like when I ride the subway in the mornings with my cock on display in tights...
  6. yyzstevie

    Cock Tributes

    Are there any guys out there that would tribute my cock or cockbulge pics I would be so happy and honoured if ya did?
  7. yyzstevie

    Milking Cum In Your Tights

    Is there anyone out there that sometimes has an uncontrolled hands free orgasm while wearing tights or leggings in public? Tell me your story ... I can’t be the only ginger that it happens to...
  8. blueballssoretip

    Cumming by exercise

    I always wanted to cum hands free. I even found this site while searching for a technique to do so. Recently I stumbled upon cumming hands free by exercising. http://thebananablog.com/blog1/2014/03/24/workout-cum-hands-free/ http://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=1623779512...