1. explosionerection

    Big softies with lowhangers

    If you got a big soft dick with low hanging big balls please bless us all with pictures. No semis, completely soft.
  2. T

    My favorite videos—heavy low hanging cocks—and just giant cocks

    I’m just compiling a list of my favorite films. Some are just giant monster cocks, some are simply low hanging ones. Please enjoy, and add to the list if you see fit.
  3. biegeparlay

    My current stretching method

    Roughly about 3lbs just hanging off the gland. I use socks over the weights for a better feel on the thighs.
  4. bamamuscle_car76

    Cocks hanging below balls pics taken from behind.

    Show us what ya got.
  5. C

    Big Ballers?

    Straight female. 25 UK. looking to chat with guys with big nuts. Like really big. Natural ones only. Prefer large sacs too but happy with large gonads. Prefer uncut guys but not essential. Will chat to anyone around the world.
  6. 4


    Hey fellas. Looking for a guy to hang out with and do "guy stuff" with. 43yo, masculine bi guy, 8cut, very discreet. Looking for a workout buddy and maybe more if the chemistry is there! No race or age hang ups at all. Prefer masculine straight or bi guys to hang with. HMU
  7. sizeking87

    Ideal Daily Pumping And Weight-hanging

    Looking for advice to refine my loose daily regimen... Got a nice Thickwall Cylinder pump (Penis Pump Enlargement Kit - Thickwall Cylinders Ltd), with two tubes: main one is length-focused: 9" long with about 1/8" clearance all around my shaft (easily pack the girth). second is girth-focus: 9"...