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heavy cummer

  1. B

    Who is the heavy cum shooter?

    Hi guys, do you know this young guy? Where can I find more videos? Thanks a lot!
  2. musclelover717

    Ejaculation with Age

    For all of you big shooters, have you ever wondered if you’ll lose your big cumshot once you get old? It’s something I’ve thought about every now and then and something I’ve read about too. A lot of articles have said to expect the worst when you age. Or they’ll say explosive ejaculations are a...
  3. C

    Any Curious Guys Near Oxford In Uk?

    Im a bi guy...5ft7, size 8 feet and 5 inch dick who is looking for a bigger curious guy to service and drain...either one off or regular. I live alone and am discreet
  4. HungryCumSlutSub

    Bukakke Boy Needs Cum In London

    Hi, cum hungry cock sucker sub here, want to get drenched in cum and swallow massive loads by group of hung tops in London. Anyone interested in joining? Can't host but willing to travel. Heavy cummers v welcome!
  5. S

    Oral Sub

    Looking to be an oral sub for all the heavy shooters out there. Based in South London, happy to travel to help you and your friends unload.
  6. SizeQueen_Ava

    Sizequeen for hung only

    Looking to skype with BIG DICK!.. and heavy cummers!! Lover of girth.. and happy to compare in detail... Girth... Lenght... Balls... Head... Etc... Inbox me if you would like to ;)
  7. F

    A gallon of cum

    Now I know there could be saline involved but this just kinda blew my mind... Click on the picture or the link below to go to the video clip on Tumblr. Tumblr