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  1. C

    Hey everyone!

    Hey there! New user on this site but fairly established on Reddit as the r/HandsFreeO moderator. I'm a 24yo bisexual dude who's into jocks, sports gear (American football, wrestling), edging, handsfree orgasms, compression gear, and probably more I've yet to discover! Get on this site every so...
  2. TJH85

    Hi! I'm 32, gay, Vers/Bottom from the UK

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and just wanted to introduce myself. I'm 32 and from the UK and I'm just looking to meet new people to chat to, share pics and c2c. Feel free to drop me a message!!
  3. B

    Hello world! Hola mundo!

    Hello this is Blake, from Spain, I'm happy to find an openly sexual community, I'm sure it's going to be fun and hope to make good friends!
  4. barehole4use

    New Member

    Hello Guys, just a quick hello, i just joined this site, say hello back anytime, i'm in Antwerp Belgium but from London originally.
  5. M

    Dudes !

    Straight married man who is bicurious !
  6. D

    Hello Members!

    Hello everyone. I am a newbie and wanted to say hello, I look forward to seeing all your posts, threads and hopefully responses. Get to know me so I can get to know you :heart:
  7. D


    Just checking in. Don't have a community so far. Just floating in space, looking to find anchors. What are the vibes here? I don't know what LPSG stands for.
  8. Itsamemarioo

    Just a nice and down to earth guy saying "Hi"

    Hi everyone :) My Name is Mario. Im 25 years old and live in germany. Im a pretty chill guy looking for something new and this might just be that :p So far im just lurking through the forum and try to get an impression what this site is about. Once the water is thoroughly tested im sure ill...
  9. 1

    Wrasslinfan Is Back!

    Somehow my old account was no longer active, but anyways, I’m back! 27, US, Gay. Mainly here to chat, get to know people, and admire some ASSets. Message & follow me and let’s talk! :)
  10. RCazzo

    Hey Guys

    Lots of 'Stiff Competition' I hope I qualify. Sorry for the dad jokes
  11. 8


    I had an account for a while but never put my self put their wise I am 22 well I am cut but decided years ago to start foreskin restoration and after years I can say I have a foreskin it tends to cover my dick most times when soft and I am 6inches I am a ginger but bleach my hair most time
  12. BADway

    Any Welcome For An Arabic Cock !?☀️

    Hello beautiful people, I have registered on this website a while ago, only today did the photo verification process which have enriched my whole experience ♥️ I am open minded and available for everyone to greet talk and discuss, i put all my knowledge and experience in your hands. Hoover over...
  13. N


    Hello to everyone. Was told about this site through a friend. Looking forward to taking part.
  14. imnnotshy

    23 Yold European

    Hi all! I am new to this site :). 23 yold straight-curious, no experience with guys. I'm in a relationship so only looking for online interaction and this site seems like a great place for that :)
  15. MaxSam_93

    Hi From Bi Italian!

    Hey everyone! I'm a 26yo bi from Italy, I've been here for a couple of weeks now and just wanted to say hello to all of you good people! :D
  16. Luca323

    Hello There!

    Hello, LPSG Community! I’m a new member, but I am excited about joining all of you to share thoughts and opinions on anything and everything that comes to mind! A little about me: -5’11 (May or may not tell people I’m 6 feet tall lol) -From Northern Europe, live in USA but now back in Europe...
  17. 6

    26 Uk Saying Hello

    Hello lads, just wanted to formally introduce myself. 26 year old lad living in the UK. Huge foot fetish, uncut 8" cock and pretty much always horny haha Feel free to message me directly if you wanna chat
  18. D


    Hello everyone. Just want to introduce myself. I was a member before and decided to come back. I look forward to meeting you all. I have posted some of my “phallic art” in my photo section for anyone interested in that sort of thing. I’ll see you in the threads and it’s nice to be back. :)
  19. 3

    Hello !

    hey guys um... im new here! i signed up like 3 weeks ago soo... yeah can anyone explain how this plataform/comunity works? thanks a lot! Any Daddy to help me please ?!
  20. I

    New Here, Hello

    Hi, I'm new here and wanted to say hello - as I haven't done so yet. I created an account last year, and then life took over... But I'm back and keen to get started on this site. I'm waiting for my profile pic to go through moderation - but I'm a hunky 23 year old, with a beard and tatts...
  21. peter small dick

    Hello looking to make new friends

    Hi I'm most into sph, sub/dom fetish. But I have a wide range of interests sexual or not. I consider myself bisexual and have i strong desire for transexuals. I also like to experiment new things like wear myself as woman, etc. feel free to ask me anything.
  22. S

    Hello from germany

    Wanted to join for ages. I could probably be described as a "penis fetishist". I rarely see a dick pic that I don't like. Love hairy, natural, manly guys. I am uncut and somewhere between 18 and 19 cm myself, depending on the day and the circumstances. While I love big dicks, I can also...