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help identify

  1. DearJohnny

    Photo Help ID Daddy & lingerie

    I know this guy is on Twitter but I cannot remember the username . Could you please help me?
  2. A

    Help me ID this Porno

    I saw this video on twitter a long time ago. I cant seem to find it again.
  3. A

    Help me find this video! Old College boy physical video

    Trying to find a copy of this video online from 'College Boy Physicals' I used to jack off to this all the time when I was a teen.. would love to find it again.
  4. S

    Who is he?

    That’s a model from an advertisement from bonga cams. Does anyone know the name of him?
  5. Yeahletsgo

    Help Me Identify This Guy

    Heyy! Really need someone to help me identifying this amazing looking guy I came across on snap. Feel like the person behind the snap account isn’t actually the guy in the pics, but I'm not entirely sure… Could be the pics aren’t from the same guy. here are the pics I could find:
  6. N

    Anyone know who he is?

    Anyone recognise him?
  7. C

    Who's this str8 twink?

    He's in 4 or 5 scenes at Karups (str8 porn site that usually crossovers with several gay4pay twinks)
  8. B

    Help find ID hot dad

    Can anyone recognize this man? I tried to find him with Google, with ya.ru/images, but it was unsuccessful.
  9. zyanana1

    Video Help ID this hot guy

    Does anyone know who this guy is?
  10. zyanana1

    Links Help ID this guy!

    Hey does anyone know who this guy is? Can't find anything on him, except for this one video on thisvid.com. Leaving a link below: https://thisvid.com/videos/showing-off-112/
  11. T

    Help Me ID foreign vintage stud

    Does anyone know who he is or where I can find his photoset? I saw 3 other pics of him on his set. He's so sexy. He's that man you see at a India restaurant with his family and you can't keep your eyes off him cause you know underneath his innocent daddy clothes, he has a nice big thick cock and...
  12. B

    who is he?

    anyone know who he is?
  13. E

    Hi, Can anyone please help me identify the vid/creator?

    Hi, this is my first time on LPSG. I hope everyone doing well. i'm not sure if this is the right place/forum to ask and i'm sorry if it's not! about a month ago or so, I find this deepthroat gay porn on thisvid (I think its quite extreme) by which i mean its kinda includes Dom/sub-ish and...
  14. Shane_W

    Can someone help me find this beauty?

    Hello there! I just came across this pic and remembered seeing other pics of him, but I don't remember who he was, does anyone know? Tried google reverse image search but got nothing.
  15. B

    Video ID this steamy car sex

    Please help ID these two guys banging in the car!
  16. J

    Video Help ID this hot car jacker

    Desperate to find who this cute guy wanking in the car!! Thanks https://thisvid.com/playlist/181118/video/straight-married-guy-cums-in-car-on-lunch-break/ https://thisvid.com/videos/straight-guy-jacking-off-on-the-boss-s-clock-once-again/...
  17. R


    This MUSCLE TWINK is really hot and I've seen him on twitter a lot back then too but never knew his name. Wondering if anyone know who he is? I'm guessing maybe some reddit user idk. Is there a thread on him here?l
  18. R


    This MUSCLE TWINK is really hot and I've seen him on twitter a lot back then too but never knew his name. Wondering if anyone know who he is? I'm guessing maybe some reddit user idk. Is there a thread on him here?
  19. H

    Help Identifying Studio and Models

    I saw this tweet, but I haven't been able to ID the models or the studio. Can anyone help? Here's the tweet. Thank you all in advance!
  20. E

    Does anyone know this guy?

    Saw this gif in a reddit post and couldn't find the source. Any help would be appreciated!
  21. Yeahletsgo

    Help me identify this hot guy

    I really need some help finding this dude. He is incredibly hot and I just HAVE to find out who he is. I suppose he is quite recognisable because of his pizza tattoo, so shouldn’t be to hard. Here are some pics I have of him:
  22. Hi_Lorena

    Video Amateur car blowjob video - help to find

    I want help to find a video. I was on pornhub a couple years back. I think It was named "visiting hometown from college" or something and was about two guys sucking each other off on a car. One was a blond guy, I think.
  23. savvy

    Can someone help me identify the person in this video

  24. J

    Looking for the full video! Please help!

    Hey y'all, I love this video on Thisvid and was hoping to get help identifying the full video/studio. Thanks in advance for the help! https://thisvid.com/videos/big-ballg/

    Video Help I.D. this man?

    The person who reposted or probably stole this man’s video wouldn’t tell us his socials. Thank you!
  26. B

    Help me ID this hot man

    I found this hot man from TikTok but there's no information regarding his name. Have been looking here and there on the internet but never found it. So, here I am. I hope you guys could help me ID this man!
  27. S

    Help identify this hot twink

  28. G

    Struggling to remember the name of a European guy blonde

    I’m struggling to remember the name of a blonde European guy Ik he posted videos and pictures of himself wanking and stuff, but can’t fully remember what he was called and it’s driving me crazy! I keep thinking his name was something like flinn or Finn, he’s a muscley guy and I believe he’s bi...
  29. A


    PLEASE need to find out who this is!! This is the only link I can find of this vid https://www.myvidster.com/video/278742442/Hot_Verbal_Blond_American_Alpha
  30. D

    Help ID a guy?

    Anyone knows who this guy is? https://thisvid.com/playlist/115941/video/riding-dildo-on-a-business-trip/