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  1. N

    Tickling On My Urethra Tip

    no judgement please. I received oral twice this week. Both from the same partner, unsure of their sexual history -- assuming I'm not his only partner (asking very soon) I have not ejaculated (low libido as of recent) for five days. After each time, I feel a tickling sensation that I could also...
  2. YoungCock1234

    The Ethical Dilemma Of Herpes

    Hey y'all. tl,dr; in what way should someone change their sexual behavior when they (probably) have herpes? ... I was recently diagnosed with genital herpes aka HSV-2. The doctor said that his visual diagnosis is only about 80% accurate, but they didn't ask if I wanted the swab test when I...
  3. S

    How often do you check for std? do you have herpes?

    Hi. I'm really worried that I can't sleep. I think I might have herpes. :sob: My anus is a bit itchy but it could be hemorrhoids. I've never been penetrated, so if I've got herpes, life really sucks for me. I just read on the internet that herpes has no cure. I'm f*cked!! What am I gonna do?