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hey yall

  1. 3

    Hi Guys New Man Here

    Just saying hey, hope you guys are all well and enjoying the site
  2. F


    Hey, I‘m Fabian 24 and bi. Interested in many things. If you want to know more -> PM me :)
  3. sweetdude

    German slut here ;)

    Hey guys, I decided to introduce myself - finally. I've been reading for some time now and posting a little bit and liking this forum more and more :) I am a Cock-hungry slut from Germany who likes to offer my holes to hot men and called hot names. Feel free to connect! 196066 Cheers, sweetdude
  4. N

    30 year old male new member !

    Hi all like the title says 30 year old male from near Portsmouth UK. Very open just looking to have fun make some friends and see what happens. I would say im open to most things and will prob want to try once or twice before ruling anything out ! So Hi all ! I dont bite unless you want me to ...