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  1. S


    Anything on him?
  2. A


    He’s so hot. Does anyone have anything on him?
  3. S

    Anyone in Los Angeles ?

    Anyone interested to go out for dates in La? Anyone feel free Message me❤
  4. A

    Photos & Videos Young Hispanic

    I like uncut Hispanic men and wanna see more
  5. Alex_g19


    TikToker just started an OnlyFans https://twitter.com/mannydelgad0?s=21&t=yxTZsFRItpYACAg2ER3vGw TikTok
  6. M

    EDU MOÑÚZ - super sexy (and hung?) Mexican model

  7. A


    Not a huge creator but he has a following on TikTok. I hope someone has something on him!
  8. Tomas26

    Angelo Romanini aka @angelo_rmni

    This Chilean stud deserves his own thread :heart_eyes:
  9. james_lo_mejor

    LPSG alternative? Cause this site ain’t it anymore

    it’s wack now. Anybody knows any alternative? Preferably with black/Hispanic/urban content? ‘Cause they deleted all of those forums here.. smh
  10. M

    Tony Acosta

    Born April 7, 1972, Tony Acosta was one of the hottest Latin bottoms in the gay porn industry. His ass was absolutely plump, hairless, and always had a sexy tan line. Does anyone know what happened to him? Thoughts?
  11. A

    Rolis Lopez

    He’s so attractive, does anyone have anything on him?
  12. S

    Yadiel_alejandrop Onlyfans: yadiel4466

    Yadiel Alejandrop Yadiel4466 - Onlyfans Yadi anyone subscribed?
  13. H


  14. M

    Big Lokote

    This veteran rapper from Los Angeles is Big Lokote aka Vicktor Morales Ordaz. I don’t remember how I came across him but I’ve had so many fantasies about him. He is married and straight, but I can dream. LMFAO! I wanna suck his thick Latin cock and then bend over for him as he forces his cock in...
  15. M

    Miguel Temon

    Does anyone know what happened to Miguel Temon?? He did a lot of bareback gay porn. I haven’t seen him in anything in a while? Instagram?? Thoughts???
  16. M

    Alberto Rodriguez aka Diamanté Negro Rodriguez

    Alberto Rodriguez aka Diamanté Negro Rodriguez is a sexy Latin bear I followed a long time ago and came across his Twitter: alberto_bears He has a nice bulge and a nice ass. Does anyone have naked pictures? Sex videos? Anything??
  17. U

    Anderson Martinez

    his handles are @andymartinezx1 and @andynartinezx2 on instagram he used to have lots more pictures of his bulge which is huge btw. Wondering if anyone has anything on him.
  18. C

    Anything on retronand0

    Y’all got anything on him ? hes on tik tok and Twitter he just made an onlyfans
  19. M

    Shekeb Sekander

    This 32 year old (born 03/24/1989) actor/reality star known from I Love A Mama’s Boy is one sexy man. I haven’t watched the show, but I found him on IG and he seems very flirty. He’s got a nice body, specifically his ass. I want him to sit on my face. Any thoughts? IG: theonlyshekeb
  20. B

    Lost Porn

    Idk if there's a thread like this, but I've been looking for a video that's since been deleted. It was on Tube8 under the title "Got fucked" and featured 2 latino dudes. Beginning of the video was one of them in a pool while the other was on his laptop not far away in a red speedo. That old...
  21. Dwnpfans


    His Twitter https://twitter.com/itsgreekgod?t=cVoi6ylGShYZbS2O0Vdw0Q&s=09 His instagram itsgreekgod (@itgreekgod) • Instagram photos and videos Onlyfans OnlyFans
  22. bigboaster

    Iván Guevara (handsome Vet Student)

    Gorgeous young vet student (and thirst trapper) Thought he deserved a thread on here (and I think there might be a good chance he makes an OF in the future) so better have a thread set up before then just in case. Lol
  23. ChuChiPapi

    Photos & Videos Hispanic/latino Bodybuilder Appreciation Thread (mostly From Insta)

    Okay there are quite a few bodybuilder threads and latino threads but I thought since there are soooooo many latino bodybuilders I thought I would make a thread specifically for this. First up, we have beautiful Colombian Julian Tanaka (Instagram: JulianTanaka1)
  24. J

    Message Me

    message me your dick and ill send mine back. i am hispanic with a hairy, uncut cock.
  25. Z


  26. S

    Diego Perez

    new straight latino pornstar diego perez, also on onlyfans cumshot https://twitter.com/DiegoPerez_XXX/status/1408596032460517380 onlyfans OnlyFans MyFirstSexTeacher 21 09 14 Natasha Nice XXX 1080p #hdporn #ghost #dailyvids #0dayporn #internallink (14.09.2021) on SexyPorn
  27. bigboaster

    Daniel Osgood (d4nielosgood) Handsome Papi With Gorgeous Eyes

    Couldn't believe this stunning creature didn't have a thread yet so decided to start one. He has an OF so I have no idea what his content looks like (Feel free to share or give a review though) OnlyFans
  28. M

    Whi Is This Papi

  29. ChuChiPapi

    Cut Hispanic/latino Guys Appreciation Thread

    I didn't see a thread with this theme so I thought I would create it. :yum Hispanic Army Guy from Tumblr #1: 2012-2013ish
  30. L

    Marcel Ruiz

    Marcel Ruiz from One Day At a Time is now 18, please as always don’t post any pictures of him until after 7/9/2021 just to be safe and avoid any pictures of him from before his 18th birthday